New testimonials and an automatic Homeopathic machine

Altered states clients speak out
Hi there
I bought 2 of your Schumann Resonance products - they work very well. We are getting deeper sleep and feeling more centred, it also serves audio (Hi-Fi) purposes by opening up the soundstage.
Dear Lynne
Have been using your Sacred harmony system for 3 months, i put it by the side of my bed, i just thought i would tell you that i,m sleeping better and my mood swings have decreased markedly,
London UK

Hi Lynn and Barry
This is just a short email to say thank you for your kindness and your help. You will never know what your being there has done for my state of mind. I REALLY appreciate your input.
Kind regards
Dear Lynne
These remedies work really well! Thank you so much and I appreciate this, for I could NOT find another website with good enough information like this site. I had chapped lips but I finally put honey on them and it worked great! Thank you so much!
Hi Barry, Just following on with this. When you get people phoning you with ME (or any illness) and wanting to know what rife will do for them please feel free to give them my contact details.
Crystel W---- CFHC, details available on request

I am use to talking to people with ME and other illnesses through my practice and as a contact person for ME sufferers.

And heres a testimonial for you.

"I was diagnosed with chronic Fatigue syndrome in 1998 after 18 months of viral illness. I had just turned 40. I had had to give up my studies, work and social life as coping with my symptoms and raising 2 children on my own was all I could cope with. In 1999 I experienced my first rife treatments. Initially I felt worse for a day or more. I was warned this could happen. I had treatments fortnightly and sometimes took a week to recover. This is only an indication of how much I needed that treatment. After about six weeks the improvement was so immense that it was worth the few weeks of feeling worse. I had some quality of life back and could cope with moving house, do my gardening and work part time. I promised myself that when I could get the money together I would buy myself a rife machine. The only one available to buy at the time was about $6000 and my kids and I were scrimping on a benefit. Over the next 2 years 2 of my sons became ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. I took them for some rife treatments which helped them but I couldn't afford to keep going so we all stayed home 7 days a week feeling ill. My boys missed most of their high school years to this horrible illness!

By 2004 we had had 4 years of 'having no life at all.' Then I found the altered states website and felt like all my Christmases had come at last. A rife machine that I could afford with some help from my Mum. With my rife machine I got my quality of life back. In conjunction with detoxing and taking the right supplements and herbs I can have a life now.

I rife myself for any ailment that crops up and as a Colour therapist ( I have been able to resume my practice), I use colour and rife to help many people with many different types of illness. Rife treatments are the main modality and we always get excellent results.

Not everyone has reactions to the treatments. Most just start to feel better straight away. I confess, I am a rife addict."

New Zealand

Dear Barry
Please see the enclose Rife B.... unit, i would like to donate it to your clinic, my wife had an incuarable breast cancer and the medics told her to virtualy go home and die, we purched the rife b--- machine
and no improvements were seen or felt,,we then purchased the Rife Mark 4 unit with the magnacoils, she is now out playing golf :)
Thanks for all your help,and dietry advice,
Alex and Trish
New Zealand

Barry and Lynne
I cancelled my hip operation as my doctor now claims. "the arthritis is in remission", the symptoms and pain has lessened to such a degree i no longer take the medication.
We have many friends whom have Arthritris, and with the exception of one they all enjoy using the MWO and the benifits.
Thanks again for all your help and advice.
Jenny and Rob
Christchurch New Zealand


One of our Previous Testimonials

Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2007 07:09:59 GMT

Hi Barry,

For the past two years a “slipped disk” has kept me from exercising, and in varying degrees of pain. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon, and after reading my MRI, he called me and asked how I was managing to walk around. I have used TENS machines to lessen the pain, and the back pain and sciatica have ranged from moderate to horrible. I have been a dentist for over thirty-five years, and back problems are endemic within the profession. At age 61, I was feeling like an old guy.

I am interested in electromagnetic therapy, and have Rife machines and a MWO. I converted an electrode chord from a TENS machine to plug into an Altered-States portable Rife machine. I placed the 2”X3” electrodes on my back in the lumbar region on either side of the spinal column. I put on the elastic support belt I wear, the type employees in discount houses wear when they move boxes. I purchased mine from Sports Authority for under $30.00. I plugged the chord, attached to the electrodes, into the portable Rife machine in the top plug marked PLATES. I set the program for 5 and adjusted the intensity for a comfortable vibration. In about three hours I noticed something strange. The pain was gone.
I do not mean the pain was less or bearable. The pain was GONE!

About two months prior to this relief I was at the barbershop I regularly frequent.
I started talking with another patron, a tennis pro about my age and a close friend of the barber. From years of playing tennis, the pro has two slipped disks. I asked him how he got rid of the pain, he replied, “drugs”. He was injecting himself with Demerol, a powerful narcotic. Shortly after my back pain left due to the Rife machine, I was at the barbershop. After extolling the virtues of my Rife machine, I asked my barber how her friend, the tennis pro, was doing. Unfortunately, the drugs stopped working and he was becoming addicted. He was in so much pain he could not get out of bed, let alone drive a car. I lent her my machine and some new electrodes to take to her friend. He got the machine on a Saturday, and returned to work on Tuesday, while taking medicine to combat withdrawal symptoms. I have not used the machine since my pain left.

For skeptics like myself, my only contact with Barry and altered-states has been as a client. I receive no compensation for this long winded discussion. I have experienced such relief from back pain from this Rife machine, I would like others to realize the benefit of pain relief in safety, without the risk and expense associated with back surgery.

Best wishes,
Ed Leventhal

Thank you Ed

There is one more amazing unit i would like to tell you about.

How would you like to have a built in homeopath in your home 24/7 thats 24 hours a day 7 days a week,,and whats more you dont need any knowledge or study, as its completely Automatic...

Totally Self-Tuning
No dials to turn or buttons to push
No Stick Plate, Pendulum work or Dowsing needed.
No classes needed to understand how to use the instrument
No operator interaction needed. Set a couple of switches and the ABPA does the rest.
No analyzing needed to safely run the ABPA
The ABPA automatically scans the subject every 40 seconds. This enables the instrument to keep up with the changes that occur in the subject's Auric Fields during the balancing process.
Safety codes allow the ABPA to determine the safest and best way to balance.
The ABPA tunes into and locks onto the Energetic Mineral Base of the subject automatically. If there is sufficient mineral available, the instrument determines the best way to balance. If there is a lack of minerals available, the ABPA will change the type of information it is broadcasting to the subject. It will continue to monitor the subject on a minute by minute basis. When the system has stabilized, the ABPA will resume its original program. This prevents the over-balancing or over-stimulation that occurs at times with other instruments.
A built in Sending Unit broadcasts the energetic patterns generated directly to the subject of research. Perfect for agricultural and long distance applications.
Advanced Homeopathic (Isopathic) Imprints can be created without knowing the exact potencies needed
Automatic Autophasing (in-phase and/or out-of-phase) of all Advanced Homeopathic Imprints created
Clone Homeopathic substances to make them more suitable for the subject
Veterinarians use this type of equipment all the time.
Balance of energetic properties of every supplement for family, farm or animals
Customize the energy of all supplements, food, water, additives, fertilizer for the subjects' specific energetic needs
Neutralize the negative energetic properties of all supplements.
Potentize available supplements. (This approach is utilized by my family to save on supplements with the same physical results.)
Balance all of the food and water consumed. Our Environmentally Sensitive customers are doing this with profound results. They have found, through their research, that they can eat and drink substances that used to give them an allergic reaction. Now they use the ABPA to have more choices during their hard climb back to better health. The ABPA has become an integral tool in their hands. (It's astonishing some of the stories we hear. I am, sorry to say, unable to reproduce them due to the current laws and regulations.)
Use the ABPA to balance the energetic residential environment
Chemical Sensitive people are using the ABPA very successfully. Many are ordering a second ABPA for their family members.
Large Input and Output wells (4.25" in diameter)
Self Contained in an attractive box - 3.5" deep X 10.5" X 11.5"
Lightweight - weighs only 5 lbs. without the case. Only 10 lbs. with the case (#731)
Very sturdy and durable(The ABPA survived a 15' drop from a second story porch to the ground without missing a beat.)
Battery Powered (9-volt battery included). No covers or screws to deal with when changing the battery as it is mounted on the outside of the ABPA in a sturdy, easy to use holder.
CAN BE PLUGGED INTO plugging into 110/240 volt outlets (included)

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