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Shiva is based on a laboratory apparatus called "The Octopus" invented by Dr. M.A. Persinger. The Octopus is a magnetic brain stimulation device used in a series of successful experiments to induce psychic perceptions, and is the most promising technology for awakening psychic abilities in the world today.

Used according to instructions, Shiva Neural Technology can help you develop psychic abilities.

Shiva Neural Stimulation Technology is an 8-Channel magnetic stimulation device that circulates magnetic signals around your head. It has been tested in laboratory experiments published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. These experiments found significant enhancements in psychic perceptions.

This technology is available for the first time to the public through Shiva Neural Stimulation Technology, which uses PC software to produce the signals. Shiva takes more setup than many computer devices. The software contains all the instructions you need, and tech support is available to help you get it up and running.

It's important to understand that it does not do so automatically. You have to participate by practicing the psychic skill you want to acquire. Doing exercises to develop your skills is a crucial part of the process. Without them, you may find your intuition improves; that you have worthwhile hunches more often, but clear psychic perceptions are much less likely without some practice.

As an infant you learned to see. You learned to focus your eyes on specific objects. You learned to tell the difference between the background and the foreground. You learned to use your depth perception to tell the difference between large objects that were far away, and smaller objects close to you. You learned that dark things are dark, and light things could seem dark because they were in a shadow. It's the same with psychic perception. You have to exercize up your psychic sense(s), even when Shiva activates them. This is not difficult to do, but it won't happen without your participation. Becoming psychic involves both enabling psychic perception and developing your
ability to use it. Shiva can help with opening up psychic skills.

Your brain produces electrical signals as it operates. Shiva Neural Stimulation works by applying magnetic signals to your head that mimic these signals. Because some brain structures have known 'signatures', they can be 'targeted' by applying their signature signals.

Shiva uses signals derived from individual brain structures, and in one case, whole-brain activity. to elicit altered-state experiences. The different jobs these brain parts do provide different effects for each signal. Each signal 'targets' a specific brain part, and in one case, a specific whole brain pattern, one theorized to inhibit our psychic awareness.

Most Shiva signals are derived from EEG traces

Shiva Neural Stimulation applies the signals in a completely unique way. It circles the magnetic signals around your head, keeping them moving at high speeds, usually around 9 times per second. This interacts with an important cortical (outer brain) pattern in a way that favors right-hemispheric functions.

Laboratory experiments demonstrated the effectiveness of counterclockwise rotation
Shiva uses 8 pairs of magnetic coils to deliver it's stimulation. The magnetic fields are about as strong as the ones from a telephone handset.  

This is not a signal - it's a picture of a signal.  If you don't see the picture, right-click and select *show picture*.


This is not a signal - it's a picture of a signal.  If you don't see the picture, right-click and select *show picture*.


This is not a signal - it's a picture of a signal.  If you don't see the picture, right-click and select *show picture*.


EEG signals.

EEG (electroencephalography) reads electrical activity from the brain, and it's 'traces' are the original source for most of the signals used in Shiva Neural Stimulation. The different signals "tune' the response to the signals to favor emotional, cognitive, or bodily responses.
The three different signals shown here each have different effects, and all come from different areas of the brain.
They are produced using audio files that 'play' the signal to a set of magnetic coils. These coils produce magnetic signals.

Shiva Neural Stimulation is a PC based brain stimulation technology that uses USB USB STANDS FOR UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS.  IT'S A SIMPLE WAY TO ATTACH HARDWARE TO YOUR COMPUTER IN USE SINCE 1997 devices to allow 8 syncronized audio files to play 8 different signals. The 'sounds' have the same shape as an EEG signal EEG stands for electroencephalography, literally ~writing electricity from  the head~.  Most people have heard of ~brain waves~  - a common name for EEG traces. - one whose appearance shows the activation of a particular structure (brain part). The magnetic coils are plugged into USB sound cards, just like a pair of speakers. When the audio file is played, the coils produce magnetic fields whose shape matches the shape of the original EEG trace. When the coil is placed on the head, it activates the part of the brain the signal came from along with the cortex - the outer layer of the brain.

Magnetic Signals:



EEG traces are the source for most Shiva signals


This is a single EEG trace.


This is a sound file (in stereo) derived from the EEG trace. The shape is slightly flattened to squeeze both stereo signals into one screen.

It uses signals derived from the amygdala The amygdala is an emotional structure.  It supports fear on the right, and positive feelings on the left.  It has many more  functions described elsewere in this software., the hippocampus The hippocampus is a cognitive structure.  It thinks in words on the left, and without words on the right.  It has many more  functions described elsewere in this software., the Caudate Nucleus The Caudate Nucleus is a somatic or ~bodily~ structure.  On the left, it seems to support excitement, and on the right, it seems to support relaxation.  , and the Septum The Septum is the brain's pleasure center.  It plays an important role in sexual pleasure and orgasm, as well as ~coloring~ all kinds of experiences with the sense of enjoyment and pleasure.. These are important brain parts; they form the core of the Limbic System. Their activity shapes our experiences moment to moment, but not by themselves. They work with and through the cortex, the outer inch of the brain. These signals, which appear in EEG traces (so-called 'brain waves'), are converted into audio files and applied to the brain using magnetic coils. The output from the coils activates these and some other areas of the brain.

The signals are applied through the outside of the head, so that even though the signal 'targets' a deeper structure, it's application involves the surface ones, too.

  Shiva Neural Stimulation moves the signals around the outside of the head in a circular pattern, exposing many areas of the cortex. No single area of the cortex can dominate the effects of Shiva sessions.
The signals appear in different forms, with each form having the signal 'chopped' into different lengths as they are played through the 8 channels. Some of them get longer as they go along, and some of them get shorter.

One of the design points in this technology making it as effective as possible relies on avoiding habituation - introducing changes to the signals so that the brain doesn't have as much opportunity to habituate - to 'get used to' them and 'tune them out'. Shiva neural stimulation accomplishes this by changing the speed at which the signal moves from one coil to another, as well as the length of time the signal is produced from each coil. These times are very short, lasting only a fraction of a second.

This class of technology, called 'circumcerebral' (around the head) neural stimulation has been the subject of several studies. These very careful tests found that this technology was able to enhance remote viewing in an advanced psychic, as well as initiate psychic perceptions in others, who had no psychic training.

Although there are several signals included with the Shiva software, one in particular is more studied than the rest, and is especially implicated in the production of psychic perception.

This is the Modulated 40 Hertz 'Chirp' signal. It's based on the '40 hertz componant' seen in EEG readouts. This signal appears when we are awake and when we are dreaming, but not in dreamless sleep. In other words, it's present whenever we are conscious. It's been called "the binding factor" for human consciousness, suggesting that this is the activity that "holds it all together". The modulated 40 hz signal is almost in synch with the brain's own 'binding factor', but not quite. It's just different enough to interact with it; to disturb it slightly. When that happens, alterations happen which are as much alterations in consciousness itself as they are "altered states of consciousness". It seems that the mode of consciousness that appears with this kind of stimulation is one that's conducive to psychic perception. Not only does this help us to learn more about it, but allows us to try to enhance it deliberately.

A good way to think of it is that the modulated 40 hertz 'chirp' signal, broken into constantly-changing segments and applied in a circle around the head, disables the mechanism that ordinarily prevents psychic perceptions.

Shiva Neural Stimulation is also able to induce some phenomenal altered-state experiences, although there are no published studies so far. One unpublished result is that 'the void' experience ~The Void~ is an experience reported from near-death experiences, meditation, twilight sleep, and many other contexts.  It consists of  being in an infinite void, very black, sometimes with a brilliant point of light, infinitly far away. is also a commonly-reported effect. If you want to explore these states using Shiva, you should read about each of the signals, and decide which of them you want to try out first. Each one has the potential for a different kind of altered state.

You will need to use sensory deprivation if you want to maximize your chances for an intense altered-state experience. This means a good blindfold, and above all, silence. Altered-state experiences depend on temporal lobe activity, and a large part of the temporal lobe's ongoing activity is dedicated to monitoring ambient sound. Keeping true acoustic silence during sessions frees up much of the temporal lobes activity, making it available to respond to the stimulation.

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