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"As long as there is breath in my body
I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth."

For all who seek to discover truth for themselves,,
and about themselves.

Brain Power Improve and Expand your Mind


The Brain is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

HUMAN curiosity about the workings of the brain dates back at least 46 centuries. The first appearance of the word "brain" is on the Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus, an Egyptian manuscript dating from around 1600 BC but thought to have been copied from the writings of Imhotep, an engineer, architect and physician who lived 1000 years earlier. The papyrus is the earliest known work on trauma medicine, and among other things it describes head injuries.

Happiness and Success In Life starts with your state of mind.
If you maintain a favorable state of mind, you will get favorable results in life.
If you carry an unfavorable state of mind, you will get comparable results in life.

Studies of workers' IQ levels show they rise and fall throughout the day depending on a variety of factors , stresses and events.
Are you operating at your peak?
It doesn't matter how brainy you are or how much education you've had - you can still improve and expand your mind. Boosting your mental faculties doesn't have to mean studying hard or becoming a reclusive book worm. There are lots of tools, techniques , as well as changes to your lifestyle, diet and behaviour that can help you flex your grey matter and get the best out of your brain cells.

Everyone knows the importance of taking regular physical exercise in keeping us healthy, fit and strong. But it is just as important to take regular mental exercise to keep your brain in gear.

Research has shown that regular brain 'exercise' and stimulation can improve memory, boost concentration and increase reaction times.

Around the age of 40, honest folks may already admit to noticing changes in their mental abilities. This is the beginning of a gradual decline that in all too many of us will culminate in full-blown dementia. If it were possible somehow to reverse it, slow it or mask it, wouldn't you?

Have you ever noticed that some people effortlessly learn new concepts and materials while others struggle? Napoleon Bonaparte learned the names of thousands of his loyal soldiers. World champion chess players can replay games in their mind from years ago. I have often wondered how these intellectual marvels have accomplished such great feats

Brain cells communicate with one another via tiny branchlike cells called dendrites. As we age, our ability to form dendrites declines, which is why our memory wanes and we have more difficulty learning new tasks. Dendrite growth peaks before adolescence. This is one of the reasons that children pick up languages, musical instruments, and other skills so readily while we adults struggle with them. If your child or grandchild has ever tried to teach you how to play a video game, you know what I am talking about. Children's brains make connections faster. After puberty, the formation of new dendrites slows down, and at that point connections that are used frequently become permanent while those that are underutilized are lost. Through the years there is a constant brain drain, resulting in fewer and fewer new dendrites.

The brain's attentional state is controlled by the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenalin. Dopamine encourages a persistent, goal-centred state of mind whereas noradrenalin produces an outward-looking, vigilant state. So not surprisingly, anything that raises dopamine levels can boost your powers of concentration.

Science has now learned that the brain is extremely resilient, even in adulthood, and that it has an amazing capacity to restore itself if it is given the proper stimulation. We have learned that if we use our brain by challenging ourselves mentally, we can build new nerve connections and strengthen neuron pathways. The result is increased brain power and a more youthful functioning brain. Animals have demonstrated that intellectual challenges encourage neurons to branch out and create new connections, and there is compelling evidence that the same is true for humans.

If we were meant to use only 10% of our brain cells to lead a happy life, we would not have been born with 10 times as much to use.

Dolphins have about the same neuronal capacity as man, yet they live as intelligent, fun-loving and harmonious creatures with their environment. They use their complete brains, not just a fraction. Is it too much of an imaginative stretch to assume that the more you use your brain capacity, the more harmonious your life could be? Can you really imagine a 100% brain user engaged in crime, war, starvation, disease, prejudice or environmental destruction?

We're creatures that are designed just as perfectly as every other creature on earth, but we're just not using all the potential available to us like all other creatures! Why? Could it be that we no longer know HOW to connect to our "energy source" like all other creatures? Or is it that we don't care to make the free CHOICE to do so? Free will is such a confusing thing to 10% brain users controlled by "knee-jerk" desires of the body!

Mental exercise is important, too. Using your brain to learn a new language, master a new hobby or engage in friendly debate stimulates blood flow and strengthens the connections (synapses) between nerve cells in the brain. A Washington University study found that memorization techniques also encourage the brain to work more efficiently and may reduce age-related memory loss.


What is the solution? Can we really use 100% of our brains and improve the quality of our lives? Of course we can. Instead of having memory loss, we can become memory wizards. Instead of being stymied by the simplest problems, we can become creative "geniuses." Instead of not being able to balance our checkbooks, we can become lightning calculators. Instead of being dull to our sensory world, we can become enlivened and truly conscious about our sensory environment. Instead of being "stuck" in unhappy emotional ruts all our lives, we can learn to get along with our fellow creatures in complete and diversified harmony!

You are what you eat, and that includes your brain.YOUR brain is the greediest organ in your body, with some quite specific dietary requirements. So it is hardly surprising that what you eat can affect how you think.

As one grows in self-awareness, the realization slowly unfolds that one's own condition is brought about by oneself and one's own choices in life, whether they are gut reactive, knee-jerk choices or conscious choices. Whatever you were dealt with at birth, your choices throughout your life determine your outcome. The more complete the usage of both your mind and body -- the more physically and mentally able you become, and the better you feel about yourself, too. In so doing, your spiritual development cannot help but evolve a higher consciousness state as well.

A DECADE ago Frances Rauscher, a psychologist now at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, and her colleagues made waves with the discovery that listening to Mozart improved people's mathematical and spatial reasoning. Even rats ran mazes faster and more accurately after hearing Mozart than after white noise or music by the minimalist composer Philip Glass. Last year, Rauscher reported that, for rats at least, a Mozart piano sonata seems to stimulate activity in three genes involved in nerve-cell signalling in the brain.


Fortunately, there are a number of tools that will help you to learn faster, study better, and begin absorbing information like a sponge.And the most powerfull to our knowledge, is, the light and sound machines below

.Significantly reduce stress and anxiety
•Improve your sleep and increase energy and vitality
• Achieve profound states of deep meditation,relaxation
• Improve mental and emotional well-being
• Awaken your potential for long-term personal growth
• Dramatically increase your self-awareness
• Take your creativity and motivation to new levels
• Reach deep into your subconscious mind for life solutions

Is there a substantial body of research supporting the phenomenon of light/sound (L/S)? Certainly the field is growing rapidly and, as a result of the proliferation of the newer commercial devices, a rash of anecdotal reporting has found its way into the popular press. Hutchison devoted almost the entire issue of volume 1, number 2 of his exciting journal, MEGABRAIN REPORT, to a discussion of L/S, including very early reports. With all due respect we will borrow some of this material

The Clinical Guide to Sound and Light - The classic guide by Dr. Thomas Budzynski. A wide-ranging discussion of how he has used sound and light technology in his clinical practice.

Never underestimate the power of a good night's rest,,
A session on a light and sound machine is like 6 hours sleep

As we strive to retard the aging process and fight deterioration of the brain and mind, AVS (Audio Visual Systems or light and sound machines), with extensive scientific research to back it up, stands to be one of the valuable brain tools for wellness into our advanced years. Almost anyone can benefit from using AVS machines. From people who have already cognitive deterioration, through baby boomers who are starting to suffer the symptoms of memory loss to young people and students who want to enhance their memory to increase their intellectual capacity as well as to obtain good results at exams.

A Short History of Light and Sound - A great introduction to the history and background of the subject by Michael Hutchison.

Academic Performance Enhancement - A 1999 study which demonstrates a significant increase in academic perfromance following regular use of early Meditation Machine technology.

Light and Sound and Learning-Disabled Children - 'The use of auditory and visual stimulation to improve the cognitive abilities in leraning-disabled children'. A dissertation by Dr. Ruth Olmstead. Dr. Olmstead has extensive experience treating children and adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, and a number of neurological disorders.

New brain cells die without a job to do

When it comes to brainpower they say you either use it or lose it. Now a study in mice suggests that the survival of newly formed adult brain cells depends on the amount of input they receive.

16 August 2006
From New Scientist Print Edition


Thought control is easier than you might imagine

Given that the L/S experience is intrinsically interesting, it can, over time, lose its uniqueness if it is used only as "an interesting trip." However, in its capacity as an "entry vehicle" , L/S becomes the means to the end of communicating important self-change information to the deeper parts of the mind.
Relevant, important material can be presented quite precisely through audiotapes/CDa as the learner relaxes to the appropriate depth. It is theorized that the more deeply embedded emotional scripts may require a lower EEG arousal state, such as slowed alpha or theta in order to influence them. On the other hand, more nearly rote informational tapes/CDs can be presented at a relaxed alpha state.
This may typically be achieved via an L/S program that would involve a descent from beta through alpha to theta, remaining there for most of the session, then ramping back up to alpha or beta at program's end. In contrast, the learning of a foreign language vocabulary might take place with an L/S program that stays primarily at 10 Hz alpha. The focus of this application of LS is on the assimilation of the tape/cd material rather than the experience of the L/S itself. This application therefore does not result in the "declining results" phenomenon often seen when LS is employed only for the unique experiential
A continuing program of self-improvement And Mind Expansion can be carried on for an indefinite period through the use of a series of properly structured, sequential, programs. Thus, the trainee completes sequentially a program on a given theme, e.g., self-esteem enhancement, followed by a series on stress coping. The trainee can then focus on a reaching goals series, before moving on to a fourth series containing appetite control suggestions. One could also continue on through additional programs on exercise, attaining financial security, maintaining health, self actualization and finally, transcendence. Since there is an ever increasing offering of self help programs one could continue with L/S aided self improvement indefinitely.
Recalling that the brain learns by assimilating whatever stimuli are presented to it, if the critical defense systems allow absorption, then the reg ular presentation of positive self esteem enhancing, self change informa tion, within a paradigm that can temporarily lower the shields of these traumatically induced, low self esteem maintained defenses, result in the gradual refinement of self. As the self evolves into one of higher self regard, the critical defenses are automatically removed thus allowing greater freedom of expression, less fear, an increased ability to achieve without self sabotage, and a higher level of satisfaction and happiness.

AVS / Light and Sound Machines

David P36 CES our newest in portable audio-visual entrainment (AVE) devices

Alpha-Theta stim The most advanced CES unit ever produced

Nova Pro 100 with more sessions, more storage and more new features.

Procyon A new kind of light/sound experience

Inner Pulse Redefining the Light&Sound stimulation technology

Proteus Advanced personal Light Sound System to suit most budgets