Miracule Water

Altered States presents the world's most advanced water technology.
Let Your Body, Mind and Soul Experience Nature's Miracle.

All Water Is Not Equal!
All Water Filtering & Processing Technologies & Equipment Are Also Not Equal!

It's the only water filtration system in the world with a patented ORME trap! The MiraculeWater processors have a patented trap on the inside to retain all of the minerals and monoatomic elements while removing all of the harmful contaminents. The result is an alkaline water with the beneficial minerals intact.

Water treatment plants can stop the danger of infectious waterborne diseases such as typhoid fever, but they do not eliminate the host of toxic chemicals that have been spewed into the environment in the post-World War II industrial boom. Some of these chemicals are carcinogenic, and because scientists generally agree that 60% to 90% of all human cancers are caused by environmental agents, the study of aquatic pollution takes on critical importance. As Dr. H.F. Kraybill of the National Cancer Institute remarks in his editor's introduction to Aquatic Pollutants, "The realization that neoplasms [new and abnormal formation of tissues, as in tumors] are occurring in finfish and shellfish and that a tumor incidence may appear to be associated with the extent of pollution introduces a new terms of human cancer." In other words, if fish and clams are getting tumors, what's happening to humans?

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Body Pollution
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The potential danger of polluted water to humans comes from two sources. Some researchers, notably Dr. Robert H. Harris of the Environmental Defense Fund, have indicated a possible relationship between cancer mortalities of white males in New Orleans and the fact that they drank water drawn from the Mississippi, a veritable chemical cocktail. "Although the results of the New Orleans study cannot yet be considered as conclusive evidence that cancer is, in fact, being caused by contaminated water," Sonstegard writes, "these very suggestive findings must be fully taken into consideration."

• Removes the Harmful Elements, Keeps the Beneficial Elements

• Concentrated ORME Elements-The Elements Of Life

• Increased Cell to Cell Communication

• Increased Function of Body's Electrical System

• Alkaline PH with Magnesium Dioxide (Prill Beads)

• 99.9% Fluoride Removed

• Purified by a Proprietary Selective Hyper filtration Technology

• Decreased Build-Up in Pipes Using Magnetic Technology

In the past reverse osmosis or RO was the standard for water filtration. These days there is a new standard - it has been set by MiraculeWater and it is called Selective Hyper-Filtration. Selective Hyper-Filtration is only available from MiraculeWater. Don't be fooled when someone else tells you that they have the best technology, or the best water filter on the market. Scientific testing has repeatedly documented how MiraculeWater Selective Hyper-Filtration removes 40+ times more harmful contaminates than the old standard of reverse osmosis that pollute today's municipal (and well water) drinking waters. Some people were happy with the old standard of reverse osmosis, the engineers and scientists at MiraculeWater were not.

When I started drinking Miracule water, at first I went into a little bit of a healing crisis, then slowly I started to notice that old injuries started to not bother me anymore and things just didn’t hurt anymore! I knew that the monoatomic elements in the Miraculewater could have healing and restorative properties. I love not having pain in my body anymore. I love my Miracule water!

Los Angeles, CA


Water processors should not be confused with water filters, since water processors go way beyond simple filtration into the art and science of water enhancement and selective contaminant filtration. An easy comparison is the difference between a simple knife and a food processor, one does so much more than the other. The MiraculeWater Processors surpass simple filtration of water and enter into the Science & Art of water enhancement further than has ever been done before. If a person were to try to duplicate the water produced by MiraculeWater processors by purchasing all of the necessary systems separately from those currently on the market, they would spend more than 10 times the cost of a MiraculeWater processor and still not have accomplished that goal. One of the most significant reasons they could never achieve that goal is that 7 of the technologies employed in the MiraculeWater processors are revolutionary proprietary technologies developed exclusively for Miracule Water. As such these 7 technologies are not utilized in any other water purifying or processing systems currently commercially available anywhere in the world.

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Drugs in your Water
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Traditionally, people with limited vision and understanding of water have sought merely to filter out some of the impurities in water... They never looked into what was needed to make the water into Fountain of Eternal Youth and Health Water. Thousands of research & development hours have gone into the making of the most advanced Selective Filtration & Enhancement Water Processors available anywhere. Only MiraculeWater's Fountain of Youth and Health series "Water Processors" go way beyond filtration, in multiple ways, to replicate what Mother Nature has done with her water in just a very few select and well guarded secret places around the world. We have combined multiple existing and proprietary technologies to create a revolutionary new family of Water Processors. MiraculeWater processors utilize the best "Selective" filtering methods available for the removal of biological and chemical contaminates while they Selectively maintain and concentrate the most desirable elements / minerals in the water. Then the processors further enhance the water with select scientifically documented special primary energies & life force energy and much much more.

I have always had to force myself to drink water but when I tried the Miracule water my body actually started craving it. I also started losing weight because I was detoxing from drinking so much water and I also have more energy. I love it!

Dallas, TX

Death by Faucet

Miracule Water proudly presents the world's most advanced water technology.
Let Your Body, Mind and Soul Experience Nature's Miracle.Water is transformed over 20 ways by MiraculeWater Processors.

Purified by a Proprietary Selective Hyperfiltration Technology
Oxygenated and Triple Revitalized

ORME [ionized] Concentrated up to 8,000x
Enhanced with Magnesium Dioxide

Alkaline Balanced pH
Distorted Homeopathic Memory Erased & Replaced with the Pristine Memory

A Living Waters System can also harness and concentrate the power of O.R.M.E. and other etheric elements thereby creating a true consciousness evolving water. By further utilizing the knowledge of great minds like Masaru Emoto, Viktor Schauberger, Johann Grander, as well as many other masters in the realm of waterology, we at Living Waters System can now provide a true pristine, living water system

Explanation and Benefits Of Miracule Water
The MiraculeWater Processors© combined state-of-the-art filtration and water enhancement process produces drinking water that is 40 times more pure than the water processed by the best reverse osmosis drinking water system in the world. Scientists refer to what remains in the water after the filtration process is complete as - "Pure Nothingness! This processor removes chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, bacteria, parasites, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, fecal material (poop), urine, drugs and everything else that is considered a detriment to your health.

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Victor Schauberger
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MiraculeWater Processors© are the only known hyper-filtration technology that removes 99.99% of FLOURIDE, and 100% of its magnetic imprinting. Flouride has been banned in 36 countries for its known toxic effects. MiraculeWater Processors© erase the harmful memory of the water using a proprietary Triple-Vortexing© process based on Viktor Schauberger. more... MiraculeWater Processors© then re-imprint the water with its original memmory and additional frequencies, including positive affirmations such as, truth, love, peace, health, abundance, bliss, all the colors of the rainbow, as well as 10,000 other positive affirmations.

Filtering capability (the words purer & purity as used herein: are hereby defined as meaning the removal of harmful and / or toxic contaminates) [MiraculeWater processors are the first water processing technology to actually concentrate
the most beneficial contents of water, and remove the harmful contaminates all at the same time.


FIRST STAGE 5 micron reduces sediments, chlorine taste and odor

SECOND STAGE .5 micron reduces lead, reduces cysts (Giardia and Cryotisoirudium) and further reduces chlorine taste/odor

THIRD STAGE .2 micron that is a Ceramix Carbon Block Filter that catches exremely small particles up to .2 microns

FOURTH STAGE NSF Certified RO Membrane and Magnesium Dioxide Ph Balancing

FIFTH STAGE Strong magnet and the post filter

Yes, the many features of Miraculewater have "Automated" my self-cultivation work. It's like flicking the "Auto Pilot" switch on your self improvement. It's made striving in this area a thing of the past. Why should we strive to become greater when we can just kick back and drink in this "highly evolved" water? The greater the power of the water, the more its capacity to rewire us, to amplify our health, to increase brain power, and to elevate our Level of Consciousness (LOC). I cannot find a better water system than this online. In fact, I challenge you do so. As of this writing (2012), it just isn't possible. I encourage you to spend the extra money; this machine is lifetimes better than the over-simplistic single-dimensional filters they sell elsewhere. In my experience, this Miraculewater product is "The Cadillac of Water Technology."


--A Recent Yale Graduate


Eliminating Hungry Water:
Drinking "Hungry Waters" such as pure, reverse osmosis, and distilled water can leach out of the body essential vitamins and minerals. Over time this can lead to serious diseases such as osteoporosis. Therefore, it is recommended that Hungry Waters should not be consumed for lengthy periods of time, but only for brief periods of time when the body requires detoxification. To eliminate the "Hungry Water" effect MiraculeWater© processors uses a magnesium-dioxide dispenser (mgwater ), which converts acidic Hungry Water into a safe alkaline drinking water with a pH rating of approximately 9.8. [Note: The body only heals itself when its pH level is 7.0 or above Alkaline] Vortexes Incoming Water


What are the effects of water pollution?
The effects of water pollution are varied. They include poisonous drinking water, poisionous food animals (due to these organisms having bioaccumulated toxins from the environment over their life spans), unbalanced river and lake ecosystems that can no longer support full biological diversity, deforestation from acid rain, and many other effects. These effects are, of course, specific to the various contaminants.

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Saving the Water
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Scientists have long known that water is absolutely one of the most effective conduits of energy known to mankind. The MiraculeWater© processor vortexes incoming water in a counter clockwise direction, which increases the waters life force energy level and creates biological time reversal. It continually vortexes the water throughout the various processing stages until it is ready for consumption.

Water is a liquid crystal and is responsible for transporting millions of messages (frequencies) throughout the body. Recently, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, published undeniable proof of this fact. His method of photographing liquid crystals allows, for the first time in history, the actual viewing of liquid crystals as solid form. As a result of Dr. Emotos research we now know water plays an important role in boosting systematic cellular behavior, which greatly assist the body in its quest to restore health.

Did you know that there are both positive and negative messages in water? Therefore, the MiraculeWater© processor removes all existing messages from source water. It then inserts back into the water, via a specially designed Infinity Synthesizer, approximately thirteen million positive messages. :

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Water Pollution
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[Note: Dr. Masaru Emoto recently published several books outlining this new cutting-edge technology. If you are interested in learning more I suggest you pick up a copy of The Hidden Messages in Water. ]

Powered Only by Water Pressure
The MiraculeWater© processor is completely powered by water pressure. This is done to eliminate electricity depositing negative messages into the water. This is a very significant point because the processor utilizes 12 separate operations to reduce water molecules down to an absorbable size. The result is approximately 97% of the MiraculeWater© produced can be easily absorbed by the bodys cellular network. This greatly increases the capability of the body to transport vital frequencies and nutrients to where they are needed and helps in the flushing of waste from the cells.:

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StormWater Pollution
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The opposite is true regarding tap water and most bottled waters. The molecules contained in these waters cluster together forming too large of a molecule for the cells to absorb. Therefore, the body absorbs only about 5% of these waters and the other 95% is flushed out of the body by the kidneys. Not only are tap water, and most bottled waters, ineffective at hydrating the body, the amount of water one needs to consume in order to be fully hydrated can become extremely costly.

Body Dehydration
Most people today are dehydrated for the simple reason the body cannot absorb large clustered-together water molecules in the liquids they consume. Although most people drink plenty of liquids, including water, they still remain dehydrated. Evidence of this is, when we first enter this world our body contains approximately 85% water. As a baby, our bodys water content is comparable to that of a plump juicy grape. When its time for us to depart this planet, hopefully at a ripe old age, our bodys water content is comparable to that of a dried up raisin. In fact, the majority of senior citizens bodies when they pass on contain approximately 65% water or less. Approximately 90% of a healthy human brain is water.


Body Detoxification
When you drink MiraculeWater© on a regular basis it helps to both hydrate and detoxify the body. One of the naturopathic doctors who purchased a water processor from the company a year ago reported that within 5 minutes of drinking a glass of MiraculeWater© his red blood cells showed up under the microscope as being fully hydrated. He also reported that the water had also begun to detoxify the serum surrounding the red blood cells. In all of his years of examining structured water he had never seen anything quite so impressive. (You can listen to a live interview with this naturopathic doctor on the website.): The MiraculeWater© Processors Concentrates Orme/Ormus 40:1!

Best Tasting Water In The World: The last thing I would like to share with you regarding the MiraculeWater© processor relates to taste. Most of the water filtration systems available on the market today are designed to remove impurities that negatively effect taste, color and odor of drinking water. I am happy to share with you that the drinking water produced by the MiraculeWater© Processor is the best tasting and most refreshing water you can obtain anywhere on this planet (at least based on my experiences as well as our distributors and customers around the world).

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After watching these videos, one must by now understand the Importance
of pure water on the body


The Living Waters System© is designed to offer the end-user pristine, structured, living water for drinking, bathing, washing, agriculture, etc.. A Living Waters System© can also harness and concentrate the power of O.R.M.E. and other etheric elements thereby creating a true consciousness evolving water. By further utilizing the knowledge of great minds like Masaru Emoto, Viktor Schauberger, Johann Grander, as well as many other masters in the realm of waterology, we at Living Waters System© can now provide a true pristine, living water system to custom fit any size application or project.

Most companies try to build their water processor units as cheaply as possible to maximize their profits; Our units are built for Maximum Quality! High-capacity filters and durable trouble-free components combined with advanced MiraculeWater multi-level engineering produce a compact, high-quality, extreme-efficiency water processor that is so easy to install, the average 12 year old is able to install one without assistance. No need for a plumber! No need for a handy man! Just the ability to follow simple instructions and a few simple common hand tools.


Few people understand the importance of the quality of the water they consume. The simple fact is that ultra high quality water has the capability of extending the human life span . Just imagine what it would be like to live your life in a state of optimal health & happiness at all times. Imagine the energy levels you had as a child, and the state of mind you experienced only a few times in your life when you were carefree and in a state of joy & bliss. The water produced by the MiraculeWater Processors opens these possibilities up to you. No other water processor in the world can open these possibilities up to you.


Many people make this water and sell it to friends etc

Purified by a Proprietary Selective Hyper-filtration Technology

99.9% Flouride Removed

ORME [ionized] Concentrated

Alkaline PH with Magnesium Dioxide

Triple Vortexed bringing Water Resonance Back to Life!

Pharmaceuticals and Original Memory Erased

This is the latest model with his most advanced updates and technology. ! The Eternal Youth 5000 Processor is the Ultimate in health and anti-aging! This processor consists of sacred geometry crystals, Copper coiling in reference to research by Viktor Shauberger. Ron also included technology from David Hall's gilgamesh project and a quantum module which has healing frequencies. This has the most ant-aging and reported health benefits than anything ever made!!!

Miracule - (UNDER) The Counter Model

I have to admit I am happy with the miracule system! The installation was pretty straight forward and the tech support guy got back to me within a hour which was great because it made it easy having someone walk me through steps. Not much to the installation once you do it its just the black one for draining dirty water, the screw on one for feeding water into the unit , I installed it. The water tastes great, I live in Arizona where the water really sucks and I noticed a difference it removed sulfur smell/taste I get from the tap. Had the unit for two weeks no problems and its nice to have clean water for my coffee in the morning. : 06/06/2014 by Joel Valento