OMNI Magazine, Volume 5, Number 4, January 1983 an Article was written by Kathleen McAuliffe, "The Black Box: Secret Drug Treatment of Rock Superstars" described how a "Brain Tuner" black box was used by Dr. Margaret A. Patterson, MD., to cure British rock star Pete Townsend of "The Who" of his addiction to heroin.

Meg Patterson had contracted Shackman Instruments, UK., to build the device for her. She along with Dr. H. L. Wen[63][64] were brought to the USA in 1981 by the Neuro-Electric Therapy (NET) Group to develop, produce, promote and sell such units by one investor and a backing financial firm, Turner Leverage Corporation.[59]

In 1983 Robert C. Beck was invited by Paul Tyler the former Chief of the Defense Nuclear Agency, Radiological Defense, then working at the US FDA as a commissioner to assist one company, The 'N.E.T. Group," with Dr. Margaret A. Patterson who was trying to patent, develop, and sell electronic brain stimulators since 1981. If the company had made use of a grandfather clause regarding TENS units, the brain stimulators could be marketed very quickly. The inventor, Meg Patterson, the three chief scientists, a couple of the financial backers, attorneys, and representatives of Turner Leveraged Corporation held a meeting with Beck to determine the best options of getting the product into the mainstream. Beck, in preparation for the meeting, brought with him a number of existing electro stimulation units that he had been collecting and studying.

Robert C. Beck performed his own research on electro-stimulation of the healing process and found that the human body has numerous very specific frequencies at which production of different endorphins, beta-endorphins, catecholamines, enkephalins, dynorphins, proteins, and stem cells were triggered.

Beck used an HP spectrum analyzer and attached it to instrumentation amplifiers that were connected to human subjects in order to measure brain wave activity both with and without external stimulation. Beck claimed that the brain appeared to have a high-Q factor of about 3000 for frequency selectivity. Via his own research and that of others, Beck determined that about 250 different frequencies were key in triggering the body to produce its own healing chemicals. Beck studied about 150 different brain wave stimulation devices, and their effects experimentally. He studied the 'executive chimp' study (involving stressed animals). He designed the Brain Tuner black box electrode device to produce these frequencies simultaneously.

Through further research on various people claiming mystical powers, Robert C. Beck found that these people for brief instances of a few seconds at a time generated brain waves in frequency between alpha and theta waves, in sympathy with the 7.83 Hertz-earth resonance frequency (see ELF, Binaural beats, Schumann resonance). He found that nearly none of people claiming mystical powers were without this phenomenon, and that the ones without it were probably faking their mystic abilities.

Beck believed that the human body and the brain in particular acted like a holographic storage of information. A hologram is generated by using the interference pattern of one laser beam that is split into two beam fields. If the laser used to generate the hologram was a Helimum-Neon (HeNe), then only that particular wavelength of HeNe laser could decipher it, whereas a carbon dioxide laser (of completely different wavelength) would produce a jumbled mess of the HeNe-produced hologram. If a holographic image plate glass is cut into pieces, each piece retains the image of the entire recorded scene. Beck believed that the brain in particular was like this because he had studied reports of war casualties who had lived where much of their brains were damaged by wounds, yet their memories of family members and events gradually returned to them.

Robert C. Beck believed that mystical people could briefly tap into the environment around them and perceive the cosmic "holographic information" of others. Beck stated that double blind studies of certain individuals by the US military had confirmed that unique people had the ability to perform remote viewing and had an ability to perceive information about papers locked away in a safe during double blind study experiments. Beck stated that key military personnel who were in decision making roles refused to believe the results, whereas others among the group were convinced that the results were authentic, and that the Soviet Union had been making use of the technology for the purposes of spying on America.

They were showing about a 7.83 hertz, almost pure coherent maybe 20 microvolt signal frontal to occipital midline. That’s between F1 and F2 in the standard nomenclature system to halfway between 01 and 02 if you’re an encephalographer. In other words the third eye … which shows whole brain alpha. Over and over again we found these frequencies in people with remarkable talents—healers, radionics operators, dousers, shamans, witch doctors, mystics, golden don, priests and priestesses— if they were authentic. One of our early cases was, well I’d better not mention the person’s name, and it’s a world famous name. But at any rate I was intrigued enough to want to discover the common denominator ... yet none of these persons would speak to the others. Kathryn Coleman thought it was the blood of the lamb that Christ had died for your sins and that’s the only way to go ... and some of the American Indian medicine men thought it was in the sacred cornmeal, the gourds and the feathers. Marnis and Leona had certain stones that were the dwelling place of the ancestral spirits. Well, Kathryn would think that was heathen and Marnis would absolutely laugh at a fellow in a barn in Lancaster County

Because of the above set of beliefs, Robert C. Beck believed that only people having this characteristic 7.83 Hertz earth frequency brain wave synchronization could tap into the holographic information / knowledge fields projected by the cosmic background of each person in the environment.