Major Neurotransmitters "Feel Good"

ENDORPHINS (Opiods): Mood elevating, enhancing, euphoric. The more present, the happier you are! Natural pain killers.

NOREPINEPHRINE: Excitatory, feel happy, alert, motivated. Anti-depressant, appetite control, energy, sexual arousal.

DOPAMINE: Feelings of bliss and pleasure, euphoric, appetite control, controlled motor movements, feel focused.

ACETYLCHOLINE: Alertness, memory, sexual performance, appetite control, release of growth hormone.

PHENYLETHYLMINE (PEA): Feelings of bliss, involved in feelings of infatuation (high levels found in chocolate).


ENKEPHALINS: Restrict transmission of pain, reduce craving, reduce depression.

GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid): Found throughout central nervous system, anti-stress, anti-anxiety, anti-panic, anti-pain; Feel calm, maintain control, focus.


SEROTONIN: Promotes and improves sleep, improves self esteem, relieves depression, diminishes craving, prevents agitated depression and worrying.

MELATONIN: "Rest and recuperation" and "anti-aging" hormone. Regulates body clock.

OXYTOCIN: Stimulated by Dopamine. Promotes sexual arousal, feelings of emotional attachment, desire to cuddle.