How Mind Machines work

The Technical Explanition:

In nature, our surrounding environment, the world is filled with various waveforms, many of which are sound waves. If you captured one of those waves and looked at it upclose, it might look like this...a sine wave:

Now if that wave were vibrating at precisely 100 times per second (100 hz) and you looked at 1 second of it; it would look just like this:

Suppose for our example, there was another wave form in the near vacinity and lets say it was vibrating at almost the same frequency, but just a little off. If it were vibrating at 105 times per second, it would look like this:

Those two waves, when they came in contact with each other, would mix and interfer with each other to produce an interference pattern that looks like the following wave form (also known as a monaural beat):

And your mind is fully capable of entraining to that wave form in your environment, and you would find yourself fighting sleep!

Mind machines work very similar to what happens in nature...with just a little change. If you were listening to a mind machine with ear phones on and say you put the following wave in your left ear.

And let say you were listening to the following sound in your right ear:

Those two wave forms would combine inside your mind to create the following interference wave form (binaural beat) which your mind would entrain to and put you in a near sleep state:

This waveform would entrain you to a peaceful state of calm alertness:

And if you entrained to this waveform, you would find yourself going into a light trance state:

And finally for now, this waveform would entrain you to a very deep trance state: