Are You Psychic?
Can you see at least a few seconds ahead into the future?
Can you obtain unknown information without using the normal senses?
Do you have paranormal abilities?
Do not guess, TEST IT!

Intuition has many related meanings, usually connected to the meaning
" ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning"

Intuition 1 immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning. 2 immediate apprehension by a sense. 3 immediate insight. (Intuitionalism. Philos. The belief that primary truths and principles esp. of ethics and metaphysics are known directly by intuition.] Intuition. The ability to see any event, any object from a viewpoint of the cosmic whole, from it's culmination - the seed, the flower, the fruit in relation to the whole. The knowing of something without prior knowledge or the use of reason. All stands revealed the hearts, the motives, the causes of all events. All is open to the person.

Intuition can be said to be a comprehensive grip of the principles of universality.A person who develops intuition can know anything, without the barriers of time, space and any other obstructions. The intuitive type: Creative people, people with hunches whose chief concern is with future possibilities.

They are able to sense the invisible and the impalatable.

They perceive wholes and compress much into a flash.

Poets and prophets are often intuitive.

"Listening to, trusting, and acting on your intuitive inner guidance is an art.

Like any other art or discipline, it requires a certain commitment."

By Shakti Gawain

Perhaps you already know that you have psychic skills. Or maybe you're just hoping that your ability to know who is calling on the telephone is more than mere coincidence. The truth is that you are psychic. New scientific research from leading international universities proves what many of us have known for a long time: that psychic abilities are a natural and normal human skill. Like any skill, you can practice and learn ways to increase your enjoyment and use of your natural psychic abilities.

Within the past decade, scientists around the world (including sceptical researchers who initially sought to disprove psychic phenomena) have verified the existence of ESP and telepathy. Cornell University scientists used airtight methodology in 11 successive experiments that concluded that telepathy is a real skill that everyone naturally possesses. During 1996, university laboratories in Nevada and Japan discovered that subjects' blood pressure and heart rate decreased or accelerated the moment another subject thought either loving or hateful thoughts about them. Scientists believe this may explain why people may call us soon after we think of them. The term, "sixth sense" isn't just a coined expression but a scientifically verified fact.

Even more, researchers have pinpointed specific factors which anyone can use to increase his or her access to psychic wisdom. By making simple adjustments to our home or office environment, and our ordinary lifestyle, we automatically receive more intuitive guidance.

Intuition is a lot like dreaming. We don't know how we do it, but we do it. Intuition is knowing something - but not knowing how you know it.

Intuitive knowledge comes to us spontaneously and directly, without the use of reason or logical thought.

Some people trust their intuition - they "believe" in it, and act on it. Example : you bypass a parking space because you "know" there will be a space closer to where you're going.

Others deny intuitive information, or distrust it as "irrational." But most of us can recall an instance when we ignored a "feeling" or "hunch" about someone or something - and later regretted it.

Knowing how to cultivate your intuition can help in every aspect of our lives. So, to help our readers get ahead, we have aquired this amazing program,,

Intuition can be loosely defined as the ability to synthesize and make deductions from all of our accumulated unconscious experience. Most of the information we use in our daily lives is unconscious. We "know" much more than we realize.

Skeptics seem to respond especially well to intuition exercises.

Reasons: Underutilized intuition often seems to blossom when it is cultivated. Skeptics don't "believe" in intuition, so they can play with the exercises free of any expectations, judgments or defenses. They react with surprise and delight when it works.

Thomas Condon

Example: Which way doors open - in or out. Our senses provide us with ongoing information that never reaches our conscious awareness, unless we turn our attention to it.

Similarly, intuitive information comes to us through our senses. Examples : Some people get a "gut feeling" about things. Others hear "a little voice," "see the light" or see "a fleeting image." Still others sense good or bad "vibrations." Those who learn to "tune in" to their intuition find it a useful tool in their personal and professional lives.

Increasing Intuition

We can expand our intuitive capacities, like any other of our physical or mental capabilities, with training and exercise. The process :

1. Evoke, or awaken, our intuitive capacity, by identifying our personal intuitive messages.

2. Focus our intuition on practical outcomes ... improved relationships, confident decision-making, clear goal-setting, increased creativity and productivity, correct judging and forecasting.

"This immediate access to Truth is the ultimate destiny of all human beings, and it seems probable that some day the mind itself will lie as much below the threshold of consciousness as the instincts now do."

From Intellect to Intuition

By Alice A. Bailey

Some people may believe that their intuition only works in tragic or exceptional circumstances. But that is like saying we only use our common sense in emergencies. Intuition, like common sense, is with us all of the time - if we are willing to use it.

From: Privileged Information - the Newsletter of Innovation

Psychic (paranormal) intuition
... trading stocks ... lottery ... investments ... marriage ...
... career change ... planning ... real estate purchases ... travel ... gambling ...

What's common in all these activities? If you said the involvement of your intuition, you're correct!

In all these cases, and thousands of other, we try to compensate for unknown factors with our intuitive abilities.

Psychics intuition - also referred in science as "paranormal abilities" or "Extra Sensory Perception" (ESP) - is our ability to obtain information about past, present or future events without using the "normal" five senses.

The two types of psychic intuition that we use are Precognition and Clairvoyance.
Precognition allows us to make correct guesses about future events. For example, our precognitive abilities might come into play when planning next week's trip, buying a lottery ticket, or gambling.
Clairvoyance allows us to make correct guesses about events which have already happened, but without using our usual senses. Through clairvoyance, for example, you might become aware that your investments have increased in value, that somebody you know has died, or that a prospective employer is going to give you the job you applied for. These facts exist in the "now", but are hidden from us at the moment we "feel" them.

And, of course, many decisions can involve a mixture of paranormal (ESP) intuition and research - such as when we use market analysis to trade stocks or purchase real estate.

Scientific examples of psychic (paranormal) intuition
Here are a few scientifically-researched examples of paranormal intuition (detailed descriptions of the studies, and their references, appear in the scientific background section):

Dangerous situations
A classical study published by W.E. Cox showed that the number of tickets sold for the trains that crash is usually less than the number of tickets for similar trains on the same day of the previous week. In other words, people somehow foresee and avoid life-treating situation. Remember how abnormally few people were on the planes that crashed on September 11, 2001!) Read more

Business opportunities
A study published by Dean, Mihalsky, Schroeder & Ostrander showed that: “Eighty percent of highly successful company presidents ... scored above chance on computerized precognition tests … ” Read more

A study published by M. Zilberman showed that the human "luckiness" in European numerical lotteries shows similar trends in different countries and correlates with geomagnetic activity on the day of lottery draw. Read more

Casino success
A study published by D.Radin and J. Rebman showed that payouts in a Las Vegas casino are not constant and significantly correlate with the Earth’s geomagnetic activity and lunar cycle. Read more

However, on some days our intuition seems stronger than on others
- and sometimes it's completely non-existent.

M.Zilberman realized that numerical lotteries are a perfect way to measure the degree of ESP in a random population, because millions of tickets are sold randomly every week and results are published independently. He found one surprising result--ESP goes down as sunspots increase. He found that in 1989, the French and Russian lotteries show a statistically significant seasonal variation over many years that is the same in both countries. As an astrophysicist, Zilberman realized that the variation correlated with the 11-year cycle of solar activity. When solar activity is high, the number of correct predictions falls and vice versa.

Intuition Tester

Clairvoyance and Precognition Tests
The Intuition Tester allows you to find answers to 3 important questions regarding your psychic abilities.

1. How strong is your paranormal (psychic) intuition RIGHT NOW?
You will get the answer immediately by completing your test (it usually takes 2-3 minutes).

If your score is higher than 55 % - your paranormal intuition is in good shape.
If your score is higher than 60 % - your paranormal intuition is great.
If your score is higher than 65 % - you are an intuition Genius!
If your score is less than 55% - it is better not rely to your paranormal intuition at this moment.

2. WHEN your paranormal intuition is usually at its best?
Intuition Tester can help you find that. It will analyze your saved data and tell you when your paranormal intuition is usually stronger. In the morning or afternoon? On a specific date or when you listen to your favorite music? With Intuition Tester you can pick up and review any saved test, build averages for any user, any day and any time.

3. What are your abilities in PRECOGNITION and in CLAIRVOYANCE?
Intuition Tester has different algorithms for testing of Precognition or Clairvoyance intuition. When you run a test, you may select what kind of the intuition you want to test. When you analyze your saved test results, you can analyze the Precognition or Clairvoyance test data independently - or combine them into one set.

All the above is done in the form of a scientific game; so you are not only performing the tests, but also having fun!

Intuition Tester has powerful customization options. It comes with a rich collection of “good” and “bad” sounds, and many backgrounds to choose from. This is an important feature of this application, as it allows you to set up the environment that appeals to you most. You can also add your own sounds and pictures, select colors for various screen elements, make them invisible, etc.

I am a psychic and metaphysical healer/ teacher. I have purchased this product and was impressed by its capability. The accuracy it charts is astounding. I was also deeply moved by the original vibrancy of his music, for anyone with empathic abilities, it would behoove you to experience it as I have!!! Diane Krall


Examples of feedback images.
(Totally Intuition Tester comes with 60 feedback images and you can add your own.)

"Good" image 1
" Neutral" image 1
" Bad" image 2

Examples of feedback sounds.

"Good" sound 1
" Good" sound 2
" Bad" sound 1
" Bad" sound 2

Summary of valuable information about your psychic abilities
At the end of each series Intuition Tester analyzes ALL tests you made up-to-date and presents overall statistics and comments on your results and personal abilities.

It shows:
if your psychic abilities are stronger in the morning or afternoon,

if you train your psychic abilities during the tests,

what your abilities for Precognition and Clairvoyance are.

This way Intuition Tester not only shows you how strong your psychic intuition is at the moment of test, but also allows you to learn the useful information about your overall psychic intuition.

Picture below presents comments on your test up-to-date.

Picture below presents the overall statistics on your test up-to-date.

The Statistical Module of Intuition Tester can pick and display any of your saved series and build various averages. Intuition Tester may analyze your Precognition or Clairvoyance test data independently or may combine them into one set. It can tell you how has your intuition changed over time, what your intuition was 2 months ago or a year ago. Through the analysis you can determine whether your psychic intuition is better at the beginning of the test or at the end. Are you influenced by the Intuition Training Effect?

Intuition Tester supports an unlimited number of users, and each of them can retrieve their own, specific information. You can also retrieve information and averages accumulated by all of the users.

"When we assert intuition, we are therefore like the starry night: we gaze at the world through a thousand eyes."
Clarissa Pinkola Estes,
Women Who Run With The Wolves


You can use the Statistical Module to compare your results with family, friends or colleagues - every user can save, retrieve and analyze their individual test results.

Intuition Tester

You can install and use Intuition Tester on any 32-bit Windows computer
running MS Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME or XP.

Intuition Tester

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