Cell Phones are they Safe ?

The Interphone study, which began over a decade ago involving 13 countries and has been funded in part by the wireless industry, was supposed to settle the dispute. But the report's publication has been delayed as researchers disagree over how to interpret the data. Some countries have ended up publishing some results on their own. Much of it indicates there is a link between brain tumors and cell phone use of 10 years or more.

As this research becomes public, some well-respected scientists in the fields of cancer research, epidemiology, electrical and computer engineering, and electromagnetic radiation say they see reason for concern, while others say it is much too soon to make judgments

Now new evidence on mobile phone hazard as cell phone usage is linked to brain cancer.

We need to listen?

Dr Herberman, a prominent cancer researcher, ignited a firestorm of criticism last year when he issued a controversial warning to his staff urging them to limit cell phone use. He said results from recent studies, growing concern among European governments, and unpublished results from the Interphone study, were enough to prompt him to write the memo. More

According to The Independent, a recent study led by a renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Vini Khurana, strongly demonstrates that prolonged exposure to mobile phone radiation will result in brain cancer and neighboring tissue damage: It draws on growing evidence – exclusively reported in the IoS in October – that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer. Cancers take at least a decade to develop, invalidating official safety assurances based on earlier studies which included few, if any, people who had used the phones for that long.

“It is anticipated that this danger has far broader public health ramifications than asbestos and smoking,” says Professor Khurana, who told the IoS his assessment is partly based on the fact that three billion people now use the phones worldwide, three times as many as smoke.More

"Destroy a man's mind, his reasoning ability, his imagination, and neither gold, silver, mansions, freedom, love nor anything else will matter to him. This is EASILY ACCOMPLISHED, is BEING ACCOMPLISHED by simple means: the creation of disease in his body by Toxic substances in his food; shattering his nervous system, hardening his muscles, and deteriorating his mind; making of man, the godly human, a sub-human creature, a lesser animal, a vegetation, Soulless"- The Crime Against Humanity. R. S. Clymer, M.D., 1945


What many cell phone users may not know is that cell phones send electromagnetic waves into users' brains. In fact, every cell phone model sold has a specific measurement of how much microwave energy from the phone can penetrate the brain. Depending on how close the cell phone antenna is to the head, as much as 60 percent of the microwave radiation is absorbed by and actually penetrates the area around the head, some reaching an inch to an inch-and-a-half into the brain.


BBC3 Investigates Mobile Phone MastsPart 3 of 3
An unbelievable amount of these high-powered masts are whacking out masses amounts of electromagnetic radiation. Same frequencies microwaves use, but on a higher power level.Feeling tired?

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BBC3 Investigates

"This is the first generation that has put relatively high-powered transmitters against the head, day after day," says Dr. Ross Adey, who has worked for industry and government for decades studying microwave radiation, and is one of the most respected scientists in the field. Tests conducted by the ABC show 20/20 have found that some of the country's most popular cell phones can - depending on how they're held - exceed the radiation limit. 20/20 reported that government-testing guidelines are so vague that a phone can pass the Federal Communications Commission's requirements when tested in one position and exceed those maximum levels when held in another position.

New Studies Call for More Research, Some Scientists Say

20/20 examines the possible link between cell phone use and health risks. (ABCNEWS)By Brian Ross

Mobile phones produce a frequency range of 400 to 2000 MHz: 450-900 MHz for analog phones; 850-1900 MHz for GSM phones; around 2000 MHz for third-generation (3G) phones which also includes smartphones.

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Cell Phone Dangers

It's a beautiful summer day, the sky is clear and the laundry is done, so I'd like to be the bearer of good news. But not today.

Please don't kill the messenger, because this is downright bone chilling. Hold on, don't click the page away--if you've got kids, or if you use a cell phone (let alone both) you'll want to listen up...

Here's the short and not-so-sweet: Your cell phone might cause brain cancer. (And no, I'm not receiving this message via crop circles...)

In a story that's been vastly under reported by national media because of either a.) the Olympics or b.) insert your favorite conspiracy theory here.

In the last few weeks, two major firebombs have come out warning against kids and cell phone use:

The Canadian government has issued warnings associated with children and cell phone use, and

The Pittsburg Cancer Center has issued similar warnings.

Electromagnetic interference with pacemakers
caused by portable media players

Implanted pacemakers

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Cell Phone Lies
The cell phone industry has been paying big bucks to keep the media from exposing the truth about cell phones, and when the press does talk, they send out media clips that twist the media back in the direction they wanted you to see it. Your Health is being effected wheather you beleive it or not. Watch as officials in various nations lie about electromagnetic radiation exposure.

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Cell Phone Lies


Power-Line EMFs:
New Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s not just childhood leukemia anymore. Alzheimer’s Disease is
poised to take center stage in the long-simmering EMF-health controversy.

The new residential study adds to a growing body of work that links Alzheimer's to occupational EMF exposures. Last year, in a review for the BioInitiative Report, Zoreh Davanipour and Gene Sobel concluded that there is "strong epidemiological evidence" that magnetic fields are a risk factor for Alzheimer's Disease. Back in 1994, Davanipour and Sobel, who are husband and wife and are based in Chicago, were the first to make this association (see MWN, J/A94). Seamstresses who use industrial sewing machines appeared to be particularly vulnerable. "This new Swiss study strengthens my opinion that long-term EMF exposure likely leads to Alzheimer's," Sobel told Microwave News. "I think that the association is real."More


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Kids and Cell Phones


Protect your children from Profitering

Here's a closer look:
Prominent cancer doctor Dr. Herberman of the University of Pittsburg Cancer Institute issued a frightening statement on the potential danger of kids and cell phone use. Herberman tells the AP (Associated Press):
" Really at the heart of my concern is that we shouldn't wait for a definitive study to come out, but err on the side of being safe rather than sorry later."

In a memo Dr. Herberman sent out to staff and faculty he suggested:

Children should use cell phones only for emergencies because their brains are still developing

Adults should keep the phone away from the head and use the speakerphone or a wireless headset

Don't use cell phones in public places like a bus because it exposes others to the phone's electromagnetic fields (author's note--hey buddy, can ya stop yackin' on your phone so I don’t drop dead?--thank you very much!)


Cell Phone War
The truth of cell phones has been buried by the industry, the health officials and governments. Health effects from radiation exposure is being allowed to continue
In only the past year, scientific knowledge about the mobile phone health problem has doubled, even as efforts to suppress it have increased!

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Cell Phone War


Now, could be, everything is actually OK. Studies by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) indicate that the risk of getting cancer from cell phones is small.

However, on the other hand, cancer is the number one disease killer of kids in the U.S. And the second cause of death after accidents.

If there is cancer risk due to cell phones, the risk appears to be cumulative, with as little as ten minutes of cell phone use a day for 10 years putting users in the danger zone.


Skull Penetration of Cell Phone Radiation in Children!

Last April, while corporate “news managers” were guiding the attention of Americans elsewhere, a London newspaper reported on “What Cell Phones Can Do To Youngster's Brain In 2 Minutes”.

It turns out that a call lasting just two minutes can open the “blood-brain barrier” in kids as well as adults, allowing toxins in the bloodstream to cross this blood vessel gateway into the skull and attack brain cells. The same two-minutes cell phone exposure also disrupts the natural electrical activity of a child's brain for up to an hour afterwards.

“Leading medical experts now question whether it is safe for children to use mobile phones at all,” reported the Mirror. “Doctors fear that disturbed brain activity in children could lead to psychiatric and behavioral problems or impair learning ability.”

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Skull Penetration in Children

As if that’s not frickin' bad enough, other studies link dramatically reduced semen count and cell phone use.

An Australian study recently published their results on their analysis of the biological consequences of exposing human sperms in radiofrequency-electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR).

They found that both the power density and frequency range of mobile phones produce mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in the sperm cells resulting to decreased movement and vitality of these plus damage of the sperm’s DNA. They suggested that these findings affect both the fertility of the male-parent and the well-being of the offspring....More


Taken from a joint study conducted by Reproductive Research Center, Glickman Urological Institute and Department of Obstetrics-Gynecology, and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, on the effects of cell phone usage on men's fertility and sterility:
By Lynda Fassa

Dr. George Carlo EMF Cell Phone Dangers Interview TV Interview with Dr. Carlo (Campbell Live, TV3)Dr. Carlo talks about the cell phone industry's marketing towards children and the epidemic projections from cell phone use
Dr. George Carlo, former chief scientist of the $28 million research into cell phone safety, talks about his alarming findings.

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Cell Phone Dangers



Latest News

March 03, 2010 - Yahoo News and CNN reports that Maine may require a warning about cell phones being a possible cause of brain cancer. Dr. Derva Davis Mt Sinai Medical center, and Dr. David Carpenter Albany University spoke in favor of the proposed bill More


Numerous studies claim there is no biological impact of RF radiation within the cell phone range.

In 2004 Over 1.5 billion people around the world use a cellular phone; however, chances are most of these users are unaware of the damage they may be doing to their bodies.

According to a four-year research project focused on studying the effect of radiation on human and animal cells, researchers found that the radio waves emitted from a cellular phone may harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions. Although the study did not prove that mobile phones are a risk to one's health, it did indicate that cells exposed to electromagnetic fields, similar to those of mobile phones, showed a significant increase in single and double-strand DNA breaks.

This damage could be permanent, not to mention that remaining damage could set the stage for future degeneration of cells.

USA Today December 21, 2004

Cell phones cause serious health problems
The microwave radiation from mobile phones have harmful effects at intensity levels far below the official safety threshold values . This is confirmed by a considerable body of evidence.

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Serious health


According to the World Health Organization, some harmful effects EMFs can have on your body include:

Sleep disturbances
Skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes
Muscle pains and aches


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Is the EMF problem growing - Yes at an alarming 40% of Americans rank electromagnetic field as a health concern. And yes, you should be concerned! Damage is being inflicted today even if you are not aware of it.

. Constantly bombarded with man-made Electro Magnetic Fields- when your body is bombarded with man-made EMF , its innate intelligence and energy can be weakened.This makes it more difficult for your body to protect itself from negative influences.

More electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation than your grandparents - some scientists estimate that you are now daily exposed to 100 million times the EMF radiation of your grandparents.

Lower energy levels - your body's energy is altered by the high frequencies of EMF. Man-made radiation magnifies your body's "fight or flight" responses. It compounds your adrenal loads from other stressors and significantly reduces your ability to cope effectively.

Increased daily stress levels - EMF disrupts your natural energy levels and hence triggers your stress responses. Alternative and traditional doctors have reported that electromagnetic fields (EMF) is a co-factor in increasing your daily stress levels.

Imparied ability to heal - stress can impair your body's natural ability to heal. EMF adds stress to your personal stress and fatigue, and also adds stress your already taxed system. EMF contributes to energy depletion and fatigue from cell phones, air travel and household appliances.


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In July 2008, Dr. Ronald Herberman gave some practical advice to limit cell phone radiation exposure:

Do not allow children to use a cell phone, except for emergencies. The developing organs of a fetus or child are the most likely to be sensitive to any possible effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields.
While communicating using your cell phone, try to keep the cell phone away from the body as much as possible. The amplitude of the electromagnetic field is one fourth the strength at a distance of two inches and fifty times lower at three feet. Whenever possible, use the speaker-phone mode or a wireless Bluetooth headset, which has less than 1/100th of the electromagnetic emission of a normal cell phone. Use of a hands-free ear piece attachment may also reduce exposures.
Avoid using your cell phone in places, like a bus, where you can passively expose others to your phone’s electromagnetic fields.
Avoid carrying your cell phone on your body at all times. Do not keep it near your body at night such as under the pillow or on a bedside table, particularly if pregnant. You can also put it on “flight” or “off-line” mode, which stops electromagnetic emissions.
If you must carry your cell phone on you, make sure that the keypad is positioned toward your body and the back is positioned toward the outside so that the transmitted electromagnetic fields move away from your rather than through you.
Only use your cell phone to establish contact or for conversations lasting a few minutes, as the biological effects are directly related to the duration of exposure.
For longer conversations, use a land line with a corded phone, not a cordless phone, which uses electromagnetic emitting technology similar to that of cell phones.
Switch sides regularly while communicating on your cell phone to spread out your exposure. Before putting your cell phone to the ear, wait until your correspondent has picked up. This limits the power of the electromagnetic field emitted near your ear and the duration of your exposure.
Avoid using your cell phone when the signal is weak or when moving at high speed, such as in a car or train, as this automatically increases power to a maximum as the phone repeatedly attempts to connect to a new relay antenna.
When possible, communicate via text messaging rather than making a call, limiting the duration of exposure and the proximity to the body.
Choose a device with the lowest SAR possible (SAR = Specific Absorption Rate, which is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field absorbed by the body). SAR ratings of contemporary phones by different manufacturers are available by searching for “sar ratings cell phones” on the internet.

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