The signals used in Shiva Neural Stimulation have been extensively tested with both laboratory rats and humans. The signals are embedded in magnetic fields about as strong as the ones that appear around telephone handsets (not cell phones). These signals cannot cause brain lesions, DNA damage, induce seizures, or any other kind of brain dmamge. Signals like these have been in laboratory use (including monitoring safety issues) for over ten years, and have been experienced to thousands of people. Hundreds of people have used home versions of Shakti, a technology without ill-effects, provided the following safety rules are observed.

1) Do not use Shiva at the same time as other mind-machines including the kind that use flashing lights and/or binaural sounds. Unpleasant effects have been reported. Using complex magnetic devices (like Shiva) first, and then another mind machine about an hour to 90 minutes after the end of the session has generated reports where the second device's effects were amplified.

2) Do not use Shiva in combination with mind-altering drugs. Legal psychotropics are more safely combined with Shiva by using them after, and not before or during Shiva sessions. The use of illegal drugs is not condoned.

3) Do not use Shiva if you have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, as the effects of Shiva on psychiatric disorders, be they positive, negative or neutral, have not been studied. Do not use Shiva if you have migrane headaches, epiliepsy or have a damanged or compromised brain. The effects of Shiva on these conditions, be they positive, negative, or neutral, have not been studied.

4) Do not use Shiva if you are using psychiatric medications. The interactions of Shiva with these compounds, be they positive, negative or neutral, have not been studied.

5) Do not repeat unpleasant sessions, if any.

6) Make sure your coils are set up properly by running the test session,and listening to the signals using a pair of headhones when setting up your hardware. Counterclockwise is usually the more pleasant direction, with the first coil in the series of eight over the left frontal area. Errors leading to clockwise rotation can result in unpleasant sessions.

7) Do not experiment with new arangements for the coils.

8) Do not use any other kind of coils or replace them with other electronic parts.

9) Do not do sessions more often than once a week.

10) The research that culminated in the development of Shiva has also uncovered ways to stop effects created through complex magnetic signal stimulation, and because it's easy to do so, a signal is included that will let you do that. Click here to access this signal. It's not likely that you will need to use it, and it's suggested that you contact tech support before doing so

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