The Energy Infuser and Digital Prayer Wheel.

When you as a practitioner purchase the Energy Infuser and Digital Prayer Wheel, you not only receive the program itself with its own revenue generating potentials but you also will recieve 10 CD copies of the Energy Infuser Personal Edition. This program sells on this website for $54.95

I use this not only for my clients, but at the request of my clients, for their pets too!
Alan J. - Jacksonville

You are free to give away these CD's to your clients, or make them available for a fee. 10 copies of the Personal Edition at $54.95 and you have essentially paid for your own program.


You have seen programs out there for $1,000.00 - $2,500.00 that do only a fraction of what the Energy Infuser does, and they don't offer you the ability to recoup all of your investment as quickly as this program does. In addition, as a purchasing practitioner, you will be able to purchase the Personal Edition at substantial discounts after your initial order.

The program was very easy to install and I was up and running, and entering my clients into the database in no time!
Rose H. - Greensburg

We can also personalize copies of the Personal Edition with your company or practice name and contact info. So in addition to having your name continually in front of your clients while they are running their Energy Ifuser Personal Edition program, your name is also their, being infused and being energized. You will also share in the harmony your clients are reinforcing for themselves.

All in all, a win win situation for everyone.


The Energy Infuser Practitioners Edition

$NZ484.00 aprox $US349.95

Instant Download Version Here