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Multiple Wave Oscillator

Waves That Heal

By Mark Clement edited with commentary by Riley Hansard Crabb

What Lakhovsky discovered was simply mind boggling: He postulated that all living cells (plants, people, bacteria, parasites, etc.) possess attributes which normally are associated with electronic circuits. These cellular attributes include resistance, capacitance, and inductance. These 3 electrical properties, when properly configured, will cause the recurrent generation or oscillation of high frequency sine waves when sustained by a small, steady supply of outside energy of the right frequency. This effect is known as resonance. It's easiest to compare it with a child swinging on a playground swing. As long as the parent pushes the swing a little at the right moment (the correct 'frequency'), the child will continue to swing high and continuously. In electronics, circuits which generate these recurrent sine waves can be called electromagnetic resonators, but more commonly they are referred to as oscillators.

The late Mark Clement's brief, illustrated review of Georges Lakhovsky's Multiple Wave Oscillator showing pictures of antennas, before and after skin cancers apparently cured by the Oscillator, and of cancerous plants returned to normal health by two means;1. Radio-Cellular Oscillator, and 2. Single Wire Oscillating Circuits

"On the Continent Lakhovsky's work attracted a great deal of attention in scientific circles, particularly in Germany and Italy. Italian investigators were among the first to study Lakhovsky's theories and put them to the test in laboratories and clinics. It was, of course, to be expected that the new science of Radiobiology should make a special appeal to the intellectual heirs of Galvani, Volta and Marconi. It is somewhat depressing to observe that in England, the country of Faraday and Clerk Maxwell, Lakhovsky's theories have not yet received the attention they deserve.

What are Lakhovsky's general theories? Mark Clement sums them up neatly in Chapter One of The Waves That Heal:

The fundamental principle of Lakhovsky's scientific system may be summed up in the axiom 'Every living being emits radiation'. Guided by this principle Lakhovsky was able to explain such diverse phenomena as instinct in animals, migration in birds, health, disease, and, in general, all the manifestations of organic life.

According to Lakhovsky the nucleus of a living cell may be compared to an electrical oscillating circuit. This nucleus consists of tubular filaments and chromosomes made up of insulating material and filled with a conducting fluid containing all the mineral salts found in sea water. These filaments constitute minute oscillating circuits endowed with capacity and inductance and capable of oscillating according to a specific frequency. They are comparable to the circuits, coils and windings of radio receivers.

I believe Clement's comparison of a body cell with a radio receiver is only half-true. The cell can also be compared with a radio transmitter when it is releasing energy. We are both radio-receptive and radio-active![radio-transmitting] Lakhovsky's theory should be acceptable to any occult scientist. The push-pull idea, the positive and the negative, the Law of Opposites, is basic to all forms and to all life at this level of existence. By inductance Clement means that radio-electricity can be induced or put into every cell of your body. By capacity he means that each body cell can hold a charge of radio-electricity can be induced or put into every cell of your body, the charge is put in through invisible but very real radio waves. These can travel unimpeded through any solid object!

One scientist explains it this way: A normal cell has an electrical potential of vibrating 70 mill volts per second (mV), an aged cell has 50 mV, the cancer or ill cell has 15 mV. When the cell is in electrical difficulty, the mV and sodium-potassium balances are out. The high potential brings the cells to an equal level, basically resetting them to their normal state. This allows healing to occur at a higher pace without stressing the cell.

Over the past 50 years people all over the world have experimented with this device on all kinds of diseases where the healing was slow due to the lack of energy available in the cells. Many times the body is just too tired to activate it's own healing programs.


The living cell can thus play the part of a transmitter or receiver of exceedingly short radio-electric waves which give rise to high frequency currents in the circuits of the cellular nucleus. Now the vibration of an oscillating circuit is maintained by radiated energy. But where does it come from.


"Scientists have established the existence of highly penetrating waves to which, by reason of their universality, they have given the name of cosmic rays. These rays, generated by the interference of astral radiations, are capable of traversing dense metals and soils to a great depth. Lakhovsky has demonstrated the cellular oscillation of living organisms is maintained by cosmic radiation. According to him disease may be said to result from oscillatory disequilibrium due to either a deficiency or an excess of cellular radiation.

The Russian Lakhovsky Rejuvenation Machine

By Bob Beck

From the November 1963 journal of Borderland Research

In September 1963, Dr. L.O. Anderson, Anderson Research Center Director and BSR Associate, phoned me about a "marvelous electronic machine" purported to "cure" almost any human ailment. I've looked into dozens of these "modalities" every year; so with extreme skepticism I gathered instruments and took off to check another possible hoax.

I found a heavy spark-gap Tesla Coil inside a four-foot cabinet. This console was rigged to circular "antennas" and was partially shielded inside a home-built faraday cage in the living room of Dr. Anderson's friend. It hadn't functioned in over a decade, and had been given up by some twenty-odd medical instrument repairmen and engineers as unfathomable.

The machine, which had no nameplate or other identification, turned out to be a Lakhovsky "Multiple Wave Oscillator", or MWO. Fortunately the present owner had found patents and two books describing its operation. We were able to reconstruct the circuits and after several hours had it operating perfectly. The machine was not a hoax.

Lakhovsky did his research prior to world Ward II and died in 1942. No infringement can be involved in duplicating Lakhovsky's work, since his U.S. Patent #1,962,565 expired in 1951 and is in public domain. I have found from the book The Waves that Heal by Mark Clements that MWO's are extensively used in hospitals in France, Germany and Italy, and although tested in a New York hospital with fantastic success, MWO's remain practically unknown in the United States.

MD's testing Multiple Wave Oscillators reported up to 98% cures of terminal cancer, arthritis and other "hopeless" conditions. Case histories were complete with before-and-after photos. Often rejuvenation was demonstrated, not only in human beings but in plants and animals as well!

Our bodies are composed of cells that resonate at the same general speed. The rate that a person's cells resonate is determined by that persons genetic code
When the cells are resonated, all the healthy cells develop a equal charge, Any cell that is damaged or in distress will resonate at a different speed. Thus producing a different charge making it easier for the body to recognize the cells that have the lower energy charge (cells in distress) so it can then correct it.

When a cell is in difficulty or damaged, the mV (vibrations per second) level as well as the chemical balance of sodium-potassium are out of balance.
The high energy resonance produced by the activity of the MWO basically revitalizes the charge of the cells to their normal state that is determined by the person's own genetic code. Then as a result the energized cells in the body become capable of performing their correct function and are able to start correcting the problems in the body at a faster pace.

Hence my body really cured itself, it was not the device.


So, on Sept 18, 1963, I designed and built a modern MWO based on Nikola Tesla and Lakhovsky's original work and patents. Experiments with the MWO on some eighteen volunteers have demonstrated almost unbelievable results. At this writing, Oct 20th, every single subject, including myself, reports fantastic gains.

My mother, age 72, who has suffered from hypertension and glaucoma for many years, measured absolutely normal blood pressure the morning after her first treatment. And the eye tension, tested by her MD the week following, had dropped to a lower point than in the previous two years. Another woman with a long-standing back condition says she was permanently relieved in one 15 minute exposure. An asthmatic with chronic bronchial complications claims he is now symptom-free after two exposures and her husband with a bad dermatological condition of seven years history appears to be very definitely improved. Perhaps the most dramatic is Mr. N.V.C. who had broken his leg skiing last December. Because of an old polio complication the broken leg had never healed and flesh surrounding the fracture was in a very poor, waxy condition. After one exposure he phoned to say he had regained feeling in the area. The next day we made an "after" photo slide of nearly normal tissue.

Raise your cells vibration to an optimal state.

Rife machines and Multiwave oscillators are claimed to complement each other based on the principle that life forms absorb energy. A multiwave Oscillator uses this principle to strengthen cells within the body to resist disease while a Rife machine uses this principle to destroy microorganisms with an overdose of frequency energy.

A friend suffering allergies of long standing says she can now eat anything and her MD admits he is startled by her youthful appearance and new vitality. The Lakhovsky literature illustrated many such rejuvenations as an unexpected side effect of cancer cases. Subject's wrinkles disappeared along with the tumors!


Lakhovsky pointed out that all cells capable of reproduction contain in their nuclei "filaments" of highly conductive material surrounded by insulating media. This filament, which may be the RNA-DNA complex, is always in the form of a spiral or helix - in other words, a coil. Therefore, each will react as a tuned circuit if its resonant frequency can be approximated by an external oscillating coil.

Lakhovsky didn't carry this to its conclusion; however, I postulate that by exciting the nuclei with electromagnetic energy a "charge" can be induced by the long established principle of electromagnetic induction. This demonstratively raises the energy level and perhaps the vitality of every cell in the field simultaneously. Since each cell is an individual, and of slightly different physical dimensions, the exciting wavelengths must be multiple, and must span a broad frequency spectrum. Diathermy machines, limited to crystal-controlled single frequencies in the 27.255 MC region, can do nothing but heat the tissue; and yet this approach, abandoned by Lakhovsky in the 1930s, can still be found in "modern" doctor's offices!

The Electromotive Force (EMF) produced by the MWO and induced in the cell nucleus, can raise the cell's metabolic rate by Electrolysis, and perhaps jog the RNA-DNA "memory" and reproductive capabilities to their level at an earlier, younger age, thus the rejuvenation. Even more subtle changes might be postulated, such as magnetic "progression" effects as evidenced by heavy water in magnetic fields.

By contrast, any chemical taken into one's system by mouth or by injection - such as vitamins, food or medicine - must first be absorbed in proper solution and ratio with unknown tract elements, then be transported by the blood to affected tissue only to be possibly rejected by the target areas.

Perhaps in cancer the EMF induced by the MWO raises the vitality and memory of marginal cells to normal reproduction levels. In the case of other disease, perhaps a cell's given higher energy levels can more readily throw off affliction.

The Multiple Wave Oscillator described here radiates a bandwidth of radio frequency (RF) energy from the audio frequencies up beyond microwave frequencies. By actual measurements with standard field strength meters, this vast bandwidth of frequencies and harmonics can be shown. In fact, a bluish glow of "brush discharge" surrounds the antenna when operating. A fluorescent lamp held anywhere within several feet of the subject glows brilliantly. Within this multiple-wave range of frequencies, every cell in the body can find its ONE resonant frequency and absorb energy at its own natural wave length.

Obviously the Electrostatic energy can not penetrate the body. This is known as the "skin effect". However, the Electromagnetic component of the energy can and does permeate and will induce an EMF in each cell. It is precisely this energy to which Lakhovsky attributes his almost miraculous "cures".

At one stage we had planned constructing a much higher-powered unit but the results with the "portable" are so gratifying that Model Two was shelved. Extensive tests are scheduled with plants and animals, and every effort is being made to remove any element of "suggestion" from results. A physician friend is cooperating with the project by sending a few "problem" patients for test. It is much too soon, however, to make a finished statement concerning the MWO's potential. No cures can be claimed even if obviously demonstrated, since our laws are controlled by medical unions forbidding the use of the word except by MDs. But I have satisfied myself with many miracles in these last few years of tests that the MWO might well be the most promising device to come to light in many years.

When these outside sources of oscillations are in sympathy, that is they are exactly the same frequency as that produced by the cell, the strength and vigor of that cell will be reinforced and become stronger. If, on the other hand, these outside frequencies are of a slightly different frequency, rather than reinforce the cell's native oscillations, they might dampen or weaken them, resulting in a loss of vigor and vitality for that cell. The cells of disease causing organisms within an infected person, produce different frequencies than that of normal, healthy cells. For people or plants suffering from disease conditions, Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude (but not the frequency) of the oscillations of healthy cells, this increase would overwhelm and dampen the oscillations produced by the disease causing cells, thus bringing about the demise of the disease causing cells trying to set up shop in the body. If he pumped up the amplitude of the disease causing cells, their oscillations would gain the upper hand and cause the person or plant to become weaker and more ill. Lakhovsky viewed the progression of disease as essentially a battle between the resonant oscillations of host cells versus the oscillations emanating from pathogenic organisms.

He initially proved his theory using plants. In December, 1924, he inoculated 10 germanium plants with a plant cancer that produced tumors. After 30 days, tumors had developed in all of the plants. He took one of the 10 infected plants and simply fashioned a heavy copper wire in a one loop, open-ended coil about 30 cm (12") in diameter around the center of the plant. and held it in place with an ebonite stake . The copper coil acted as an antennae or a tuning coil, collecting and concentrating oscillation energy from extremely high frequency cosmic rays. The diameter of the cooper loop determined which range of frequencies would be captured. He found that the 30 cm loop captured frequencies that fell within the resonant frequency range of the plant's cells. This captured energy reinforced the resonant oscillations naturally produced by the nucleus of the germanium's cells. This allowed the plant to overwhelm the oscillations of the cancer cells and destroy the cancer. The tumors fell off in less than 3 weeks and by 2 months, the plant was thriving. All of the other cancer-inoculated plants-without the antennae coil- died within 30 days. In his book, Lakhovsky shows pictures of the recovered plant after 2 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Three years later, with the original coil left in place, the plant grew into a very robust specimen.

MWO in Operation

The MWO works by producing a broad range of high frequency pulsed signals that radiate energy into the patient via two round resonators: one resonator acting as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. The resonator is constructed from a series of open ended circular copper tubes terminated with ball shaped knobs. The copper tube rings nest one inside the other, but none touch each other. The ring assembly is held in place with silk thread in Lakhovsky's original design. Each ring has its open ended termination placed 180 degrees opposite from its adjacent ring. The machine generates a very wide spectrum of high frequencies coupled with static high voltage charges applied to the resonators using spark gaps.. These high voltages cause a corona discharge around the perimeter of the outside resonator ring that Nikola Tesla referred to as an "electric brush", but Lakhovsky used the French word, "effluvia" or "effluve". The patient sat on a wooden stool in between the two resonators and was exposed to these energies for about 15 minutes. These amplified, artificially produced multiple frequency waves sped up the recovery process by stimulating the resonance of healthy cells in the patient and in doing so, increased the immune response to the disease organisms. Lakhovsky early experiments with radio frequency generators used a device he called the Radio Cellular Oscillator, but later switched to an older 19th century design static generator called a Rhumkorff Coil which was able to sufficiently excite the resonator coils while avoiding the potential for thermal damage to the patient, which greatly concerned Lakhovsky. The MWO produced fundamental waves from 750,000 cycles per second up to 3 billion cycles per second with the harmonics of these fundamental frequencies extending the covered range much higher yet.

Cells of disease-causing organisms in a sick person produce different frequencies than those of normal, healthy cells. For people or plants suffering from disease Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude, but not the frequency, of the oscillations of healthy cells, this increase would damp the oscillations produced by the disease-causing cells thus kill the disease-causing cells trying to set up house-keeping in the body. By increasing the amplitude of the natural frequenciesof disease-causing cells, their oscillations would gain strength and cause the person or plant to become weaker and more ill. Lakhovsky saw disease as

In 1928, Professor Sordello Attilj, Director of the Radiological Service at the San Spirito Hospital in Sassia, Rome, Italy, reported to the Congress of Radiologists in Florence four cases, two sarcomas, one circulation problem in the hands and feet, and one severe back pain that made walking difficult. All four were quickly remedied with the Lakhovsky oscillating circuit.

The same year, Dr. Marcus in Paris reported that one of his patients, an insomniac, was given a Lakhovsky oscillation circuit and had slept soundly for the first time in a very long time. When the patient’s wife asked to try the device, she slept well but the patient relapsed into insomnia. When he retrieved the collar, he once again slept well.

Also in 1928, Dr. F. Barinque reported that after wearing a Lakhovsky device, a mastectomy patient whose progress was unsatisfactory, quickly improved and healed.

Dr. Barthe de Sandfort of Cannes reported he no longer suffered from arteritis obliterans, but what impressed him most was that nocturnal cramps no longer tortured him. So he tried the device on a relative who suffered from gastric problems. She wore it for one month and was relieved of pain.

Dr. C. Perineau of Paris reported that a patient with phlebitis of the legs and varicose ulcers improved after several months of wearing the Lakhovsky oscillating circuit. He also regained his appetite and sleep. When the device broke after a few months the disease recurred. A month later he got a new device and within a month the phlebitis disappeared. Lumbago in another of Dr. Perineau’s patients was relieved by a Lakhovsky oscillating circuit.

Sister Marie de L’Annonciation, a Franciscan nun and dispensary nurse at St. Joseph’s Orphanage, Deauville, France reported that “the greater number of my patients experience an unusual feeling of well-being as the result of wearing Lakhovsky’s oscillating circuit. One woman, aged 76, who for years had suffered from rheumatic pains, necessitating frequent injections, has had no further need of my care since she egan wearing a Lakhovsky’s oscillating circuit a month ago She tells me that she feels 20 years younger”

Sister Marie then used the device on herself and her other patients. Madame T. had suffered from pains of the back and varicose veins for thirty years which made housekeeping painful. “Since wearing a Lakhovsky oscillating circuit all her symptoms have vanished and she looks much younger.”

Madame L. “suffered from rheumatism since the age of 40. For years she had difficulty in walking…” She put on a Lakhovsky oscillating device and has not taken it off since. All other forms of treatment have been abandoned.” “She can now go for short walks and sleeps well at night. She says that she feels 20 years younger.”

Monsieur PL age 41 suffered from gouty rheumatism for some years until he tried a Lakhovsky device and his condition is steadily improving. Madame L recovering from a uterine hemorrhage and subsequently suffered pelvic pains, poor circulation, edema, fainting, lassitude, and sleeplessness. Wearing the device she improved rapidly and all her symptoms disappeared. Miss S. experienced dull pains following an appendectomy. These symptoms disappeared after a few days with the collar device. Madame H. had phlebitis. After only a few days wearing a Lakhovsky oscillating circuit, her leg was normal. When the device broke, the leg swelled again until the device was fixed.

Dr. Raul Araujo, a physician at the Prophylactic Institute in Montevideo, Uruguay was suffering from a longstanding infection of the larynx which medical doctors had not been able to cure. While in Paris in 1929, Dr. Araujo met Lakhovsky who advised him to try wearing a copper collar to set up a frequency of oscillation to resonate with his laryngeal tissues. He wore this collar for several months after which the infection disappeared and never recurred. Dr. Araujo determined to try this amazing, simple technology with his own patients. After treating more than 300 patients, he reported successfully mitigating and curing cases of rheumatism, asthma, anemia, neuralgia, gastric ulcer, colitis, glandular disturbances, sterility, genito-urinary afflictions, general weakness and even cancer. He found that circulation improved, blood count be came normal in a short time, sleep was improved and capacity for work increased. Eyes became brighter: face and lips acquired a healthy color. Falling out and graying of the hair was stopped. Cancer patients life was lengthened with a much improved general condition. Neurasthenia, insomnia, and incoherence disappeared and patients regained their mental equilibrium.

He found that in cases in which the Lakhovsky oscillating circuit seemed to give no results invariably involved latent infection which required special treatment such as syphilis, cholecystitis, sinusitis, pyelitis, and dental sepsis.

In 1931 Dr. P. Rigaux published Dr. Araujo’s findings in a monograph entitled, “Cosmic Rays and Oscillating Circuits”

The publication of the English version of The Secret of Life at the very outbreak of World War II went unnoticed and little reviewed, but Lakhovsky's reputation for obtaining dramatic results with his amazing Multi-Wave Oscillator gained world wide attention nevertheless. By 1941, he had moved to New York, escaping the Nazi occupation of France.

Dr. N. Vaccaro reported that a surgical patient was not recovering well until he fitted her with a Lakhovsky collar. A few months later she returned to get another collar, the first having broken. “She stated that her weakness, dyspepsia, and insomnia had vanished about a week after putting on the collar.” After less than 9 months she had recovered fully and was going back to work. “She now never leaves her ‘talisman’, as she calls her collar, and has a reserve supply of three other collars in case of an accident

Dr. E.Cincin of Seine-et-Oise reported that, following surgery for sarcoma of the ovary, a patient complained of edema, abdominal pains and general fatigue. After wearing the Lakhovsky’s oscillating circuit constantly her symptoms disappeared and her health has never been better.

In 1931, Lakhovsky introduced the Multiple Wave Oscillator at the Hospital St. Louis, Paris and Hospital Clinic at Goeteborg, Sweden, and later at the Institut de Physique Biologique in Paris. Among the medical conditions remediated are various cancers, exophthalmic goiter, enlarged prostate, gastrointestinal ulcer and other afflictions. Dr. Henry of Brussels and Professor de Cigna of Genoa successfully treated patients with the Multi-Wave Oscillator.

Dr Nicholas Gentile of Rome published an extract from the medical review, Medicina Nuova in 1935 in which he described successful treatment with the Multi-Wave Oscillator for cephalalgia from violent trauma in 3 sessions, encephalitis in 3 months, alcoholic paraplegia after 8 sessions, nocturnal enuresis after “a few” sessions, ovaritis and salpingitis after 2 months of sessions, enlarged prostate after 4 sessions, two cases of rapidly progressive baldness after 8 sessions. Dr. Gentile also successfully treated patients for arthritis, menstrual disorders, perivisceritis, diminution of glycemia and glycosuria in diabetic patients, hepatic colic, renal colic, chronic atonic or spastic constipation, asthma (but not cardiac asthma), reducing systolic blood pressure while increasing diastolic blood pressure, and chronic phlebitis (although not for acute phlebitis).

In 1940, Dr. Alexander Francis at Frinton-on-Sea reported,

“I have discovered that the Multi-Wave Oscillator improves hearing, and for the last 3 months the chief part of my work with the apparatus has been in deaf cases.”

I have been doing ear work for over 40 years and am very pleased to find at last something which is a real help in chronic deafness. I have obtained many striking results.

My best results are in nerve cases. A patient of mine who fell on his back seven years ago and has been completely paralyzed from the waist ever since is distinctly better. He had depended entirely on a catheter but for the past few months h3e has been able to pass water naturally. Sensation is returning to his legs and he feels very much better generally.

Mark Clement, in The Waves that Heal, describes how Lakhovsky was approached by many people and organizations hoping to capitalize on his Multi-wave Oscillator therapy. Lakhovsky was also approached by several hospitals in New York hoping to test his apparatus.. Remarkable results were obtained from a seven-week clinical trial at a major New York City hospital and by a prominent Brooklyn urologist in the summer of 1941. Later editions of The Secret of Life detailed many of these cases.

What seemed to be a promising development in the use of the Multi-Wave Oscillator in America quickly faded after Lakhovsky unexpectedly died in New York in 1942 at the age of 73. His equipment was removed from the hospital and patients were told that the therapy was no longer available. Except for this brief trial in New York, Lakhovsky's work remained completely unknown to the American public. Even the spectacular success of the New York cases was quickly shelved. Hidden hands were obliterating the memory of Lakhovsky's Multi-Wave Oscillator in America.





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