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"The biological effects of low frequency electric and magnetic fields2 (EMF) have become a topic of considerable scientific scrutiny during the past two decades. The flurry of research in this area has contributed greatly to our understanding of the complex electromagnetic environment to which we are exposed but it has not abated the controversy associated with the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields. If anything it has polarized scientists into two camps, those who think exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields causes health effects and those who do not. Those who believe there is a causal association are trying to find the mechanism responsible and those who question the concept of causality think this research is a waste of time and money.

Controversy is the norm when complex environmental issues with substantial economic and health consequences are scientifically scrutinized. Asbestos, lead, acid rain, tobacco smoke, DDT, PCBs (and more recently estrogen mimics) were all contentious issues and were debated for decades in scientific publications and in the popular press before their health effects and the mechanisms responsible were understood. In some cases the debate was scientifically legitimate, while in others interested parties deliberately confuse the issue to delay legislation (Havas et al 1984).

In this modern technological world when things have moved faster than we humans have been able to adjust to, what we use to improve our life is in fact destroying it!

Frightening thought?

That is why we need to educate ourselves.

In a world where we are controlled by our ignorance. Where we are kept in ignorance because corporations and governments are making lots of money out of our lack of knowledge.

The silence and denial around EMF is the same as it was around the dangers of smoking! Too late for many when it became common knowledge - they are often terminally il

The public, uncomfortable with scientific controversy and unable to determine the legitimacy of a scientific debate, wants a clear answer to the question, "Are low frequency electric and magnetic fields harmful?

Depression and Magnetic fields

Several lines of evidence suggest that depression is associated with and may be induced by exposure to electromagnetic fields. Epidemiological studies have found higher ratios of depression-like symptoms (Poole et al. 1993) and higher rates of
suicide (Reichmanis et al. 1979) among people living near transmission lines.

Poole et al. (1993) conducted a telephone survey of people living adjacent to a transmission line and a control population selected randomly from telephone directories. Questions related to depression were based on the Center for Biological Effects of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields 219
Epidemiological Studies-Depression scale. A higher percentage of depressive symptoms were recorded among people living near the line compared with the control population. The odds ratio was 2.1 (1.3-3.4, 95% confidence interval). Depressive symptoms as well as fatigue, irritability, and headaches have also be reported for occupational exposures (DeMatteo 1986, Wilson 1988).
Another line of evidence comes from in vivo studies that report desynchronization in pineal melatonin synthesis in rats exposed to electromagnetic fields (Wilson 1988).
The association between depression and disrupted melatonin secretion is well documented (see Breck-Friis et al. 1985, Lewy et al. 1982). Exposure to artificial light (a different part of the electromagnetic spectrum) in the evening also disturbs night-time melatonin synthesis (Lewy et al. 1987), which suggests that timing of EMF exposure may be critical and that nighttime exposure may be more biologically critical than daytime exposure."

Sleep disorders
Anxiety disorders
Hard to meditate
Failing sex life
Panic ttacks
Trouuble focusing
Removing the hundreds upon thousands of disruptive electrical, man-made and unnatural frequencies that are bombarding your body right now

Depression manifests with low mood, low self-worth, sadness, lack of interest in everyday activities, feelings of guilt or worry, disturbed sleep and appetite, as well as poor concentration. Depression can be triggered by a tragic event or can occur unprompted. It is highly correlated with decreased levels of activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, particularly on the left side..``

Depression affects about 121 million people worldwide It is the second largest killer after heart disease and is shown to be a contributory factor to fatal coronary disease About 20% of men and 30% of women suffer from depression during their lifetimes An astounding 23% of children worldwide suffer from depression

In 1979, Wertheimer & Leeper presented the first study finding that environmental exposure to power frequency (50 and 60 Hz) electric and magnetic fields might increase the risk of chronic disease, in this case mortality from cancer in children. At the same time, the first study was published that suggested a link between electromagnetic fields and suicide (Reichmanis et al.,


Less than 30% of those with depression experience some symptom alleviation from antidepressants
Depression results in more absenteeism than any other physical disorder and costs employers hundreds of billions a year in lost productivity It is the fourth leading contributor to the global burden of disease

Most of us are aware of these stats But did you know about Depression and Magnetic fields

Electric and Magnetic field (EMF) exposure
EMFs occur anywhere there is electric power. Most electromagnetic fields found in homes are power frequency (50-60-hertz), which is categorized as extremely low frequency (ELF). Common sources of electric and magnetic fields in the home are appliances, televisions, computers, and standard electrical wiring. Anything that has a voltage has an ELF electric field. When a device is turned on, electrical current flows, which also creates an ELF magnetic field.

Electropollution and Depression

By Syd Baumel
In 1981, when researchers led by F. S. Perry reported that suicide victims were unusually likely to have lived near a high power transmission line, it was easy to scoff. It's not so easy today.

The evidence may be conflicting, but few independent experts are scoffing now at the idea that "electromagnetic smog" or "electropollution" may promote cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and other health disasters. (See, for example, the National Institutes of Health's 1998 report by Portier and Wolfe.) It now seems reasonable that there may be subtler, neurobehavioral prices to pay too.

Depression: Several studies have looked at the potential association between electromagnetic fields and depression (Poole et al. 1993 and DeMatteo 1986, Wilson 1988.)

Physiol Chem Phys 1979;11(5):395-403
Relation between suicide and the electromagnetic field of overhead power lines.

Reichmanis M, Perry FS, Marino AA, Becker RO..

Laboratory studies have shown that electromagnetic fields similar to those from high-voltage transmission lines can produce biological effects. Surveys of the actual effects of such lines on exposed individuals usually have been hampered by complicating factors tending to blur the data. By means of a new approach, however, correlation has been established between the presence of transmission-line fields and the occurrence of suicides in part of the Midlands of England.

Public Health 1989 May;103(3):177-80
Power frequency magnetic field; depressive illness and myocardial infarction.

Perry S, Pearl L, Binns R.

Surveys were made to determine whether susceptibility to depressive illness and to myocardial infarction of people living in Wolverhampton was related to the intensity of 50 Hz magnetic field outside their homes. Comparing case with control addresses it was found that the field strength was significantly higher for depressive illness (P = 0.033)but not for myocardial infarction.

Two forms of electromagnetic smog are causing the most concern: the nonionizing electromagnetic radiation (NEMR) emitted primarily by broadcast towers, radar installations, and microwave appliances, and the magnetic fields surrounding electrical appliances and power lines.

Geomagnetic storms: association with incidence of depression as measured by hospital admission.
Kay RW.

Westbank Clinic, Falkirk, Stirlingshire.

The hypothesis that geomagnetic storms may partly account for the seasonal variation in the incidence of depression, by acting as a precipitant of depressive illness in susceptible individuals, is supported by a statistically significant 36.2% increase in male hospital admissions with a diagnosis of depressed phase,


Even at low exposure levels, NEMR and magnetic fields can interfere with subtle electrobiochemical processes. Weak power-line-frequency magnetic fields have been shown to induce depression-like abnormalities in neurotransmitter and endorphin levels and body rhythms, and to impair sleep quality. Chronic overexposure even seems to promote brain cancer.

Prevalence of depression among electrical workers.
Savitz DA, Boyle CA, Holmgreen P

In several studies, the association between magnetic fields, suicide, and depression has been further explored. A 1990 study cited by Charles Poole and associates found a normal suicide rate among electric utility workers. But soon after, a study by David Savitz et al. of the University of North Carolina found significantly more signs of depression among electrical workers than controls. In a survey by Poole's group, people living very near a transmission line right-of-way were nearly three times as likely to be depressed as people living far away. In contrast, a study by S. McMahan et al. compared women who lived right next to a power line to ones who lived only a block away. There were no significant differences in depression. But then, in a 1989 study by Stephen Perry et al., depressed patients had stronger power-line magnetic fields outside their homes than healthy controls. Earlier, Perry and a colleague similarly found that people hospitalized for depression were significantly more likely than their healthy apartment-block neighbors to have lived near the main electrical supply cable. Even geomagnetic storms were implicated as a trigger of depression in a study by R. W. Kay.

Depressive symptoms and headaches in relation to proximity
of residence to an alternating-current transmission line right-of-way

Cutting Through the Electromagnetic Smog

It's impossible to escape the electronic smog that surrounds us, but we can keep our distance.

Try not to live, work, or play within a few hundred yards of high-voltage towers, transmission lines, radio or TV broadcasting towers, or radar installations. Indoors, spend as little time as possible near the main power line.
Minimize prolonged exposure at close range to working electrical appliances, particularly those that use motors or heating elements (e.g., space heaters, electric clocks, arc welding equipment, power tools, and possibly fluorescent lights). Motors and elements give off the strongest magnetic fields, by far. Only use electric blankets and heated water beds that have been wired to neutralize their powerful magnetic fields.

Environmental Protection Ministry Warns: Keep Cell Phone Chargers at a Distance
The Ministry of Environmental Protection warns that a mobile phone charger or any small transformer should be kept at least a half a meter away from the human body to avoid the risk of radiation.

The head of the Noise and Radiation Abatement Division in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Dr. Stelian Ghelberg, says that placing a transformer less than half a meter away from the body in general and the head in particular is tantamount to sleeping under a tension line. "Extended average exposure to more than 2 milligaus," says Dr. Ghelberg, "is linked to an increased risk of cancer. Exposure to power frequency magnetic fields at night may disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone which is considered vital to the immune system More

EMF Shielding Devices

Avoid liberal use of personal radio transmitters (e.g., CBs, cell phones, cordless phones). They expose the brain to worrisomely high levels of NEMR and magnetic fields.
Avoid rooms heated by electric cables. These rooms are permeated by magnetic fields strong enough, some research suggests, to promote miscarriage.

Anything over 2 milligause is not good for the Body

Don't linger within an arm's length of the front, back, or sides of a computer monitor, even if there's a wall between you. Keep your distance from the computer itself, because its chassis also produces a magnetic field.
Keep at least three or four feet away from the front, back, or sides of small-screen TVs and up to eight to 10 feet away from very large ones, again even if there's a wall between you.
Avoid lingering within a few feet of a working microwave oven, especially a powerful commercial model. Have the oven inspected for microwave leakage any time there's damage to the door frame or gaskets. Beware of microwave heat-sealers. They're extremely "leaky."

Electromagnetic fields have been suggested to contribute to the risk of depression by causing pineal dysfunction. Some epidemiologic studies have supported this possibility but have generally reported crude methods of exposure assessment and nonsystematic evaluation of depression. Using two available nationwide data sets, the authors identified from the Finnish Twin Cohort Study 12,063 persons who had answered the 21-item Beck Depression Inventory of self-rated depressive symptoms in 1990. The personal 20-year histories of exposure (i.e., distance and calculated annual average magnetic fields) before 1990 to overhead 110- to 400-kv power lines were obtained from the Finnish Transmission Line Cohort Study. The adjusted mean Beck Depression Inventory scores did not differ by exposure, providing some assurance that proximity to high-voltage transmission lines is not associated with changes within the common range of depressive symptoms. However, the risk of severe depression was increased 4.7-fold (95% confidence interval 1.70-13.3) among subjects living within 100 m of a high-voltage power line. This finding was based on small numbers. The authors recommend that attempts be made to strive for a better understanding of the exposure characteristics in relation to the onset and course of depression. Am J Epidemiol 1997;146:1037-45. depression; electromagnetic fields; epidemiologic factors More

Where does melatonin come from

Melatonin is secreted in infinitesimal amounts by the pineal gland which lies deep within the brain. Some of the functions of melatonin are well known; many people are familiar with it's reputation as a sleep aid. In fact, one of its physiological functions is to participate in the regulation of sleep onset and quality of sleep. Because of this prime function, melatonin is normally only secreted at night. The trigger for melatonin secretion each evening is decreased light exposure; at the end of the day, when our sunlight exposure decreases, melatonin begins to switch on. This sleep-inducing quality which melatonin possesses is why many people use melatonin supplementation to help them manage them manage nightshift work, counteract occasional insomnia, or minimize jet lag when traveling to different time zones.

The Pineal Gland is a magneto sensitive organ, what means that it is sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF). It is sensitive to electromagnetic waves from computer monitors, cellular phones, microwave ovens, high voltage lines, etc.. Electromagnetic fields suppress the activity of the Pineal Gland and reduce melatonin production. EMF also affect serotonin. Source

Melatonin is on many researchers' minds due to the beneficial effects melatonin seems to have on many types of conditions beyond insomnia. Some of the areas of current interest and research include: immune disturbances including HIV, cancer therapy, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer's, aging, autism, epilepsy, sudden infant death syndrome, and diabetes. So compelling is the evidence, that I would urge everyone with the above conditions to check their melatonin level to determine if a deficiency may be contributing to their health problems.


EMF Shielding Devices

Harness the healing power of the earth

The Schumann Resonance was first used for healing by Dr. Ludwig in Germany, who is known as the Father of Magnetic Therapy. Dr. Ludwig convinced NASA to install Schumann Resonance devices on spacecraft to have a stabilizing effect on the astronaut’s health in space.
It would appear that the Schumann Resonance acts like a natural tuning fork to our biological oscillators. Michael Hutchison states in his book "Mega Brain Power" The 7.83 Hz frequency has been found to be one of those "window frequencies" that appear to have a wide range of beneficial effects on human beings ranging from reports of enhanced healing to accelerated learning. When a biological system vibrates at this frequency, it can be said to be in a state of resonance or attunement with the planet's own magnetic frequency.... the "natural electromagnetic matrix for all life on this planet, the frequency in which all life forms evolved, and until recent decades, the dominant electromagnetic frequency in which all life took place."

As the Pineal Gland is affected by changes in the Earth's magnetic field, so is our hormone production. In particular, Melatonin, an important Neuro Hormone and oncostatic (cancer surpressing) agent, is not produced in the absence of the Schumann Resonance in outer Space and its production is throttled in the presence of electromagnetic pollution.

Schumman Resonators and other EMF Shielding Devices

Below is an electromagnetic wave chart from Dr Blank’s EMF presentation. See how the human brain is to the left of the scale resonating at 1 Hz to 31.5 Hz anything different than that will create energetic chaos in the body. Everything to the right of the human brain is NOT compatible with the human brain such as radio waves, micro waves, cell phones, computers and televisions.

Electric Magnetic Fields Reduce Melatonin
FORT COLLINS, Colo.—Electric magnetic fields reduce melatonin secretion in men regularly exposed to them on the job, according to a new study. The hormone melatonin sets biological clocks, turns on immune systems, fights free radicals and inhibits tumor promoters such as estrogen.

Last year, James Burch, Ph.D., of Colorado State University located here found that electric utility workers exposed to stable magnetic fields had reduced nighttime melatonin secretion. In his latest study of daytime melatonin levels published in the American Journal of Epidemiology [1999 Jul;150(1):27-30], Burch monitored magnetic field and light exposure for three days in 142 male utility workers—from the generating station to the administrative offices. He measured the men's urinary levels of a melatonin breakdown product, 6-OHMS/cr, at the end of their workday at 6 p.m.

Workers exposed to constant levels of magnetic fields emanating from 60 Hz alternating current had reduced nighttime melatonin levels, especially if they worked in the low light of an office.

Magnetic Field Exposure: Melatonin Production;

Can mod cons make you ill?

Imagine being allergic to modern life with every telephone, computer and kitchen appliance causing you severe pain and headaches.

Electrosensitivity, also known as ems, es, electrical oversensitivity / hypersensitivity is a state where the body becomes so sensitive to electrical fields that simple, moder, every-day tasks such as using the phone, driving a car, or working on a computer can have unbearable physical consequences for the sufferer.

Symptoms can vary from mild to severe headaches, nausea, insomnia, eye irritations, dizziness, skin rashes, facial swelling, fatigue, joint pains, buzzing/ringing in the ears, abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, irregular heart beat, depression, balance problems, paralysis, poor memory/concentration, seizures. More

Can Magnetic fields inhibit Melatonin secretion,,
Therefore causing Depression

Melatonin, a hormone produced by the brain during periods of darkness (SN: 5/13/95, p. 300), is an important natural suppressor of breast cancer cell growth, both in test tubes and in animals. Stevens' melatonin hypothesis holds that because EMFs can depress or shut down melatonin secretion in animals, they may play a role in fostering the growth of malignancies in people.

The low-level electromagnetic fields present in some North American homes
today can diminish or wipe out a widely prescribed drug's action, at least
in test tubes. Researchers have found that when exposed to such fields, the
drug tamoxifen lost its ability to halt the proliferation of cancer cells
grown in the laboratory. Tamoxifen is a synthetic hormone used to prevent
the recurrence of breast cancer. Source

Changes in magnetic fields alter Melatonin secretion and affect circadian rhythms. Environmental magnetic fields (MF) have diminished strength during the Winter months and there may be desynchronisation of circadian rhythm.Both acute exposure to light and exposure to MF suppress Melatonin secretion and may not be beneficial for patient's with Winter depression. It has been proposed that the synergistic effect of light and magnetic therapy in these patients may be superior to phototherapy alone.(14) Low Melatonin levels have been observed in depressed subjects, (McIntyre et al., 1986) unipolar or bipolar Affective Disorders (Beck-Friis et al.,1985) and chronic schizophrenia (Ferrier et al., 1982). Low nocturnal Melatonin has been proposed as a trait marker for major depressive disorders by Beck-Friis et al.,1985 (1)

Melatonin is evolutionarily conserved and is found in nearly all organisms. It has numerous properties which indicate that it helps prevent both Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer. There is strong evidence from epidemiologic studies that high (= 10 milligauss or mG)*,
longterm exposure to extremely low frequency (ELF, = 60 Hz) magnetic fields (MF) is associated with a decrease in melatonin production(Section II.) Source

Common symptoms and signs of melatonin deficiency:
difficulty getting to sleep
difficulty falling back to sleep when awaken during the night
light sleeper/easy waking during the night
early morning awakening
un-refreshing sleep
lack of dreaming
family history of insomnia
personal or family history of breast cancer
personal or family history of prostate cancer
prostate enlargement

Delta frequencies are known to decrease cortisone, increase melatonin, and increase DHEA, the exact frequencies of delta occurs between 1-4 Hz in the BTPro

irregular menstrual cycle
unusual menstrual flow (light or heavy)
poor sleeping prior to menses
sensitivity to stress
neurodegerative disorder (MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, etc)
elevated cholesterol
high blood pressure
blood clots
heart attack
heart arrhythmias

"Melatonin declines rapidly with aging & levels are generally minimal by age 70.. Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, beta-blocker medications, some anti-depressants, sleeping pills, tranquilizers, & chronic stress deplete melatonin. Chronic stress causes the production of too much cortisol which lowers melatonin. Melatonin can be stress protective by keeping down the hyperproduction of cortisol (the stress hormone)" source

"We could do nothing and wait for several years and then realise it's too late and many of these patients might, by then, be markedly ill. Or we could err on the side of caution, accept the possibility of the diagnosis, and do something about it here and now."
Dr David Dowson

In this modern technological world when things have moved faster than we humans have been able to adjust to, what we use to improve our life is in fact destroying it!

Frightening thought?

That is why we need to educate ourselves.

In a world where we are controlled by our ignorance. Where we are kept in ignorance because corporations and governments are making lots of money out of our lack of knowledge.
The silence and denial around EMF is the same as it was around the dangers of smoking! Too late for many when it became common knowledge - they are terminally sick.

Don't be kept in the dark about EMF - until it's too late for you.

Test your Enviroment , blow a hole in the ignorance surrounding the dangers of EMF. Don't be deceived or hoodwinded about it - become informed.

EMF could be the cause of your headaches.
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EMF causes birth defects, abortions and Alzheimer's disease.
EMF is negatively affecting your sex life.
EMF causes depression.
The stress in your life is more likely to be EMF than lifestyle!
EMF causes minor and major illnesses including cancer.
EMF is the main cause of insomnia!

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Savitz, D. A., et al., "Prevalence of Depression among Electrical Workers," American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 25 (February 1994): 165-176.

Reprinted from Chapter 3: "Mood Poisoning: Toxic Causes of Depression," in Dealing with Depression Naturally, copyright © 2000 by Syd Baumel (Los Angeles: Keats Publishing).