Understanding Rife Tools

The Rife machine was developed by Dr. Royal R. Rife in the 1930s. The Rife machine uses a variable frequency, pulsed radio transmitter to produce mechanical resonance within the cells of the physical body (James E. Bare D.C.). The Rife machine was, in its time, a pioneering front-runner for what today is the basis of energetic medicine.

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Parasites Inside Our
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Royal Rife discovered he could use specific electro-magnetic frequencies to kill a bacteria or viruses without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

Royal Rife Frequency kills Paramecium [1] Jul 13

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Rife Frequency
kills Paramecium

Royal Rife Frequency kills Blepharisma Organism

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Rife Frequency Kills Blepharisma Organism

The Rife machines utilizes the law of resonance and produces possible health benefits for varied diseases, both chronic and infectious. Though the first Rife machines were used on diseases such as tuberculosis, arthritis, and ulcers, its more commonly know for its use on cancer, described by authors such as Barry Lynes, as "the cancer cure that worked."

Rife machines work because of a principle in physics called sympathetic resonance.

It states that if there are two similar objects, and one of them is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate as well, even if they are not touching. Take the tuning forks in the picture above. They are identical, tuning forks. If you tap either one, it will sound like the note "C" on a piano.

If you tap one of these forks, the vibrations of that fork will pass through the air and cause the other tuning fork to vibrate. The energy from the first tuning fork has been transferred to the second tuning fork. See also MWO

Woman may understand this instinctively

Biological and psychological benefits of meditation are transmitted to a womb child through the pregnant woman’s bloodstream and through sympathetic resonance. The woman communicates with the child telepathically and energetically, influencing the production of beneficial neurohormones and neurotransmitters (Verny, 02). Postnatal benefits will be transmitted to the child through lactation and breast-feeding and through sympathetic resonance. Before and after birth, meditation benefits are dual, inseparably benefiting the woman and the child.

You may recall the commercial where Ella Fitzgerald sings a high note and causes a crystal glass to shatter. This is the same principle at work. Sympathetic resonance, if strong enough, can cause the receiving object to explode.

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The technique is simple. First you find somebody with perfect pitch and leather lungs. Then get a crystal glass and tap it with a spoon to determine its natural frequency of vibration (this varies with the glass). Next have the singer let loose with precisely the same note. When he or she is dead-on pitchwise, the glass will commence to resonate, i.e., vibrate. Then turn up the V. Bingo, instant ground glass.

Dr. Rife used this principle to destroy disease producing organisms. He thought of every little micro-organism as a tiny little tuning fork. He then built his Rife Machine to send out the signal that would cause the little bugs to vibrate. By making the vibrations that came out of his Rife Machine stronger and stronger, he was able to shatter the micro-organisms at a distance.

“Now, Crane said “Well now look, Rife himself admits that no matter how much tube and ray, and so on, you have, you can’t get any results unless you’ve got the right frequency.

Rife spent years of his life looking under his microscope, learning which frequencies would destroy which micro-organisms.

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Royal Rife-In His Own Words 52 min.
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The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.
But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The University of Southern California preformed clinical trials in 1934 with Rife machine technology on 16 terminally ill cancer patients and all 16 were cured within the trial period of 3 to 4 months. It is claimed that the treatment was painless, did not have side effects, did not harm healthy cells and did not include pharmaceutical treatment for the cancers

Royal Rife was not alone in maintaining that microorganisms arose from within the body and could change form from viruses, to bacteria and yeasts - a theory known as pleomorphism. Although many of these researchers never knew of the existence of each other because of their era, geographical separation and suppression of their findings, they all produced confirmatory research as detailed below.

The American bacteriologist Dr. Edward C. Rosenow had asserted that bacteria were not unalterable and had also identified small bodies that were not visible under normal laboratory microscopes around the 1920s.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered 'bions' in the late 1930s which he maintained spontaneously proliferated in matter.

The Swedish Ernst Bernhard Almquist made hundreds of observations of pleomorphic bacteria in his laboratory as did researchers in France, Italy, Germany, Russia and the United States and probably other countries.

The Frenchman, Gaston Naessens also confirmed the existence of tiny microorganisms in the 1940s using his somatoscope.

Another Frenchman, Dr. Georges Lakhovsky developed a multiwave oscillator (the Lakhovsky coil) with which he cured cancer as well as other diseases and which has also subsequently been banned by the FDA.

The Italian born, Antoine Priore later developed a system of treatment using electromagnetic radiation combined with a plasma of noble gases to treat various diseases.

A Danish biophysicist named Scott Hill reports that a Russian book written by two researchers at the Kazakh State University addresses the healing of various disorders as being accomplished by the use of ultraweak, monochromatic laser light.

Max Planck, who was awarded a Nobel prize in physics, once declared that for new ideas to be accepted one had to wait for a generation of scientists to die off and a new one to replace it. However, even this can only be true if the upcoming generation are made aware of the discoveries of their forebears, which in the case of Rife's revolutionary ideas is not the case.

A true Rife Machine will have no side effects, but may create a Healing Crisis, otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction. Subjects may experience physical reactions during and after their first few Rife machine sessions. These reactions can occur during a session, and up to 24 hours after a session. The reactions range from tingling, itchiness, dizziness, uncomfortable twinges and physical pain (rare). Lets explain why this may happen.

If a client has an infection, in a tooth, for instance, millions upon millions of bacteria would inhabit that tooth and the surrounding area. If a Rife machine is turned on, suddenly the bacteria all rupture.Clinical study

This debris must be escorted out of the body through the skin, bowels, and urinary tract. In the case of severe infections, the initial detox can be pronounced. The good news is that the first reaction is always the worst, and there rarely is a second reaction. After the first Rife session, the client should be made aware of the possibility of diarrhea.

As a result, in 1931 forty-four doctors attended a dinner celebrating "The End To All Diseases" honouring Rife and his microscope and Professor Arthur Kendall. During this meeting, moving microorganisms from prepared, diseased tissue were observed, photographed and recorded on cine film

Rife's discoveries caused a furore within the medical and microbiological world and he was effectively put on trial by the U.S. medical authorities. This proved so traumatic to the highly sensitive inventor intent on relieving the suffering of humanity that he had a total nervous breakdown. With his life's work in tatters and abandoned by his former colleagues he turned to drink ultimately to die to a heart attack in 1971 aged 83.....


Can "Rife Frequencies" Help You

Clients with cancer have using various rife devises reported a decrease in pain, as well as a change in the size of their tumor. Urine may also become darker and greasy after the first few sessions as toxins leave the body through the kidneys.

Rife is unknown or very misunderstood by most MDs and even Chiropractors. This may be due to the prejudice against electro-medicine that has been fostered and taught since the early 1930’s with the advent of the FDA as an enforcer of drug-based, allopathic medicine. (There was a time in my memory, when the Chiropractors had to fight for their very existence to become part of the mainstream etc. I recall that John Wayne and Marlo Thomas were two of the stars that helped bring Chiropractic into the mainstream of public awareness as a viable health modality. Chiropractic nearly went the way of raw milk and clean water and air.)

Some clients may have difficulty sleeping the night after the first session due to increased energy. Other clients may experience what they believe to be a full blown cold the next day. One way to distinguish a cold from a healing crisis is that during a healing crisis, the client still has energy. On rare occasions, a rash may appear. If this happens, it will disappear within 72 hours. Using medication on this rash will only force back in a poison the body is trying to expel.

Most bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, etc., have very weak outer cell walls and when the right "frequency" is aimed at them, they will dissolve and fall apart. For practical purposes, there is no danger to mammalian cell membranes and cell organelles, because they do not have structures that are permanently disrupted by Rife type ultrasound type frequency technology.

Clients with bladder infections, PID or chronic yeast infections may notice vaginal discharge. As a final note, it is not unheard of to pass a dead worm into the toilet after receiving a parasite frequency. It is important to remind the clients that a healing crisis is always temporary, and that it is better to have the offending micro-organism dead and on its way out, rather than alive and on the inside

Rife in his own words

Vibration between two objects can be seen in everyday life, from a tuning fork to a guitar string. The destructive capabilities of resonance have been widely demonstrated, for example when an opera singer hits a particular note and breaks a glass.

In this instance the musical tone sets the glass in motion, and as the motion builds the glass shatters. The pulsed wave used in the Rife system produces a mechanical vibration, whereby the low amplitude input leads to a large amplitude vibration in the target. If the induced resonant vibration is intense enough, the target cell, tissue, or molecule will be destroyed

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Royal Rife story


".. these waves or the 'ray' has the power of devitalising disease organisms, of 'killing ' them, when tuned to an exact particular wave length, or frequency, for each different organism. This applies to the organisms both in their free state and, with certain exceptions, when they are in living tissues."

Rife in the San Diego Evening Tribune, 1938

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Our rife unit Uses Many different modalities for transmission of rife frequencies, one of them is.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields

These modalities are placed on the body at the site of the disease, on the hands, or under the feet. Once the Rife machine is turned on, the frequency waves are said to travel through the body and to destroy all cells affected by that frequency. Normal body cells are said to remain unaffected by the frequency levels specific to the targeted microorganisms.

Rife machines and Multiwave oscillators are claimed to complement each other based on the principle that life forms absorb energy. A multiwave Oscillator uses this principle to strengthen cells within the body to resist disease while a Rife machine uses this principle to destroy microorganisms with an overdose of frequency energy.

John Crane was a true mentor of Rife, and he understood everything Rife understood because Rife trained him. To quote Crane precisely, "Rife told me the secret to the machine, and I know how to build it." Rife Crane System

Rife's findings shook the foundations of the established science and medical paradigm by stating that:
Germs arose from within the body itself and were the result and not the cause of disease.
He identified microorganisms that were up to one hundredth the size of bacteria (0.05 microns as opposed to 0.5 - 5 microns).
Depending upon the terrain, these microorganisms could morph into a bacterium, virus or fungus. He identified 16 different states that could arise in this way. He had also captured the metamorphosis from one form to another on cinefilm typically recorded over a period of about 36 hours.
Tiny changes in the culture medium (2 parts per million) could produce a change in form.
Some of these microorganisms became larger and unable to pass through a filter and with successive changes became visible under an ordinary light microscope.
He identified specific tiny microbes in the blood of over 90% of cancer victims.
At great magnification he could identify that cells were not the ultimate building blocks of living matter, but were actually composed of smaller cells, which themselves were made up of even smaller cells. In total, he identified sixteen levels of what we would now call the cell fractal or hologram.


Why doesn't it destroy the good cells in the body as well?
Human cells and unwanted lifeforms vibrate at very different frequencies. The safeguards built into our systems make it impossible for any frequencies that might be potentially dangerous to humans be created. It's like a dog whistle. If you play a dog whistle loud enough a dog will be very unhappy, but we would be oblivious to it's sound. Since it lies beyond out range of hearing, it does us no harm. In fact, we wouldn't know if it was on or off unless we were looking at a dog. It is the same with the Rife Machine. Our own cells are oblivious to it, but the disease producing organisms can be destroyed by it

Do Rife tools harm good bacteria in the body?
There are many good bacteria in the body, such as acidophilus. Each of the good bacteria have their own frequencies, which do not overlap with the frequencies of the bad bacteria. The good bacteria will not be affected.

Will the problem come back if I stop?
The way an immunization shot works is by injecting a fragment of an infectious agent into the body. The fragment is unable to cause the original infection, yet has enough information to allow the body to recognize it and create anti-bodies (immunity) to it. The Rife machine works by shattering the offending organism into fragments which also creates a similar immunity response.


If this is any thing to go by it might pay you to order your rife machine soon
Looks like the USA govt is making more moves against alternative health tools

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