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Violet Ray Tubes and their Historical Uses



No. 1  General Electrode. For facial and body treatment, and for any surface application.

Wrinkles - Are commonly caused by using a given set of facial muscles more than normally. They can be removed by applying Electrode No. 1 or with a rotary, massaging movement
Sinusitis - The use of Surface Electrode No. 1 gives a hurried relief by applying same over the area of the sinuses daily for five minutes.
Arthritis and Rheumatism - Use Electrode No. 1. High Frequency currents are of exceptional value in muscular and in chronic articular rheumatism. The pain will be often be relieved by application of High Frequency massage, using lubricant if necessary. Follow with fairly strong spark until pronounced redness is produced. This treatment persistently followed has in many cases resulted in a cure. While some relief may be obtained in one treatment, but permanent cure requires much time and patience >>> Much more




No. 2  Comb-Rake Electrode. Used for all scalp treatments; Falling Hair, Dandruff, Gray Hair, and for stimulating the hair cells

Practically every disease of the scalp and hair, as dandruff, falling hair, etc., can be traced to the improper circulation of the blood flowing through the scalp. The roots are fed through the blood, which flows through small capillaries in the scalp almost microscopic in size. Because of their smallness, they become clogged very easily, as a consequence of which most persons are affected with some form of scalp disease. To overcome scalp disease, it is first necessary to remove the cause, and as this is poor nutrition due to faulty circulation, the Violet Ray naturally suggests itself as the ideal remedy.
For treating the scalp we have a special comb electrode which conforms to the shape of the head and pulls easily through the hair. Millions of tiny electric sparks from the applicator to the scalp, carrying with them pure ozone which acts as a germicidal agent and destroys any foreign organism which may be present. The tiny nerve and blood vessels are gently massaged, the blood starts flowing and nourishment is brought to the roots of the hair. >>> Much more


No 3 Rectal, Vaginal
Fissure Anal Remarkable results, and in many cases complete recovery, can be expected by the use of the rectal electrode No. 3 tube. Apply an antiseptic lubricant on the tube before inserting, giving 10 minutes daily

Catarrh, Nasal - Sinus- no 4 In this condition the Nasal Tube is used within the nose with a mild current within the nasal passage, two to five minutes on each side, followed by an application with the Surface Electrode no 1 externally over the area of the nose. >>> Much more


No5 Warts and some Basal Skin problems
Warts and Other Small Growths The no5 electrode should be used, as it throws a fine sharp spark. Apply to growths long enough to cauterise the surface. A few seconds is usually all that is necessary. Wait a day or two for results and, if necessary, repeat. Where there is no No5 electrode the Surface electrode No1 can be used by holding it about one-eighth inch from the growth and allowing the sparks to pass from the edge of the glass. >>> Much more



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