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Your subconscious knows everything instantly while your conscious mind plays an odd game
of pretending it doesn’t know anything (while also declaring it knows EVERYTHING!)


Muscle Testing
The human body is a very useful instrument that provides all kinds of information. For processing purposes there are various ways of utilizing the body of the client to provide feedback on how we are doing. One easy and effective way of getting feedback is through a method called Muscle Testing.

Ask A Question. Get An Answer.

“ In 1964, Dr. George Goodheart discovered how to interpret muscle testing to reveal what a person's body is ‘saying.’ This early vocabulary was limited to just two responses, Yes and No. Nonetheless, applied kinesiology opened new vistas for health diagnosis and was lauded by TIME magazine in 2001 as one of the top 100 innovations in medicine.”


Muscle testing is also referred to as Applied Kinesiology. Chiropractors use it to find which parts of the body need adjustment, and to check if an adjustment has been successfully made. They use it combined with elaborate knowledge of the skeletal and musculatory system. If one touches certain key points of the body and at the same time tests if a certain muscle is weak or strong, that can indicate if that key point needs correction or not.

TruTester Users

Dr. Joe Vitale of "The Secret"

Jack Canfield of The Secret

TruTester owners include Sting, Paul Shaffer, Sammy Figueroa, Sting's wife, Trudie - even the Pentagon!

Applied Self Kinesiology (ASK) uses the TT to focus inwardly rather than on the outside items of our world. Specifically, by using TT to investigate your core beliefs about an issue you can uncover the hidden truth about virtually any problem; as any area in our life where we are unhappy is caused by beliefs in doubts and fear about that issue. In fact, the same issue seen as a problem by the con- scious mind is regarded as the perfect manifestation of our intents and beliefs by the subconscious.

Kinesiology and its Applications
by Pam Bracken

The history of kinesiology, the study of muscles and body movement, is as old as Aristotle (384-322 BC). It takes in Leonardo da Vinci (1429-1519) and Galvani who, in 1780, discovered that muscular contraction was caused by electrical impulses. Then to 1964 when Dr George Goodheart, an American chiropractor, used muscle testing which dates from the 1930s to evaluate his treatments.

The interesting thing is that muscle testing works just as well on mental or emotional issues as on physical body parts. Basically one can put one's attention on something and then test for a weak or strong response. That is something we can use


See, the body is not as much of a liar as the conscious mind is. It is much more likely to give an honest assessment of what is going on than the person's analytical thinking is. The body will give answers to things that are submerged and unknown to the conscious processes, and it will give answers without being biased by wishful thinking or social maneuvering.

Applied Kinesiology Facilitates A Truly Holistic Approach
by Brian Butler B.A., D.O.

In 1964, Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., a chiropractor stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. Using some standard kinesiological muscle tests to analyse a patient's postural problems, he noted one muscle was particularly tight, and that other muscles opposing it tested weak. The man had suffered from long-term back pain.

How kinesiology works

A "simplified" theory is:
1) The brain sends electrical impulses through the nervous system to direct the body;
2) If something disrupts those signals, then the body's functioning is affected;
3) If something interferes with the electrical signals telling a muscle to contract, then there will be a noticeable difference in muscle "strength."

TruTester (TT) delivers the powerful science of applied kinesiology (AK) without the need for a two-person muscle test. Using simple yes and no responses, TruTester lets you hear the voice of your own subconscious mind.

When you go weak it is saying No.
Strong means Yes.

In this way TruTester unlocks the secrets to virtually any questions you may have.
TT has made life-saving medical diagnoses, profitable stock picks, found lost items, discovered cheating spouses - one customer even used TT to win the Chicago Little League Series!

What’s more, the A.S.K. process lets you see the core beliefs that create your reality and has helped others quit smoking, lose weight, cure depression, and manifest wealth in their lives.

Basically, strong means "Yes" and weak means "No". Whether a Yes or a No answer is most desirable depends on what we ask for, but most often we will ask in such a way that a strong response is good. As in "Do you feel good about yourself" - Test - should be strong, meaning "Yes". If it is weak, we could then work on the issue of feeling good about oneself, with our usual processing techniques. And then, when we appear to have gotten somewhere, we could do a muscle test again to confirm it. If it is now strong when we ask the same question, then we have probably done a good job.

The TruTester has been amazing so far! I've been doing Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) for a while now, and in NRT AK is used to test supplements and foods. Now I can check myself between visits to determine whether I need to stop a supplement, add a supplement to the mix, or adjust my diet. THANK YOU!!


Maybe Answers. "Yes" and "No" are fine answers, but what about "Maybe?" Or, "yes, but...". Or, "NO, don't even think about it!" Or, "You're getting close, but you're not there yet".
Many people who use such methods as muscle testing develop the sensitivity to be able to discern shades of yes and no. Try it out -- ask to see a range of positive and negative answers. With practice, you'll be able to pick up on these nuances.


Received my True Tester. Very cool! I've been a chiropractor for 27 years and always had some doubt about muscle testing due to the potential for error. But the TT virtually removes that potential. I will use it with my patients on Monday and see what happens. Can't wait to get to work!

Can I get these in quantities to sell to my patients? What would bulk cost be?

Way to go,
Steve M, DC


As you become faster with your testing, you can use it for deciding what you choose and use during your day. Your clothes, your foods and beverages,vitamins minerals, any purchase you are considering, any choice can be checked to see if the body is enhanced or diminished energy-wise by a certain selection.

Many muscle-testing proponents assert that nutrients tested in these ways will have an immediate effect: "good" substances will make specific muscles stronger, whereas "bad" substances will cause weaknesses that "indicate trouble with the organ or other tissue on the same nerve, vascular, nutrition, etc., grouping."

Fresh Foods
Not so Fresh

Offering an audio function and LCD readout
the new digital TruTester

Much more than a lie detector, TruTester lets anyone utilize the powerful science of applied kinesiology (AK) without the need for a partner to conduct a two-person muscle test. Get ready to discover fascinating secrets about yourself, others and the world in just seconds with this simple tool. Using TT, the body speaks as the voice of the subconscious mind. When you go weak, it is saying No. When you stay strong, it means Yes. You're about to tap into the unlimited wisdom and power of a self that holds the keys to wealth, health and happiness as you uncover the answers to virtually any questions you may have. TT users have made life-saving medical diagnoses, profitable stock picks, found lost items - one customer even used TT to win the Chicago Little League Series!

I would really like to thank you for being a GENIUS and inventing this product! I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I have to tell you, this is one of the most important tools anyone can use to "get to the bottom of things." It really takes the guesswork out of anything. Also, thanks for making the video, it helps a lot!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wishing you peace and happiness always, Maria

You Know More Than You Think
Literally. Our bodies know infinities. The ancient subconscious mind does not think. It does not question. It simply knows - instantly. Without words. And what it knows is nothing short of miraculous.
Applied kinesiology and the extraordinary database of subconscious information we all have is now available to everyone - anytime and anywhere they want


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Digital TruTester

Digital TruTester

Offering an audio function and LCD readout, the
new digital TruTester dynamometer provides unparalleled accuracy
for all kinesiology procedures

The new electronic TruTester combines ergonomic design with the latest microprocessor technology to vastly improve all facets of muscle testing applications. Plus, users can now be 100% assured their tests are not being affected by “watching” their results thanks to ETT’s audio function. By simply operating ETT out of view, practitioners can achieve an unbiased reading and then hear the output in either pounds or kilograms. Clinicians can also take advantage of ETT’s Silent Mode when testing patients to insure accuracy and maintain privacy.

Use TruTester as a remote lie and truth detector. TT accesses Thought Energy and makes you go weak if the person tested is lying - and keeps you strong when they're telling the truth. No lie!

Thoughts are REAL. The first test you'll perform will show how you go 17% weaker when you say the word No. You will learn how to read minds in 5 seconds using a secret technique plus much more...

Abe Rennison was offered a better job at better pay but TT said, "Don't take it!" Just one month later he learned that the owner was in rehab & the company had filed for bankruptcy! TT paid for itself in just one quick test!


I lost 20 pounds in thirty days when I used TT to discover a core belief that was keeping me overweight. It was one of the most exciting discoveries I've ever made.

TruTester saved my life when it diagnosed a cancer on my back. What makes TT so important is that I never would have gone to the doctor for a simple test. But because I had a TT I could make this life- saving diagnosis!

Use TruTester to determine what foods, vitamins, supplements, herbs, essences, are good for you. TT can locate the sources of your allergies and ailments in just a few seconds.

Everett Ling found a great house at an incredible price. But strangely TT said No. Hunh? He still decided to buy and then just two weeks after closing he found black mold - a problem that has cost him thou$ands.


Users are reporting that when they use TT to investigate their core beliefs a "very strong thought" interrupts you and speaks to you with a profound insight.

This is what Carlos Castaneda called "the voice of seeing." And this is the most incredible advancement in applied kinesiology I can possibly imagine. No longer is AK restricted to simple Yes and No answers! Now you can get in-depth knowledge of the most personal nature imaginable from your higher self -- in plain English!

As one user was investigating her panic attacks the voice came out of nowhere and said, "Fear is not fact."

She was stunned! That night she went to bed feeling the most amazing sense of calm and self-assurance she's ever known. She realized her fears were her own creation: not fact.

And this is only possible with TT. During self inquiry with TT you enter into an amazing state of focus as you privately speak with your omniscient self. After just a few minutes you complete some extraordinary connection -- and it speaks back! This is a connection that you cannot create using standard two-person AK. I call this new therapy A.S.K. - applied self kinesiology.

TruTester lets you know things that defy description or explanation

TruTester activates the ancient part of your brain so that you actually perceive reality before consciousness separated us from the world. You will see energy. You will experience in real time the magnificent state of silent knowledge as described by my teacher, Carlos Castaneda. This unforgettable event finds you in a state where you "know everything." And it is life-changing.

If you are looking for answers that have always eluded you - the wait is over.

To start, it’s recommended that you select an “unsolvable” problem. You can also think of it as the one thing that you’d really, really like to fix, change or improve, whatever it might be. Where you feel really stuck and hopeless is the perfect place to start because you will have a natural desire to persist with the ASK procedure until you achieve the desired results. While some users instantly stop bad habits, what is most likely to occur is a profound “new” realization or insight that you never thought of while you simultaneously realize you are remembering it “again” for the first time. What is happening is you are becoming aware of what the subconscious knows, which also happens to be what your conscious mind has thoroughly filtered out of your awareness. So one part of you, your conscious mind, will be amazed at this “new” information while your subconscious will realize that “You’ve known this all your life.” At this point you are experiencing two different minds that think two different ways. Your subconscious knows everything instantly while your conscious mind plays an odd game of pretending it doesn’t know anything (while also declaring it knows EVERYTHING!)

Sit in front of your computer. Write down the problem you want to solve. Test: My conscious mind thinks there is a solution to (problem.) Then, My conscious mind thinks there is no solution. You should receive a weak No and a strong Yes, respectively. Throughout the process you will write down both your questions and your responses to TT’s readings. No need to expound in extensive detail, your responses should simply be your gut reactions. As you write, the process will also naturally lead you to new questions. Just write down whatever comes to mind, no matter what it is. E.g. One ASK participant couldn’t understand why loneliness was associated with his smoking habit. Following his gut, he ASKed his subconscious and suddenly remembered in 1969 where he “remembered” how his fear of being alone was actually the sole reason for his smoking!

So, if the only thing that is causing our problems is an erroneous core belief about that problem, all you need to do is keep ASKing questions that will lead you to the deep core belief you have about this issue. You do not need anyone to help you, but here are some sample questions you can ASK. Remember to also ASK the opposite of each of these statements during your ASK procedure.

I have a fear regarding ...
This problem started at age ...
There is a belief that is causing ...
I am ready to change this belief.
I can stop (this problem) today.
My subconscious knows I can succeed.
This problem started when I ...
The only thing causing (...) is fear.
There is no problem I cannot solve.
I am ready to be rid of this problem.
At the subconscious level I know everything.
I am creating this problem subconsciously. Subconsciously,
I actually like this problem. Subconsciously, I chose to have this problem.
My subconscious will now tell me something important about this problem.

If you are ready.

The Digital TruTester Pro


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