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Psychometric Testing Volume 3 - IQ Builder
Psychometric tests are standardized, scientific tests - usually taken on a computer, which are used to assess your IQ score, intelligence, abilities, potential and personality. Most employers now use them as a sifting mechanism during the recruitment process.

Mind Games & IQ Testing
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In IQ Builder you will find multiple choice questions designed by the very people who conduct IQ tests everyday for companies, universities and career advisers. IQ Builder takes you, step by step through one IQ test at a time. Each question offers a number of text or picture choices. Simply select the answer you think is right and move on to the next question in the test.

As you work through each IQ test your results will be stored and out of sight! And as soon as you have completed a test the IQ Builder program will immediately give you your IQ Score. Many answers also have explanations in them to show you how the questions can be answered.

Work through the IQ tests in this interactive software program and you will be working in as near real test conditions as is possible - against the clock and under pressure. Raise IQ scores as you gain experience with each IQ test.

Also included in this program is the ability to introduce stress factors to improve IQ test taking techniques. With the addition of these background sounds you will learn the skills needed to block them out and focus on the test at hand. Blocking out these distractions can save you precious time needed to complete your tests and raise IQ scores.

IQ Builder Volume 3 is an excellent tool to help you improve IQ Scores, SAT Prep, and other entrance exams that require IQ testing

Psychometric Testing Volume 3 - IQ Builder
You can not only get a score for your Intelligence Quotient, but practice with these tests will build your reasoning powers and improve your results.


Get your IQ score
Introduce time and other stress factors to improve test taking techniques
Endless tests randomly selected from several hundred questions
Prepare for SAT and other entrance exams
Improve your IQ score with practice!

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