Personal Edition

The Energy Infuser Personal Edition (PE) is a single user Digital Prayer Wheel. It is designed for personal use, and as such, has the unique option to include a very personalized and lengthy prayer or mantra. You may attach one personal photo per session .

It is perfect for use on a home or office computer. Like the practitioner version, the Personal Edition contains the Sacred Images, Positive Affirmations, Medical Conditions, Om Mantra and the Harmonic Frequencies. And as mentioned above, you have the unique ability to include powerful prayers and mantras of your own.

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I for one am grateful that there is a lower cost solution to my needs than what I have encountered to date. Thank you
Lori C. - Eugene

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As you can see, the Personal Edition allows for a sizeable custom prayer or mantra to be infused and energized with your image. Just like the full version, Energy Infuser PE superimposes your image over an image of the Tibetan Mantra Om Manu Padme Hum.

The Energy Infuser Personal Edition can be used for positive reinforcement backing up a practitioner initiated remote healing session, or can be used as a daily enhancement. However it is used, the Energy Infuser Personal Edition stands ready, willing and able to serve you as your own personal digital prayer wheel. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has proclaimed that your computer may be used as a prayer wheel. Simply having this program on your hard drive qualifies, actually running it will be exponentially more effective.

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The Energy Infuser Personal Edition (PE)

$NZ54.95 aprox $US39.95

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