I purchased a zapper about a month ago and after years of pain form a Lisfrank fracture to my foot, I was relieved!
I also purchased an additional zapper for a friend and she received it on Monday. After wearing it for only 2 days, she went to a scheduled mammogram and the technician asked her if the 4 fibroid tumors had been excised....she said "No" and the technician informed her they were no longer there....one was the size of a plum! She had been scheduled for ultrasound, but the tech. said there was no reason to go have it done since there were no tumors! She would be glad to give the Radiologists/Hospital information if anyone is interested in confirming!
Needless to say, we are excited beyond belief!

I ordered a zapper from you and have been wearing it for around 2 months now. I am not normally one to write testimonials, but I have been so impressed I just wanted to let you know. I am an acupuncturist/herbalist and so I'm no stranger to complementary medicine.
I had been meaning to try the zapper for a while, but it Was Rayelan's message about it on RMN that finally convinced me to buy it. I have no major health issues, but from the first day I used it I have been enjoying profound, restful sleep (I had a sleep disorder for about the past 6 months), And extraordinary dreams.
It was only a couple of weeks ago That I noticed that the severe constipation problems I’ve been having for the past two years have all but disappeared. I also suffer from severe menstrual cramps, which have been greatly improved by acupuncture and herbs; but are still not normal. It is too early to tell yet, but the second period I have had since using the zapper was almost a breeze.
In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to go on a trip to Vermont; that I thought I would have to postpone due to severe menstrual cramping. It never occurred to me that the Orgone zapper would have an effect on these metaboilc processes, but I have used no other forms of treatment and can only assume these results were derived from the use of the zapper. If these results can be so easily obtained by electro-medicine, it further infuriates me to think of the arrogance and prejudice of Western allopathic medicine to not only dismiss the potential applications of electro-medicine but actual censor it’s use.
I have been diagnosed with osteopenia and I am taking calcium hydroxyapatite with co-factors and chinese herbs. I am wondering if the zapper will also reverse the bone loss (I’ll shoot myself before I take Fosamax!). Anyway, thanks again, I am one happy customer!
Mary C.

My Mini-Zapper is performing flawlessly...I believe my system is de-toxed, I feel more energetic...this past week-end I drove to NH and back, 1,600 miles and felt good when arriving back at home. Also, for the past 2 years, I have had a pain in my lower neck on the right-hand side, nothing serious, just aggravating at times...that condition has disappeared.
Wayne B.

For your gen information, after having experimented with mini-zapper and the orgone zapper. I've found the following on myself using AK muscle testing: Mini-Zapper - seems to take care of the smaller parasites
Orgone Zapper - Seems to take care of yeast/fungus & larger more stealth parasites like hookworm, etc.
Thanks & regards,
Pat B.

My complaints are candida (never verified), fibromyalgia, and tendonitis. I notice that the pain is not present while I am running the zapper. I put it over whatever is bothering me, and run it on my soles at night. I don’t feeled healed by any means, but the pain is so much better that I have forgotten to take my pain-killers several times since I started using the zapper and I am normally counting the hours until I can have more pain killers. Currently that is the only treatment that MD’s use for fibromyalgia.
Deborah M.

The Orgone zapper causes no known negative side effects. With regular use of the Orgone zapper, not only will you heal the disease but begin to lay the foundation for true health and the pursuit of happiness. The positive side effects of repetitive Orgone use is increased physical energy, sound restful sleep, reduced anxiety, rising of the libido the enhance-ment of your mind (ie, do the things you are afraid to do, follow ing your dreams.) Positive states of consciousness require more energy than negative states. Character requires more energy than being spineless. If you are frustrated, bitter and generally disillusioned in Life, you fundamentally have an energy problem. The solution is more Life force or Orgone.


Lyme's disease is one of these hardest to cure, because of the pain involved in the Herx response discourages the vast majority of people from continuing the treatment to the end of the line. I have one reported cure from someone who wore it virtually around the clock for a month. May take less time, but more is better when it comes to zapping. I believe some parasites have the ability to dictate our behavior and appetites to some extent; this is the materia of Science Fiction.


This is the most virulent STD I’ve encountered. I’ve have not had anyone to committ to using the zapper around the clock. It is similar to Lyme’s disease, and I see no reason why this one won’t be cured as well. Genital warts are cured in 2-3 days.
Recently(fall of 2000), two people who had very advanced MS committed to using them around the clock. Both of them experienced very rapid healing; including being able to walk unaided and without fatique. They regained bladder and bowel control and their brain lesions were eliminated.
Research shows that arthritis is caused by parasites, mainly fungi. Fungi in the blood robs nutrients: so that bones and joints are weakened and disintegrate due to starvation. Much of the mineral colloid that encounters positively-charged fungi drop out of electrostatic suspension and form bone spurs. The Orgone zapper eliminates most pain and inflammation and gradually restores bone and joint health by killing the fungi. Wearing the zapper around the clock until this process is complete, will greatly speed up the rebuilding process.

Wearing the Orgone zapper directly over the effected area will also speed up the healing time. Parasites generally held in colloidal suspension in the body's fluids. Parasites die off, when a negative charge is introduced into the body. Fungi cannot live in an alkaline environment or negative charged electrical state(See study). A zapper quickly kills fungi and other parasites in the blood,lymph and cerebrospinal fluid. When the body is returned to a slightly alkaline state, the nutrients are no longer being robbed by the parasites and they can reach their intended destination.
Food sensitivities are greatly reduced in a month. Most people call these allergies, but true allergies are more severe. I have had reports that it cures Asthma as well, but I need more cases to claim for certain.
High Blood pressure is caused when the body sends cholesterol to coat fungal lesions in the arteries, as one would patch a punctured inner tube. This keeps happening as long as the fungi are forming more lesions. Before long cholesterol build up on the insides of the arteries constricting the flow of blood and decreasing its elasticity. Killing the fungi with an Orgone zapper causes this process to reverse. The body will dissolve and remove the build-up overtime in the absence of Parasites. Blood pressure returns to normal. Fungal lesions are also present in all cases of Atherosclerosis. May be an explanation why Eskimos, Pacific Islanders and African cowherders who all have a "high cholesterol" diet of saturated fats have minimal incidences of Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis became widespread in western countries after the introduction of ANTIBIOTICS which promote fungal growth in the body. Antibiotics which are derived from fungi themselves only kill some bacteria. They eliminate the competition, but allow the fungi to flourish. Hence it can be reasonably assumed that Fungi infestation is the cause of Atherosclerosis.
I have not seen a case where an infection was not cleared up by using the Orgone zapper in the first week. Encapsulated infections take longer up to three weeks to eliminate. The inflammation and pain lesions begin to disappear immediately.
In a remarkable discovery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, N.Y.C. in 1990, it was shown that a minute current (50 to 100 MICRO amperes) can alter outer protein layers of HIV virus in a petri dish so as to prevent its subsequent attachment to receptor sites. (SCIENCE NEWS, March 30, 1991 page 207.) It may also reverse Epstein Barr (chronic fatigue syndrome), hepatitis, and herpes B. HIV positive users of this enclosed information may expect a NEGATIVE p24 surface antigen or PCR test (no more HIV detectable in blood) after 30 days. This is reminiscent of a well proven cure for snakebite by application of electric current that instantly neutralizes the venom's toxicity. (LANCET, July 26, 1986, page 229.) And there may be several other as yet undiscovered or untested viruses neutralizable with this discovery.

IF AN ILLNESS PERSISTS AFTER WEEKS OF DILIGENT ZAPPING, it seems the underlying cause is pollution from organic and metallic toxins or a structural imbalance within the skeletal structure. Email me for further info on treatment of the skeletal structure. In my experience about 80% of illnesses can be cured by zapping,leaving about 20% because of pollutants. Dr. Hulda Clark’s clinical research is the best source of information that I know of on this subject. Some sufferer’s of chronic illnesses uch as Lyme disease; have been warned by Doctors not to kill too many of the pathogens at one time because the sufferer risks harm by the sudden increase intoxins in the bloodstream. Using a zapper is a self-regulating case, since the discomfort begins increasing almost immediately and the individual is free to stop using it after it starts. I advise discretion but also mention that it’s possible that wearing the zapper around the clock might eliminate them completely, a little pain now, a lot of pleasure later.

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