The two ‘simple’ applications are

1) the balancing of blood chemistry to achieve the correct pH balance,

2) the traditional use as an antacid.

As a pH balancing regime, the ‘baking soda’ is taken once daily at least 30 minutes before or after a meal. Apply according to bodyweight at the rate of 330mg per kilogram. eg. A person weighing 50kgs will need 1.5g daily or approx ¼ tspn. Measure the amount and dissolve in boiling water before drinking. (Our advisers suggest boiling water ‘potentises’ (by the release of Hydrogen) the action but this may be regarded as optional since professional opinion appears divided on this matter.)

Progress for this daily regime must be measured; using the ph strips suited for either saliva or urine tests.

As an antacid - ‘tummy settler’ the recommendation is ½ tspn in water.

‘Edmond’s Baking Powder’ is the household name in New Zealand but there may be another brand ’Brauer’ which also contains potassium bicarbonate, for use where there may be concern about the heart conditions due to sodium content. A potassium supplement may be added after consultation with a health professional.

That baking soda may compete with calcium is to be discounted as the ‘competing’ is in fact the clearing of calcium from the outside of bones to transfer it to where it should be. There is the added ‘bonus’ that ‘baking powder’ is very good for clearing the kidneys.

Note: while we suggest this regime may accelerate the balancing of the body’s pH with all the associated benefits, it is not intended to replace all the functions of Calcium supplementation. With the monitoring provided by litmus strips, a state may be reached where either or both products are used to obtain the results.

** Both ‘Edmond’s Baking Powder’ and ‘Brauer’ are the registered names of their proprietors.

So how much is enough?
It has been suggested 1/2 to 1tspn once or twice daily but 11/4 hr after meals. The timing is very important. Bicarbonate of Soda is nearly tasteless and so it's easy to mix with water and swallow. So much goodness for little or no cost