Psychometric Tests,
Volume 2 - Intelligence Builder

What are Psychometric Tests? Psychometric tests are standardized, scientific tests - usually taken on a computer, which are used to assess your intelligence, abilities, potential and personality. Most employers now use them as a sifting mechanism during the recruitment process.

Interactive brain teasers for making SAT prep more fun!

Intelligence Builder is packed with hundreds of professionally designed brain teasers to improve your creative problem solving skills and abstract reasoning. For the committed brain teaser fan it is undiluted fun with a serious edge. For the committed mind-improver it is an endlessly fascinating way to develop and sharpen your mental abilities.

Choose your own mix of intelligence test to suit your starting level of ability and then increase the challenge as you become more competent. With a mix of multiple choice and simple text, this program delivers a mind stretching variety of the best brain teasers you will find anywhere.

By working through these psychometric tests you will begin to think more clearly, analyze situations more efficiently and learn to recognize patterns in seemingly confusing situations. Where practical, your answers will be compared to the ideal answers. The ideal answers will be explained where necessary so you can see exactly how the problem was solved. Then you can try again with another intelligence test.

With endless psychometric tests selected from several hundred questions you will develop your creative problem solving abilities and increase your logical and abstract reasoning powers in no time - while having fun doing it.

Intelligence Builder Volume 2 is an excellent tool for
SAT prep and other entrance exams.

Psychometric Testing Volume 2 - Intelligence Builder
Challenge your logical and abstract reasoning powers with question types common to college and professional school entrance exams.


Develop your problem recognition and problem solving abilities
Prepare for SAT and other entrance exams
Endless tests randomly selected from several hundred questions
Build your intelligence with practice!
Test your logical and abstract reasoning powers

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