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  • Windows Operating System, any version
  • Sound Card
  • Microphone

Have you ever wondered how love is communicated? Have you ever noticed that people in love tend to talk to each other in what we would describe as a "loving way?" Have you wondered what that is?

There is research which suggests that people communicate love by speaking in tones or frequencies that include the perfect sixth interval, or a phi ratio.

Now there is software which can measure your voice to tell if you are speaking with strong phi ratio harmonics in your voice. To the best of our knowledge, this is the only software which even attempts to analyze this voice quality.

This state of the art voice software analysis package helps you to discover and evaluate your vocal modulation and harmonics as you speak or tone into the microphone. It has a special feature allowing you to look for and receive feedback when you create sounds that are high in phi ratio harmonics, the harmonics of love.

The Phi, or golden ratio, has been found in nature, architecture and biological systems such as anatomy.

This computerized BioFeedback software lets you examine the harmonics you create with your voice and shows when phi ratioed harmonics, which indicate an expression of love and truth, are being created.

It Features:

  • Real-Time Sound Processing
  • Display Time Data
  • Displays Frequency Data
  • Display Frequency Modulation or FFT Cepstrum.
    This is also known as the 2nd order FFT.
  • Display Harmonic Content


Identi-Phi Software program as it normally appears when you first start the software.

The software will update all four of these displays in real time, allowing you to see the various attributes of the sound you are currently hearing. Each of the four displays show a different aspect of the sound.

See below an explanation of all four.


This is a representation of the recorded sound. In other words, this is the raw data from the microphone.

This display is useful in that it allows you to look at the shape of the sound wave, which can vary considerably. Technically speaking, it is a display of the microphone air pressure vs. time.


This window displays the Real-Time FFT or frequency energy content of the recorded sounds.

A lot of our work is based on the information from this display that is available in our Sound Assistant Software. It is a picture of the energy in the sound at different frequencies.

A quick example may help. If we had George and Mary singing at the same time, this display would let you watch the pitch and loudness of each.


The Frequency Modulation window shows the modulation content of the FFT, or the Cepstrum. This is also known as the 2nd Order FFT.

In layman's terms, modulation results from the mixing of different waves. This display simply illustrates the resultant mixture.


The Harmonic Content Window. This Window shows the relative strength of the various harmonic ratios from 1.5 to 3.0. The higher the graph, the stronger the harmonic content at a ratio. Notice that the Phi (1.618) ratioed harmonics are weak in this sound sample. The Phi ratioed harmonics are displayed at a point just in from the left edge of the graph where you currently see a valley.


Buy the Identi-Phi program today, and see if you and your friends can make Phi ratioed sounds.

Identi-Phi Software

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