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Does the Federal Governments Really Believe,
There Are No Dangerous Bioeffects From EMF Exposure?

Are We the victims of “ lies, dam lies, and statistics”?

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Sleeping children wi-fi radiation warningMay 21 2007
by Rhodri Clark, Western Mail
A WELSH radiation expert has warned of the dangers posed by wireless internet technology to sleeping children.The fears come amid claims that so-called “wi-fi” internet connections in schools could damage children.
Biologist Roger Coghill, of Pontypool-based Coghill Research Laboratories, has warned parents not to use wi-fi until the science is proven. “ It’s a precautionary principle I’m advocating,” he said. “ The risk is probably greater in the home than in schools because people don’t sleep at school. Sleep is the principal time when we repair our cells.”

Wi-fi allows laptop and other computers to access the internet from anywhere in the house, and often from the garden.

Mr Coghill said wi-fi in the home would add to the electromagnetic fields there – on top of those from sources such as mobile-phone masts.

Mr Coghilll, a member of the Government’s advisory committee on electromagnetic fields, will attend a conference in Japan next month to hear about the latest research on wi-fi’s possible health effects.

He said, “What we can say, based on the laws of physics, is that all electric fields are super-positive, so that if you have a base level of radiation in your environment and you bring out a new source, it does actually add to it. As it builds up, that impact increases. It’s worse for children than adults because they are still growing,” added Mr Coghill.

Electromagnetic radiation disturb the body’s own electrical fields, for example ones controlling heart beat or cell development.


BBC Panorama programme call for research into the potential dangers of Wi-Fi. Researchers claim to have found the maximum signal strength one metre from a wi-fi-enabled laptop in a classroom in Norwich was three times that measured 100 metres away from a mobile phone mast nearby

“A pioneering elementary school district outside Chicago has been sued for installing a wireless computer network by parents worried that exposure to the network’s radio waves could harm their children.
According to the complaint, filed last month in Illinois state court, parents of five children assert that a growing body of evidence outlines ‘serious health risks that exposure to low intensity, but high radio frequency radiation poses to human beings, particularly children.’”


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