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Every atom in the Universe has a frequency. Whether it's a grain of sand, a piece of steel, a plant, animal or an organ in your body, each cell resonates, or vibrates, at a specific frequency or oscillation. Your body consists of a variety of atoms, which contain photons, electrons & an overall bio-electric energy that runs through it. The way you take care of your body physically, emotionally and mentally determines how many negative frequencies or toxins are being built up in it. There are four general ways imbalance in the body is created. Through toxic substances we eat, pollution we breathe, exposure to a negative energetic environment, and how we process information in our thinking & feeling.

In the 1950’s, Congressman Charles Tobey enlisted Benedict Fitzgerald, an investigator for the Interstate Commerce Commission, to investigate allegations of conspiracy and monopolistic practices on the part of orthodox medicine. This came about as the result of the son of Senator Tobey who developed cancer and was given less than two years to live by orthodox medicine. However, Tobey Jr., discovered options in the alternative field, received alternative treatment and fully recovered from his cancerous condition! That is when he learned of alleged conspiratorial practices on the part of orthodox medicine. He passed the word to his father, Senator Charles Tobey, who initiated an investigation. The final report clearly indicated there was indeed a conspiracy to monopolize the medical and drug industry and to eliminate alternative options. * "Royal R. Rife" by Gerald F. Foye ISBN 0-9659613-3-8

The "Fitzgerald Report" was submitted into the Congressional Record Appendix August 3, 1953.

*We are conditioned to think that conspiracies are only conjectures and the domain of the lunatic fringe - when a conspiracy is nothing but another name for cartels, monopolies, cabals, combines etc.. This is simply another bait and switch tactic to confuse us from seeing the truth. CG

Royal Rife studied ... Cancer, Tetanus, typhoid, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococci, pneumonia, streptococci, tuberculosis, sarcoma, carcinoma, leprosy, polio, cholera, actinomycosis, glanders, bubonic plague, anthrax, influenza, herpes, cataracts, glaucoma, colitis, sinus, ulcers, lock-jaw bacillus, and many other virus bacteria and fungi.

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It's possible for you to confirm this for yourself. Medical Doctors, who have already confirmed part or all of this discovery include: E.C. Rosenow, Sr. (Chief of Bacteriology, 32 yrs., at Mayo Clinic), Fredrich Koch (Detroit), Sakae Inoue (Japan), Georges Mazet (France), Franz Gerlach (Germany), Niello Moil and Clara Fonti (Italy), Cameron Gruner (McGill Univ.), T.J. Glover (Canada), Florence Seibert (V.A. Research Lab, Bay Pines, Fla.), Lyks Sieger (U.S. Denmark), Irene Diller (Inst. of Cancer Research, Phila, Penn), Eleanor Alex. Jackson and Virginia Livingston-Wheeler (NJ & San Diego clinics).

Royal Rife Ver Science

Rife virus can be Shattered :Rife found one frequency which "devitalized" a virus/pathogen. Rife would often sit for 48 hours before the microscope isolating a specific frequency which he called the Mortal Oscillatory Rate, or MOR for many disease organisms.

Here is a Negative-stain Transmission Electron Microscopy photo of Adenovirus and Parvo virus. Note that the viruses appear, once killed by the electron microscope, as Rife says: round balls of dried up particles.

In some cases these germs or bacilli would literally shatter or explode under the influence of his frequency instrument. In other cases, the forms would remain unchanged in appearance, but would no longer be motile, and would not produce disease. Thus he used the term "devitalized" rather than "destroyed"

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Frequencies Shatter
Wine Glass
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Frequencies Shatter
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An opera singer's voice can break a thin crystal glass if the
singer can match the glasses' natural frequency.

Rife's work was so astonishing that he was awarded 14 government contracts to develop practical uses for his discoveries of specific frequency. Rife discovered that any disease can be eliminated with frequencies based on its individual electromagnetic signature. One of Rife's projects was to eliminate the diseases that were plaguing the poultry industry. Rife treated an entire flock of chickens and made them disease free.

Science : New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death
By Michael Schirber, Special to LiveScience
posted: 05 February 2008 09:27 am ET

Three-dimensional model of an HIV virus. credit: Scientists may one day be able to destroy viruses in the same way that opera singers presumably shatter wine glasses. New research mathematically determined the frequencies at which simple viruses could be shaken to death.

"The capsid of a virus is something like the shell of a turtle," said physicist Otto Sankey of Arizona State University. "If the shell can be compromised [by mechanical vibrations], the virus can be inactivated." Recent experimental evidence has shown that laser pulses tuned to the right frequency can kill certain viruses.

Shattering Viruses: This allows observers to deduce the resonant frequency of the capsids. By staging the short laser pulse in different ways, a whole catalog of capsid resonant frequencies can be made. Sankey (, 480-965-4334) says that the simulations performed so far suggest that resonant frequencies for their chosen virus, the satellite tobacco necrosis virus

Science Says :Disruption of Cancer Cell Replication by Alternating Electric Fields

Each pathogen or virus has a frequency of its own – natural resonate frequency. A healthy cell has a frequency; but, when that cell becomes contaminated or altered, the frequency is altered.

That is one reason why frequency treatment can safely be applied. The correct frequency will affect only the unhealthy cell, or diseased tissue, while leaving healthy areas untouched. Rife proved this beyond any doubt. Still the closed minds of higher medical superiors would like us to believe frequency healing is unsafe.

Rife used vibrations, of an "oscillative ray at a cycles per second vibration of 11,780,000" which he claimed destroyed the cancer virus he called BX. This frequency is said to have been "modified" by an audio frequency of 2127 or 2008 MHz.

Rife was surprised to find that the viruses he studied exploded at much lower frequencies than he calculated. Was the effective frequency a harmonic of those he used?

Harmonics are tones whose frequencies are integral multiples of the fundamental frequency of the wave. For an A played at 440 Hz, the frequencies of the harmonics will be 880 Hz, 1320 Hz, and so on. The harmonics are numbered in order of increasing frequency. The first harmonic is the fundamental frequency, the second is twice the fundamental frequency, and so on.

Bacillus anthracis 8,700 Hz
Shigella dysentariae (dysentery) 4,200
Corynebacterium diphtheriae 6,500
Shigell flexneri (dysentery) 3,400
Dysentery bacilli (diarrhea) 4,200
Staphylococcus epidermidis 5,800
Escherichia coli (diarrhea) 7,000
Streptococcus faecaelis 10,000
Legionella pneumophilia 3,800
Vibro commo (cholera) 6,500

B.Coli--Rod form (Read E.coli)..800 Hz
Tuberculosis Rod form...803
Tuberculosis Virus.....1552
Sarcoma (all forms)....2008
Carcinoma (all forms)..2128


Mycobacterium tuberculosis 10,000
Bacteriophage (E. Coli) 6,500
Pseudomonas aeruginosa 3,900
Hepatitis 8,000
Salmonella (food poisoning) 10,000
Influenza 6,600
Salmonella paratyphi (enteric fever) 6,100
Poliovirus (poliomyelitis) 7,000
Salmonella typhosa (typhoid fever) 7,000
Baker's yeast 8,800

Streptothrix (fungus)...784
Typhoid Bacteria712
Typhoid Virus..1862

3/19/02: Vijay Khatri, assistant professor of surgery at the Cancer Center, John McGahan, professor of radiology, and Bijan Bijan, assistant professor of radiology were announced to be leading a pilot study on women with very small early stage breast tumors according to UC Davis' Dateline March 15, 2002. "Radio-wave therapy, also known as radio frequency ablation, has been used for many years to treat liver and bone cancers at UC Davis and other centers. And some researchers around the country are studying the therapy as a treatment for lung and prostate cancer."

In some cases, frequency treatments result in virus destruction and rapid recovery. In other cases frequency healing appears to work by alerting the depressed immune system to become more aggressive, thus causing the immune system to attack the disease as nature intended. [This is the same principle used in the formation of devitalized vaccines. The body can determine the "finger print" of the dead virus and create lymphocyte antibodies against the live ones. Lymphocytes are the backbone of our body's immune system. They must be kept working properly!]

Rife was able to prove that virus forms could be altered with chemicals. Thus, he could create disease-producing viruses by manipulation of chemical structures. Again, he proved this over-and-over.

Science Says :Herpes Virus Changes Anti-Herpes Drug to Form that Hinders AIDS Virus... Now, it appears that after acyclovir is altered by herpes viruses, it also interferes with the AIDS virus’s ability to reproduce, report researchers from the National Institutes of Health and other institutions

Rife made a statement that patients who had radiation treatments prior to frequency therapy, did not respond well to frequency therapy. Rife also stated that he could detect radiation in organ tissue up to six months after radiation therapy; and, up to two years after radium therapy.

Medical Science says : Radiation therapy can cause scar tissue and weakness in the part of the body that was treated. This can lead to loss of motion in your joints, such as your jaw, shoulders, or hips. Joint problems can show up months or years after radiation therapy is over.

In reality, Royal Rife had identified the human cancer virus first... in 1920! ...

Rife Said Cancer is a virus,,the medical profession said no

If the medical system continues to advance, one day Royal Rife will be acknowledged as one of histories greatest medical geniuses. In 1920 Royal Rife identified the human cancer virus using the worlds most powerful microscope (using a different design which he created), cultured the virus (on salted pork, the best growing medium), and injected it into rats. These injections caused cancer in every one of the rats (all 400 of them). Later he was able to find a frequency of electro-magnetic energy that would cause the cancer virus to self destruct when within that energy field.

Rife stated he worked seven years straight and studied 20,000 cultures searching for a cancer virus, finally suspending the search since he had found nothing.

Rife was later joined by Dr. Arthur Kendall, head of the department of bacteriology at Northwestern University Medical College. Dr. Kendall suggested a culture medium [his K-medium – a protein mixture], which proved to be the secret to success as Rife was able to press on and did eventually discover and isolate the cancer virus.

A Skin Cancer Virus?
Raphael P. Viscidi1 Keerti V. Shah2
High-throughput DNA sequencing has identified a new human virus in a rare but aggressive form of skin cancer

Researchers who discovered viruses behind AIDS, cervical cancer win Nobel in Medicine.

It is well known that human papillomavirus, or HPV, causes cervical cancer. But the virus has been linked to a number of other tumors as well, including head and neck cancer.

'Breast cancer virus' found

Breast cancer affects one in nine British women
Scientists have found a possible link between a newly-discovered virus and breast cancer.
Doctors in Australia discovered the virus in 40% of tissue samples taken from women with the disease.

Further tests showed that only 2% of women without the disease carry this virus, which is called HHMMTV.

While further research is needed, they hope the discovery could lead to new treatments to fight breast cancer. It affects one in nine British women.

Monkey virus link to cancer
By Gary Hughes
October 23, 2004
Australian researchers have found a link between the deadly mesothelioma lung disease and a monkey virus that contaminated polio vaccines.

Is There A Brain Tumor Virus?
Today we know that at least three cancers are virus-induced: cervical cancer (Human Papiloma Virus, or HPV), liver cancer (Hepatitis B), and lymphoma (Epstein-Barr virus).

"High rates of liver cancer have been described in the Alaska Native population [Heyward et al 1981] and the role of infection with hepatitis B virus in the development of primary liver cancer has also been observed [Alward et al 1985]. One study in this population estimated the relative risk of developing primary liver cancer of HBsAg-positive carriers to be 148 times that of non-carriers [McMahon et al 1990]."

Looks like he might have been very close to the truth, Many Cancers stem from a virus

Another intriguing discovery made by Rife was polarization of microorganisms. Under the scope, if polarity was applied, the constituents would separate to the poles; a portion to the negative pole, a portion to the positive pole. Neither would culture individually; but, placed together, they would culture into a microorganism structure. As Rife put it, sort of, "male, female"!

Another important discovery was the pH factor. (Acid-base balance.) Rife stated if the pH was neutral he could not produce a culture. But, if the Ph was altered to either base or acid, it would culture. Based on this information, Rife felt that if the human body remained in a neutral pH state, it was impossible to develop a disease.

Monitoring your Body's PH levels

Rife stated viruses to be a group of chemical constituents, which could be altered by applying specific chemicals – parts per million – creating different organisms. By applying the proper chemicals, Rife could alter a given microorganism into a specific pathogen, at will, and back again; as long as they were within a specific group, of which Rife had identified about ten groups at that point.

Science :The Living and Dead Chemical Called a Virus

Inoculation of experimental animals had demonstrated the disease causing properties of each virus isolated, according to Rife!

Rife commented that his special illumination (under his scope) reveals the filter-passing organisms in individual, characteristic colors. He stated that no two kinds or forms of organisms have been found to have the same colors. However, one form was found to have dual colors. The center portion of the rod form responded to one frequency (of illumination) while the ends responded to another. This required dual frequencies for devitalization.
(If the two frequencies are used simultaneously or one after the other over the same carrier wave, the patient gets well.)

Lakhovsky : Cells are like batteries

What Lakhovsky discovered was simply mind boggling: He postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits. These cellular attributes include resistance, capacitance, and inductance.

Lakhovsky believed that living cells are batteries; the nucleus holds the positive charge and the cytoplasm carries the negative. If cells were irradiated with a range of electromagnetic oscillations, they could be "recharged" and thus rejuvenated. A range of frequencies is necessary because the cell and its parts respond to different frequencies.

His expressed philosophy was that “the amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes.

Tesla Explains Cells emit ‘mitogenetic radiation’ that have biological effects

Scientist explains it this way. A NORMAL cell has an electrical potential of 70 millivolts, an AGED cell at 50 mV, and a CANCER or ill cell is 15 mV. When a cell is in electrical difficulty the mV and the sodium-potassium balance are out. The high potential brings the cells to an equal level basically resetting them. This allows healing to occur at a higher pace without stressing the cell. And the additional energy restores cell integrity by reorienting it's molecular structure to allow for easier potential movement. Basically it bolsters the field of each cell individually so they support each other more easily...

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Science Says: Previously, it has only been possible to measure electric fields across cell membranes, not within the main bulk of cells, so scientists didn't even know cells had an internal electric field. Human Cells have Electric Fields as Powerful as Lighting Bolts -A Galaxy Classic

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