Multifunctional High Potential
Therapeutic Apparatus

Function and Features:

This high potential therapy is the most advanced therapeutic products in the world at present. It is integrated with heat therapy, negative therapy and optical therapy. While during the treatment, you feel like have taken a refreshing walk in a beautiful forest.

It can activate cells and accelerate metabolism. The negative ions generated by negative high potential electrostatic fields can activate the ATP enzyme of the cell membrane. The generation and increase of ATP enzyme improve the selectivity and permeability of the ion of inner and outer cells, stimulate the energy of the cells, accelerate metabolism, delay organic aging, and help various metabolic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood lipid. Secondly, it can purify blood and make the acidic blood become alkalescence. The increase of acidic matters in the blood will cause the rise of blood lipid, increase in viscosity of the blood, and deterioration of permeability of the blood vessel.

Sub-heath refers to a physiologic state of the organism where a person has no apparent disease through medical Diagnostics, but feels tired , low vitality, general weakeness. It is also called "the third status of the organism" or "grey status". Sub-health is between good health and disease, a status where physiological functions are weak. Many People in Sub health states go on to develope organic diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes etc.,

The negative ion will increase the proportion of calcium and natrium in the blood, making the acidic blood become alkalescence, and consequently decrease the viscosity of the blood and the blood lipid. It helps various vascular diseases, such as arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and those common diseases among middle aged and elderly people. Thirdly, it may help adjust the autonomic nerve system.

Hello Barry and Lynne,
I thought you might be interested to know the use I put my Multifunctional unit to. I have a number of dogs and one is really showing his age in both his movement and reactions, so I thought that I would use the prong over his body. Just moved it gently over his back and hindquarters and also just combing his head area. I have been doing this for about six months and it has rolled back the years for him. When we take them out walking he now runs around with the other s and joins in the fun whereas previously after a few half hearted circuits he would go and sit quietly in the shade.
He is my favorite and am so pleased to see the return of his enjoyment in life
Ann G UK


The autonomic nerve can be divided into sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. When in physiological excitement, the parasympathetic nerve will distend the blood vessel, cause a fall in blood pressure, accelerate the gastrointestinal peristalsis; if the sympathetic nerve is in the over-excitement status, it will cause symptoms such as stress, insomnia, tiredness, lumbago and
pain of back. The negative high potential will normalize the autonomic nerve, therefore it has a remarkable effect on menopaus, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal problems"

a) Balances PH-value
b) Purifies blood
c) Activates cell
d) Tones autonomic nerve
e) Supplies static energy needed by human body
2) Heat therapy:
a) Stimulates and massages acupoints via far infrared
b) Unblocks artery and promotes blood circulation to dispel
blood stasis
3) Optical mode therapy
a) Stimulates and massages whole body cell and makes
body temperature rise by 1 - 2 degrees
b) Using optical mode for half an hour is like doing outdoor
aerobic exercise for 3 hours
4) Negative potential electrotherapy: Our negative potential electrotherapy will put the human
body in the negative high potential electrostatic field, and it will generate
negative ion to work on the human body.

enhancing the vitality of cells.

purify the blood and tone the autonomic nerve.

30 minutes’ optical therapy is equal to outdoor aerobic exercise for three hours.

stimulate and massage acupoints of the feet, unblock artery and promote blood circulation.

It was nice to talk to you from the other side of the world the other day and I am happy to put down in writing my comments.
I have found quite a shift since using our unit. After a period of time I feel a definite increase in both my physical energy and sense of well being. I feel invigorated in the same way you feel after a 30 min walk by the ocean. A little odd when you are in an apartment in the middle of Paris!!! Everybody seems to notice the extra bounce in my step and my increased stamina.
The other benefit is that I have noticed a small steady decrease in my weight over these last months. Along with the other things I am certainly enjoying more of life.
NS Paris


Multifunctional High Potential Therapeutic Apparatus
Are you suffering from
high blood pressure,
cervical spondylosis,
lumbar discherniation,
Omarthritis, such as the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome at the same time on clinical insomnia,
coronary heart disease,
heart neurosis,
cerebral insufficiency,
bronchial asthma,
SARS after brain injury,
cerebral infarction,
menopause syndrome,
Facial pain disorders,

Now you can possibly help yourself

H Barry,
Just returned from my Doctors visit and he asked me what I had been doing with myself!
All my tests showed improvements. Some of them returning to numbers I haven’t seen for along time and usinf my Multifunctional unit is the only thing that I have been doing differently I am really am pleased.
Talk to you soon,
Roger M Utah



1. Negative therapy

:Scientific practice suggests that the appropriate strength of the electric field will have a beneficial impact on each part of the body cells. The high potential therapy is based on the biomedical theory putting the body in a high-voltage alternating low-frequency electric field; then the cells, body liquid and nerves, which are affected by the synthesized functional silent discharge of the Electric field, flowing of the air ions and ozone etc, keep the anion cation balance according to the action of an electric dipole field.

Electrostatic Field Therapy is a simple, non-invasive technique using static electricity which produces fast demonstrable clinical results.
The theory is that when an electric filed with high voltage AC is applied on a human body, cells metabolism is stimulated by supplementing ions and the Acid-Base Balance of Electrolyte in blood results adjusted.
The H+ flow of ions in the organism can optimally be directed. This is important because beside others, the co-ordinates of enzyme, the Ca++household, the proteins of transportation in the blood and the general acid-base homeostasis depends on these flows of protons and ions.
Abnormal physiology is associated with abnormal electrical activity. Correcting the abnormal electrical activity facilitates restoration of normal physiology.
Electro Static Field Therapy apparatus apply safe levels of high AC voltage potential to the body and create an electrical field around it. This electric field stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, which in turn stimulates the hypothalamus and other areas of the brain, to promote homeostatic functions.
Also, the electric field generates minute amounts of induced current, which permetes the body and stimulates the metabolism... Source

Multifunctional High Potential Therapeutic Apparatus can produce -6000V to -9000V electrical feild around the body by using high voltage static electricticity which makes the output terminal discharge silently. Thus they produces negative ions which make the indoor air fresh and regulate the blood circulation, nervous system, endocrine system, digestion and metabolism of the whole body.

After negative ions enter the human body, they help excellent regulation and recovery of the nervous system of the whole body and gradually adjust the acidized morbid state to an alkaline state.

The initial reaction of acidized blood flowing inside the body is to cause poor blood flow and may result in symptoms such as various aches and discomfort. At this initial stage ,many people ignore the body. As a result, the best therapeutic opportunity maybe lost due to delay .

Balance PH-value purify the blood, activate the cell, tone the automatic nerve, supply the static energy needed by the human body.Helps keep the body in balanced vigorous.state


An old Saying
"A man who has feet is just like a man who has roots.A tree becomes dried up starting from its roots,and a man becomes old starting from his feet".

2. Heat therapy

The basic method of Heat Therapy is to apply proper temperature to the feet, conduct heat to the deep part of the organism so that partial channels and acupoints get mild nourishing, blood circulates freely, and other functions are enhanced.

The traditional Chinese medicine says:" the blood circulation will be improved if it's hot, and it is curdled if it's cold. To apply heat and dispel cold, to stimulate circulation to end stasis." If it moves then there isn't any pain; if there is pain, it does not move. Via far infrared Heat Therapy one applies appropriate temperature on the exterior skin, which stimulates and massages the acupoints of the foot, and consequently propels the blood circulation, strenghtens the endocrine system, eliminates pain. It can help rectify various diseases such as cardiovascular disease, neuropathic pain and endocrine dysracia.

3. Optical therapy

This high potential apparatus uses 76KHz medium frequency alteration electric field upon the body so that the fluctuation can evenly spread to the surroundings of the body, thus producing biological energy and help the body keep balance and work in a vigorous manner.

Funtion Mechanism of Optical Therapy: at 76KHZ/second medium frequency electric field (light fluctuation energy) upon the body so that the fluctuation can evenly spread to the surrounding areas of the body producing biological energy

Ok guys,
How can I put this….my wife and I both agree that this little unit is GREAT. That we agree on something is a bit scary in it’s self J
We have both used this for coming up two months and I have to say there has been a distinct improvement I am finding that my joints are a lot more mobile and seem to be in less pain and I feel as though I have that much more enthusiasm. My wife is saying that she has noticed her temperature feels as though it has increased and she really appreciates not feeling that deep penetrating coldness. Look forward to giving you an update in a few more months


Stimulates and massagex the bodies cells, and make the body temperature rise 1-2 degrees. Use optimal mode for half an hour, it's like doing outdoor aerobic exercise for 3 hour.
The 76000 Hz/sec micro vibration using light wave improves functions of the cells for the whole body, producing a heating effect and helping raise thebody temperature 1-2 degrees, smooth the blood, and strengthen the circulatory function; it also helps encourage the body to burn fat and achieve the result similat to that of body building and beauty treatment, and assist the body in keeping its natural balance balance and vigor


---enhancing the vitality of cells.

---purify the blood and tone the autonomic nerve.

---30 minutes’ optical therapy is equal to outdoor aerobic exercise for three hours.

---stimulate and massage acupoints of the feet, unblock artery and promote blood circulation.

Range of use:

---people with arthritis diseases: rheumatism, parenchyma, lumbar extrude etc and high-pressure diseases and nerve enervation.

---people with ill-health: menopausal syndrome, persistent fatigue, sleeplessness, poor appetite etc.

---people with good health: to relieve fatigue, prevent disease, keep fit.

---people who have stomach upset, abstraction, rheumatoid arthritis or feel weak due to long illness, etc

Instruction Manual

High Potential Therapy Optical Therapy (76,000Hz) Heat Therapy

9000V: High

6000V: Low

1200V: High

950V : Low

This a thermostatically control device and the temperature is kept at 65ºC.


Power AC220v - 110v,
Frequency Optical 76KHz
Highest Voltage =12000V

Multifunctional High Potential Therapeutic Apparatus

RRP $NZ1095.00 approx $US749.00