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Do Subliminals Work

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to achieve success and get everything they want in life while others struggle just to keep their heads above water. All the research and data available to us Overwhelmingly points to one area- The Human Brain.

In fact, when asked, the larger majority of people felt that the most important characteristic for achieving success in anything you desire whether it's to lose weight, overcome fear, gain confidence or achieving in school or business was to have Willpower.

The subconscious mind contains the 'instructions' for running your day to day life. These instructions do not necessarily work in your favor. They are often embedded during childhood, or as a result of painful experiences, and can cause self-sabotage, low self-esteem, bad habits and a host of other unwanted behaviors. The way to get around this is to use 'subliminal suggestions'. These are spoken phrases often hidden behind some other sound such as a nature recording or relaxing, soft music,some are flashed on your comoputer screen while your surfing. The conscious mind cannot hear or seldom see them but the subconscious can! Once the new suggestion is accepted and agreed, then it becomes a stable, strong pillar in the inner belief system.

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Subliminals Do Subliminals Work ?

People who hear the words subliminal messages for the first time would most probably be confused as to what kind of messages they are. Well, to put it simply, subliminal messages are actually signals that are sent to the brain by registering in the unconscious mind of an individual. If you are one of the many people who are asking do subliminals really work?, then you'd better read on.

What Are The Subliminals Telling People To Do?

The subliminals are not saying anything to people directly. As mentioned earlier, they target the unconscious that's why they only act as emphasizers and getters. They aim to grab the attention of the unconscious mind and give significance to conscious messages that are composed of suggestions such as those in hypnotism.

Subliminals have the power to tweak the unsconscious mind and make it pay attention the signals. The difference between regular suggestions and subliminal suggestions can be seen by the way they affect the individual's state of mind.

To put simply, subliminal messages tell or alert the brain that there is an important message that is about to be received. In return, the brain would then be more alert and would interpret the incoming message more comprehensively.

"A couple years ago researchers Lloyd Silverman and Joel Weinberger published a paper summarizing numerous experiments, the gist of which was that if you flashed a certain message before and after some other, more conventional training technique (e.g., antismoking therapy), you greatly enhanced the therapy's effectiveness. "

Would you believe if you were told that your actions could be controlled by simply listening to a song, looking at a picture, or even looking at your computer screen or by simply watching a video? As crazy and scary as it sounds, there have been a lot of studies through the years on conveying messages in a covertly manner that we are unaware of.

This is the field of subliminals, or properly called as the process of subliminal messaging. These are messages that you can call as a secret messages or those that has hidden meanings.

They are signals that are hidden within another message so that your overt senses could not perceive them a single bit.

A lot of people are open to new changes and technologies in the field of healing of mental, physical and emotional problems. One of the new innovations that seem to be getting more popular nowadays is the alternative technologies subliminals.

What can Subliminals be used for? The real question is what can't Subliminals be used for. I've seen subliminals used for many, many issues. Basically, it can be used for anything a person can imagine.
Losing weight and quitting bad habits is most commonly known. There is confidence, insomnia, stress, and sports improvement to name a few. There are also hypnotherapists doing some fabulous things with early stage cancer these days too.

Subliminal messages are inaudible or invisible messages that are displayed for a very brief span of time.The time that subliminal messages are presented are so short that your mind does not consciously detect the message. Your unconscious mind is the one who can detect and interpret the message.

In short, there is no overt and conscious registration of the message. Your unconscious mind is the one who will interpret and integrate the message into your system.

Subliminal discernment takes place whenever certain stimulus or stimuli are induced lower than the threshold or brink of awareness of the human mind.

These subliminals are said to influence actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Now you can use your own suggestions,youcan control the input down to the last letter, to loose weight ,stop smoking ,Rise above Depression/develope greater confidence even heal that long Standing illness, and much much more.....The Power of suggestion is awesome

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"YES -- Subliminal Messages DO Work. BUT -- The VAST Majority of Subliminal CDs DON'T.
It's Your Brain - BE CAREFUL What You Feed It!"

Bradley Thompson here, director of Subliminal Power . Welcome to the site!

Subliminal messaging is powerful. But if you're reading this, you probably already know that.

That's why the CIA invested millions into subliminal messaging research way back in the 1950's. The technology was proved in the 60's following research studies by William Bryan Key, Vance Packard, and Eldon Taylor -- all proving subliminals to be a highly effective method of influencing thought.

And in the 1970's, the US Government infamously even tried to BAN subliminal messages!

Subliminal messaging is a method of sending commands directly to the subconscious mind, bypassing the more critical conscious. The subconscious mind quickly absorbs and acts on these commands. And that means QUICK and EFFECTIVE change!



Subliminal messages are the reason tools such as Subliminal Power are so popular. Anthony Robbins and Tiger Woods both claim that subliminals are the KEY to their success.

But here comes the killer...


Now, I probably didn't need to tell you that. If you just sit back and review how they've helped you so far, you should be able to see for yourself.


They're produced for the mass-market. They're designed to suit ANYBODY, and don't address your own unique needs. Many subliminal CDs contain seriously-flawed subliminal messages, such as using "NOT" -- which can have serious side-effects.

The cheaper subliminal tapes even contain hidden purchase prompts ("Buy more tapes in our series").

It's YOUR BRAIN... be careful what you feed it.

The only real solution is to create your own subliminal recordings. Speak to the "big companies" and they'll tell you how difficult it is. You need a complex studio, a team of technicians, a voice-over crew.

You probably did... TWENTY YEARS AGO.

TODAY, all you need a PC and a soundcard -- coupled with the right software and knowledge.

But in this secretive industry, very few people will share their insights. I found that myself when I first delved into the world of subliminal messaging. You're an OUTSIDER.

And that's exactly why I produced Subliminal-Studio... the world's ONLY resource package containing all of the software, resources, knowledge and licensing requirements YOU need to produce your own subliminal CDs... IN MINUTES!

And now, thanks to a BRAND NEW VERSION (released October 2006), you can enjoy the very LATEST straight from the industry - and discover EXACTLY how you can tap into this amazing world, for super-fast personal development or super-fast personal profits!


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Now, in addition to writing the book, I want to tell you that I've personally used ALL the resources in this CD package. And I ADORE the "Silent Subliminals" script we're bundling with this kit.

This script takes a subliminal message recording and transforms the sound into the higher frequencies. When played, you can't hear a thing. The high-frequency sounds can only be picked up by the inner ear. As such, the messages bypass the critical conscious mind and head straight for the subconscious... resulting in big, positive change.

The technique is based on Lowery patent 5,159,703 - and Silent Subliminals were even used by the US Government during attacks in Iraq and Kuwait. This technique WORKS.

Last week, I recorded a few of my own messages, aimed at releasing a number of childhood issues. I ran them through the "Silent Subliminals" script and burned the audio to a "silent" CD. Then I stuck the CD on loop in my office, and forgot all about it.

And NOW... as I write this one week on, I'm finding it difficult to describe just how truly DIFFERENT I feel. It's as though, throughout the week, a weight has been slowly lifted from my chest. I just feel FREE again, really energetic and embracing every moment of my past -- rather than running from it.

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