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Some known indications of modulated Bio-Photon Light Therapy to date :

Biophoton light therapy has also shown itself effective in pain reduction, immunological disorders and exhaustion states, but that is about all that had been published then regarding its medical indications, as these were secondary effects discovered by existing owners. New medical indications for this modality are being reported almost daily, from users expanding beyond the cosmetic realm.

Accelerated healing Migraines & vegetative-type headaches
Acne Mycosis
Addictions Neuralgia
Alopecia (hair loss after
chemotherapy, metabolic
disturbances, etc) Neurodermatitis
Breast & décolletage firming Orthopedic disorders
Burns Pain reduction
Cellulite Physical/mental performance (increase)
Chronic fatigue Poorly healing wounds
Circulatory disturbances Psoriasis
Dandruff Psychogenic & psychological problems
Decubitus ulcers (bedsores) Rejuvenate tired & slack tissue
Depression Rheumatic complaints
Dermatological (skin)
problems Scars (post-op, etc.)
Eczema Seasonal light-related disorders
" Electro-smog" countering Senile keratosis
Emotional disturbances Sensitivity to weather changes
Energetic regeneration Shingles (herpes zoster)
Exhaustion Slackened connective tissue
Facial wrinkle reduction &
tightening Spider-bursts
Frostbite Sports injuries
Fungal conditions of skin Stress reduction
Gray hair (re-pigmentation!) Stretch marks (pregnancy, obesity)
Gynecological problems Sunburn (relief and prevention)
Hair and scalp problems Swollen feet
Hair transplantation (before
& after) Trauma
Hemorrhoids Ulcerations
Herpes Varicose veins
Immune system activation Vascular congestion
Increase vitality & zest for
life Vegetative effects of artificial indoor light
Inflammation Verruca (warts)
Joint pain Vertebral column tenseness
Leg complaints (old age/
occupational) Wounds (open, poorly healing; such as diabetics & so-called smokers' leg)
Lymph system mobilization
Menstrual pain Wrinkles
X-ray & other radiation (aftereffects)