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In the last three or four years, "the immune system" has become virtually a household term, one displayed daily on our TV sets and in our newspapers. Many people are concerned that their immune systems have been or might be attacked by the AIDS virus. Yet we are continually subjected to subtle immunosuppressive and toxic influences that may, in the long run, be more dangerous for the majority of people.

Avoiding AIDS is easier for most people than escaping the many chronic illnesses (lupus, multiple sclerosis, parkinsonism, Candida albicans overgrowth, chemical sensitivities, Alzheimer’s, chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome, cancer, and many more) that are caused in whole or in part by our environment.

Our WATER SUPPLIES are so contaminated with known immunotoxins that even the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has admitted the problem and has recently issued another warning.

We consume PROCESSED FOODS that contain thousands of food additives, many of which are toxic enough to be listed as known or suspected carcinogens. Others interfere with digestion or tie up essential nutrients.

It is now recognized that the thousands of PESTICIDES used for years in growing our foods are unbelievably toxic. Less well know is that some of the so-called inert ingredients in these pesticides are even more toxic than the active chemicals!

More insidious, but perhaps even more frightening, is the danger from the constant bombardment by LOW-LEVEL RADIATION emitted by most of the technological "comforts" that have recently entered our lives – microwave ovens, digital watches, calculators, computers, airport and weather radar stations, microwave alarms and communications, fluorescent lights, unshielded electric wires, electric motors, and so on.

In my experience, the effect of the electromagnetic field from the heaters in a WATER BED or ELECTRIC BLANKET on the energy system of a relatively healthy individual might not be obvious, but in someone whose immune system is already compromised, with such conditions as Candida albicans overgrowth, chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome, AIDS, or cancer, the result (like that from malnutrition, low-level pesticide poisoning, or chronic asbestos exposure) can be quietly and insidiously devastating.
Thomas L. Stone, MD

Armed with the right information and tools, existing chronic conditions can be prevented or reversed. By applying holistic principles and natural therapies, we can live a healthy and rewarding life and avoid deadly diseases that threaten our chance of living life to the fullest.

I would like to introduce you to one of the fastest selling, effective units on our web site, the Tri-Pulser, blood electrification, magnetic field pulsing,and colloidal silver all in one unit

What is this blood electrification technology basically about? It's about using small amounts of electric current to disable or kill virus, bacteria, and other pathogens (such as yeast and mycoplasmas) in the body.
Doctors William Lyman and Steven Kaali made an astonishing announcement on March 14th of 1991 at the First International Symposium on Combination AIDS Therapies. Lyman and Kaali, researchers from the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, reported that a small amount of electric current, flowing through a dish of fluid containing the HIV virus, reduced its ability to infect cells by up to 95%! The electric current used was very small, (only 50-100 microamperes) which is safe for blood cells but harmful to viruses and other pathogens.

but researchers forced to keep quiet after being threatened by the pharmaceutical companies who would lose many 100 of billions of dollars if the method came into wide spread use. Remember an Aids person is a revenue stream for an average of 5 years of between $5000 to $20000 per person per year for the pharmaceutical industry. And it is estimated


Is the Beck Electrifiers electric current harmful to the blood at all? Yes and No. White blood cells (immune cells) that are weakened by infection can have their cell walls ruptured (a process called Lysing) which will cause their demise. The rate at which the weakened cells are destroyed by the electric current is dependent on the amount of time the person does blood electrification daily. This is why it is very unwise to use it any more daily than what the instructions recommend (especially for the first 3 weeks), especially if the persons immunity is already low. But this is ultimately good to have the infected blood cells destroyed so that the body will have the opportunity to make new replacements and have access to the viruses that were hiding inside so they can be eliminated. Lab tests on my blood have proved to me that healthy blood cells aren't negatively affected by this electric current. I had my blood tested for # of white blood cells (wbc) right after 6 weeks of blood electrification, and then a week after stopping blood electrification (which is enough time for the body to replace destroyed wbc's). The count wasn't higher in the second test which proves it doesn't destroy non-infected cells. Also, in the Biophysics Journal, Vol 58 Oct 1990, pages 897-903 the authors wrote that "Human erythrocytes treated with AC fields for hours were shown to have normal shape, volume, and permeabilities to potassium and sodium."

Blood viewed with dark field microscope

Bob Beck Questions & Answers


Is blood electrification and magnetic pulsing safe? Yes, blood electrification delivers less current than the AMA approved TENS units, and the Pulser delivers only momentary pulses of a magnetic strength that is less than that of MRI (Magnetic Nuclear Resonance Imaging) body scanners. Dr Steven Kaali, patent owner for 2 blood electrification devices, said that electricity itself has no toxic side effects. Of course, this depends on your not using them longer and more often than you should (producing too much cleansing reactions). Also, with low frequencies (4-10hz), it depends on you not taking herbs & medicines anytime other than right after doing blood electrification.

Our immune system is responsible for protecting us against infection. Without it we would succumb to any one of the many diseases floating around that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

It is under constant bombardment, whether from the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink, not to mention whatever man can throw at it. In today's world, we need to maintain a healthy immune system. It's important to recognize this fact

Why not be protected

Is using electricity for health a new concept? No way! The earliest recorded medical use of electricity is in 46A.D. when the Roman emperors physician recommended treatment with the electric torpedo fish for rheumatism and gout. Benjamin Franklin also used electricity to treat people with neurologic problems. For a complete history of medical electrical devices you could visit the Bakken Museum of ElectroMedicine in Minneapolis. Also, there's an article in Science & Vie Magazine revealing that one of the methods used by immune cells to kill bacteria and fungi is to shock them with a surge of enzyme triggered electricity. So actually electricity has been used for health ever since the first human existed!

Ours is the first generation that must fight infectious organisms plus adapt to many thousands of new toxic chemicals in our air, water, and food. We must [also] survive background radiation exposures that exceed those of our ancestors by more than a thousandfold!

How do you know this isn't just a well hyped scam? Because this bio-technology is based on reproducable laboratory research findings which prove the consistent negative effects that electric current has on microbes. It's science. Period. Also, this author and thousands others have gotten well from viral and bacterial diseases by using these devices. And there is a major medical device patent issued for the use of blood electrification technology. (click here for the patent).

A partial list of diseases known to be affected by electronic medicine

Is this type of treatment dependent on a specific frequency like Rife technology? No, this is dependent mostly on the amount of electricity applied to the arteries, although the lower frequencies are more effective. 4 hz

Viruses, bacteria and fungi form the main weapons that are aligned against us. Without the ability to combat these organisms, our lives would be turned upside down by the 'explosion' of disease that would inevitably destroy us.

How do I know the devices are working for me? Unless you have considerable immune dysfunction you will get varying degrees of cleansing/Detox reactions such as headaches, stiff joints, nausea, sleepiness, weakness, foggy thinking, and dulled speech. Blood cell lysing and the immune system chemically attacking disabled viruses and bacteria causes the cleansing reactions. The intensity of the cleansing reactions is controllable by the length of time that you daily use the device. Longer usage time equals more cleansing reactions. Users limit the time according to how they feel the next day.

How important is the Magnetic Pulser? If you are fighting a systemic infection then you CAN NOT completely be rid of the bacteria or virus unless you are using BOTH the blood electrification unit and a Magnetic Pulser. The Pulser is necessary to stimulate lymph flow so that the microbe-destroying immune cells will have an unimpeded flow from the bone marrow (where they're created) to the bloodstream. Keep in mind that blood electrification only stops microbes reproduction and that it's the immune cells that kill them. Also if there are any stray viruses in the peripheral veins of the lymph system the increased circulation helps move them to the main lymph arteries so they can be destroyed by immune cells. The Pulser also breaks up electrical attractions between viruses and other cells that can keep viruses from freely circulating in the bloodstream which is necessary for them to be affected by blood electrification.there are many theories on strong and week magnetic fields,,,view the details here

Pulsed Kilogauss Magnetic Fields: Externally applied magnetic resonance of lymph, spleen, kidney & liver helps neutralize germinating, latent and incubating alien invaders blocking re-infection. This quickens disease elimination, restores the immune system and supports detoxification. Permanent magnets, no matter how strong, will not, nor can not, scavenge pathogens with induced back-emf currents. You must have a sharp time-varying magnetic impulse, never just a magnet. [Beck]

We owe it to ourselves, family and friends to discover how to identify
safe and effective immune support products.

What is lymph fluid? Lymph is basically blood without the red blood cells. Fluid from the blood flows into the lymph system (leaving the red blood cells in the blood), flows into the lymph vessels and nodes, and then empties back again into the bloodstream close to the heart. But most everyones lymph flow is stagnant and moving too slow (due to lack of exercise, carnivorous diets, cheese, not enough water, etc) and especially needs the help of the Pulser to force some circulation of the lymph.

Toxicity related illnesses are caused by the presence of toxic wastes in the system. These chemicals poison the blood and are carried throughout the circulatory system, affecting every organ. Consequently, cells and tissues are literally “swimming” in contamination. Detoxification is a process that purifies the blood and removes toxins from the entire body.

Toxic chemicals enter our bodies in the form of unhealthy and refined foods, chemical additives and environmental pollutants. These harmful molecules can be found in great abundance in our air, drinking water, food supply, as well as in pharmaceutical drugs. Toxic chemicals also wreak havoc on our environment, poisoning our lakes, oceans, soil, and as a consequence, our bodies. Since our bodies are not able to process or eliminate these “modern” toxins, they become stored in our glands, tissues and cells.


Why is it recommended that the negative side of the Pulsers coil be placed against the body when pulsing? The negative (-) side is magnetic North (north pole of a magnet). Bio-Magnetics people say that north pole energy arrests bacteria and growths, controls inflammations, reduces congestion, calms nerves, reduces pain, slows down overactive organs, attracts oxygen, increases alkalinity, contracts tissue, controls bleeding, and dissolves fat. Magnetic south pole energy is said to help areas of poor circulation and to stimulate underactive organs or glands. Unfortunately it also aids tumor and bacteria growth.


At Beck-n-Stuff and Microelectricitygermkiller a number of private individuals have tried it for a number of viral/bacterial conditions including Aids, Malaria, CF, lymphomas and other Cancers with excellent results backed up by blood tests have submitted reports.

cancers are caused by virus, bacteria and fungi and parasites

Check it for yourself by typing 'cancer microbe' in search engine Google for many hundreds of research papers.The mainstream medical establishment continues to deny this as it would be an admission of their closed minds over the decades.In the same way they denied for 20 years that their was a link between stomach ulcers and the bacterium Heliobactor Pylori.

That's why the incidence of cancer has risen to 1 in 3 now and continues to rise with no cure being found for the last 60 years and no cure in sight and the medical establishment denying that it is caused by viruses/microbes due to their entrenched position.

"- one of the purposes behind subsections 3(1) and 3(2) of the Act is to ensure that Canadians seek "proper" medical treatment for the conditions listed in Schedule A. "Proper" medical treatment means treatment by a medical doctor;

- "proper" medical treatment is not without risks. One of the leading causes of death in Canada, if not the leading cause of death, is "proper" medical treatment;


Why you should buy

Avoiding AIDS is easier for most people than escaping the many chronic illnesses (lupus, multiple sclerosis, parkinsonism, Candida albicans overgrowth, chemical sensitivities, Alzheimer’s, chronic Epstein-Barr syndrome, cancer, and many more) that are caused in whole or in part by our environment.

For protection against all viruses and bacteria, including drug-resistant bacteria (responsible for Tuberculosis, Cholera, Pneumonia, Meningitis, Scarlet fever, Strep throat, and untreatable infections of the ears, skin, and blood)

Why not be protected

Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, thousands of new chemical agents were introduced into our environment. Many different chemicals are used in food processing and preservation. And here’s the scariest fact of all from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scientist, Dr. James Pirkle: "If you gave a sample of blood or urine to us, we could find all sorts of things you didn't think you had. We are regularly, every day, exposed to 50,000 chemicals."(3) Only a fraction of these chemicals have been studied for their effects on humans. There have been no studies at all showing the consequences of using these agents in varying combinations with each other. Living in such a toxic environment places our bodies under constant bombardment from every conceivable angle.

Medical costs to double

Looking at these astonishing figures, the fact that every second person in the U.S. is chronically ill should come as no surprise. Examples of chronic conditions are cancer, heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma, etc. By 2020, the number of people living with chronic conditions is expected to rise to 157 million and direct medical costs are expected to double to more than $1 trillion (80 percent of the nation's health care spending).(4)

How to reverse this threat,or secure your future health

The daily bombardment of toxins demands, more than ever, our assistance in aiding our body’s detoxification processes. These cell damaging deadly toxins are invisible and insidious. Like a remorseless killer, they break down all body systems at the cellular level. This takes place slowly, day by day, undetectably, until finally the onset of disease signals their presence. The first sign may appear as just a harmless rash but could also manifest as a deadly type of cancer.

Detoxification is a natural health-preserving strategy, which helps remove harmful toxins from the cells and tissues, restoring their normal functions. In today’s world our body’s detoxification system is overloaded and unable to function like it did in the past. Certain people seem to have better coping abilities and rarely become sick despite the unimaginable stress on their system. Then there are others whose body had surrendered to the attacks and are not able to fight sufficiently.

Whole-body detoxification

Detoxification is not a new concept. In Europe, for example, detoxification is considered a valid medical therapy and is offered at numerous clinics, health spas and other wellness centers, under the supervision of mainstream medical doctors.

In order to be effective, a whole-body detoxification program needs to address the body systems and organs most affected by toxins.

Thanks to major developments in natural medicine, we have at our disposal certain detoxification programs that are able to restore the body’s inner balance. We’d like to introduce you to the Tri Pulser,so you can take back your right to feel well,to good health,,,

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Thomas L. Stone, MD

Dr. Terezia Fauszt, MD