1. What is electronic medicine?
Electronic medicine is the use of electronic information as medicine. In the same sense that scientists can extract the active chemical from an herbal source, so too can we extract the active information from any source via Harmonic Translation and use that information as medicine.

2. What is electronic kinesiology?
Electronic kinesiology is the application of manual diagnostic kinesiology through an electronic measurement device. This adds speed and precision to all diagnostic measurements. Diagnostic kinesiology is a strait forward technique of using ones senses to perceive problems.

3. Must I be a doctor to use the H T System?
No, but at the same time, the H T System does not automatically make you any kind of a doctor. The H T System makes the most of your expertise, talent, and intuitive abilities. Formal training is not required. Like a musical instrument, talent is the most important factor.

4. Can the H T System be used to heal oneself?
Yes, self help on many levels is a powerful use of H T technology.

5. Is the H T System difficult to learn to use?
No, most people can learn the basic use of the instrument in only a few hours of practice.

6. Does the H T System diagnose problems automatically?
No computer program is yet intelligent enough to make a meaningful diagnosis from sensor readings. This is why electronic kinesiology is used in the H T System to make the most of diagnostic readings. The program assists in this process.

7. Will the H T System work in my modality?
The H T System is not dedicated to one modality of the healing arts or another.
As a musical instrument can be used to play any style of music the musician prefers, so the H T System can be used to practice any modality or school of healing and medicine.