Shiva Neural Stimulation Technology

Legal: Shiva Neural Stimulation signals are based on templates provided and licenced by Stan Koren and Dr. M.A. Persinger of Laurentian University's Neurosciences Program. Thanks are due to Dr. Michael Persinger for his extensive help in developing The Shiva Stimulation Device.


  WINDOWS XP or 2000  
  Internet Explorer  
  (Shiva will also run under Win98, but drivers for the four sound devices and the USB 2.0 card will have to be installed differently than described in the software.)  
  Processor: 600 mhz or faster. (1 Ghz Suggested)  
  Ram: 128 Mb (256 suggested)  
  150 Mb free hard disk space.  
  LAPTOP? - Must have two USB 2.0 ports.  
  Note: All units are handmade prototypes