After years of research into the mechanics of bioenergy, ITEM successfully developed what we believe is the first objective bioenergy measurement and analysis system in the world - Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™). Using this experimental process, you can easily monitor the auras of humans, animals, and even plants, as well as evaluate the energy fields of non-living objects, at 50% - 90% less than other "aura imaging" devices on the market. Doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, alternative therapists, and hobbyists all over the world are joining in this revolution to form an international network of RFI™ users. RFI™ is currently being used in 62 countries around the world.

With RFI™ Version 3.2 Software, you can use standard templates to show the human bioenergy field, or you can create your own template by importing a picture

Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) is an experimental electromagnetic measurement and imaging process. This new technology provides objective data and informative interpretations for all Auras and bioenergy fields, and identifies the type and function of bioenergies present in specific regions of the human brain.

RFI™ generates complete psychological profiles that fully reveal the role of a person’s psychology in their health condition. While it is not intended for medical diagnosis of specific illnesses, RFI™ does give comprehensive information about a person’s physiological conditions, and provides a technical level of information which trained physicians can use as a factor in their professional decisions.

RFI™ is the first Aura imaging technology which can create full color bioenergy charts of objects, plants, animals, and even ambient energy fields, so its use is unlimited.

The RFI™ system accurately identifies and interprets 15 colors of bioenergy, representing all 15 distinguishable colors of the optical spectrum, giving it the maximum possible usefulness for detailed and accurate images and interpretations.

RMI Has Clinicaly Useful and Objective Interpretations


For many years, RFI evaluated ways to physically measure the electromagnetic characteristics of the human energy field. We felt it would be more accurate to measure energy fields directly, rather than rely on photographic-based techniques or electronically processed signals, for a more accurate representation of the energy that surrounds us all. We also felt that most of the existing equipment is too costly for the average practitioner. After several years of research, we believe we have found in RFI™ a method that is economical, simple and objective, involving direct measurement of energy fields to identify the predominant electromagnetic frequency in a specific area and converting that frequency into a color within the visible light spectrum using custom software. What better way to evaluate energy fields than to measure them directly?

RFI™, in and of itself, is not merely a device or product. It is a method, or process, which requires copyrighted materials, and involves use of trade secret computations. In other words, RFI™ is really intellectual property, integrated into a computer system which performs a technical process to generate color images and interpretations. The scientific principles of this process, and the tools to use this imaging system, cannot be learned anywhere except by purchasing a license to use RFI™ as a Scientific Investigator of ITEM. When you purchase the RFI™ package, you are really purchasing this license, as well as all necessary electronic and computer software equipment, to ensure that you get the best results studying and experimenting with this growing technology.

Because RFI™ is really a process, performed with a digital device and computer software, which involves sensitive intellectual property, more technical information about RFI™ beyond this website can only be obtained when you purchase the license as a Scientific Investigator of ITEM.

RMI Has a firm Scientific Basis

Who can Benefit from RFI

Health Care Professionals: RFI™ is highly beneficial for medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and a wide variety of therapists and alternative healers. RFI™ will help you attract more clients, by giving you a professional image and scientific basis for expanding your practice into the area of holistic or collaborative health care. You can use RFI™ to make “before and after” images, to demonstrate and document the effectiveness of your therapies. RFI™ can also be used for bioenergetic blood sample analysis. The Brain imaging and interpretations, combined with your medical knowledge, will give you a wealth of useful information about the mechanics of a complex or hard-to-diagnose illness, as well as psychosomatic and even environmental factors of the illness.

Biofeedback Practitioners: RFI™ can reveal real-time changes in a person's psychology and health. While measuring only the forehead (pineal body transmission) region, as subjects go through various stages of brain states during relaxation or concentration, RFI™ can identify bioenergies that reveal their brain state at the moment. RFI™ frequency data generally has a good correlation to data obtained from electroencephalogram (EEG) technology.

Understanding Auras

Parapsychologists: RFI™ has proven very useful in detecting and analyzing ambient fields such as psychic and mental energy, and various paranormal phenomena. Some people have used it for poltergeist investigations, which resulted in comprehensive explanations of seemingly paranormal phenomena occurring in a house or territory. You can use the Brain imaging program to explore brain power, psychic abilities and other “psi” phenomena.

How Does RFI Compare to other "Aura Imaging" Systems?

Antique Collectors & Archeologists: RFI™ is generally sensitive enough to read energy imprints emanating from physical matter, to perform electro-psychometry. This allows you to make indirect psychological analysis of the energies of people who owned or used an object. In archeology, this flexible feature allows us to better understand the beliefs or feelings of ancient cultures through electrofield mapping of artifacts, or scanning archeological ruins and preserved sites.

Feng Shui Practitioners: RFI™ allows you to determine the identity, type and function of the energy fields that you detect anywhere - in the air, in spaces, near or on furniture, in different rooms, etc. You can use it to observe the fields generated by the different ways you arrange furniture in each room in your house, and the energy effects of featured objects or decorations which you add or place in different parts of a room.

Botanists: RFI™ has been successfully used to create bioenergy images and analyses of herbs, plants, flowers, or trees, and the RFI™ software includes a special function for analyzing the energies detected around plants.

Pet Lovers and Veterinarians: RFI™ can be used to explore the health of animals, or to better understand your pet’s emotions, thoughts, spiritual needs and hidden abilities.

How Does RFI Compare to other Brain Imaging System

Science & Self-Development Hobbyists: Gain a better understanding of yourself, and how you interact with your environment. RFI™ has successfully helped train people to develop psychic abilities, manage and deal with their emotions, and take control over their own health. You can explore the metaphysical energies attributed to geometrical structures such as pyramids, or furniture in your apartment. RFI™ can even reveal the psychic energies in a room, or representative geographic area.


Technical Manual available on-line

A Practicle Example

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To use Resonant Field Imaging™, you simply hold the RFI™ Digital Frequency Counter with a specially- tuned antenna in your hand, and place the antenna in each part of the bioenergy field where you want to detect the color. As the sensor tells you the objective frequency in standard scientific units, you simply enter that number into the RFI™ software program.

After you have measured all regions of the Aura, the software can automatically generate full color images of the Aura, the Brain, or both. The software also automatically generates detailed Interpretations and Explanations, making the professional color images a source of enormous information to help you in your health care practice or scientific research.

It takes only 10-15 minutes to perform a full bioenergy scan of the human body, and then you can print full color, professional quality Aura images, Brain scans, and interpretations. While other Aura systems cost between $2,000 and $20,000, the complete Resonant Field Imaging™ package costs aprox $US850. Use the link to view a complete description of the contents of an RFI™ package.