What if Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are harmful???

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What if Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are harmful???

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What if Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are harmful???

And what if was possible to help protect yourself, your family, and friends

Dr. Nancy Wertheimer, who first published the epidemiological study showing a correlation between 60-Hz power lines and the increased incidence of childhood cancer in this country, has also performed similar research on users of electric blankets. She has found that there is a higher incidence of miscarriages among pregnant women who use electric blankets as compared to pregnant women who do not.

What if EMFs distrupt sleep?

What if electromagnetic fields (EMF) are harmful ???
Is it like Asking "What if thalidomide causes deformities in children"?
The drugs Zomax, DES, and thalidiomide were all tested on animals and judged safe, but had devestating consequences for the humans when they used them. Studies show that more than half of prescription drugs drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration between 1976 and 1985 caused side effects that were serious enough to cause the drugs to be withdrawn from the market
FDA ON Thalidomide

What if EMF causes Cancer???

Our exposure to electromagnetic pollution has increased many million times in the last 30 years

What if your computer is harming your health???

What if your cellular phones is causing tumors???

Old McDonald had a farm e-i-e-i-o. And on his farm he had computer, cell phone, TV, stereo, VCR, electric stove, e-i-e-i-o. With an EMF here and an ELF there, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

A recent headline from the Associated Press:
"BE CAREFUL ABOUT CELL PHONES", The essence of the article states that the British government issued safety precautions amid safety worries in the use of cellular phones. This is primarily true of children under the age of 16. Evidence exists that using a cell phone may be a health risk.
Syracuse Herald Journal Sunday 12/10/2000...

If electromagnetic fields (EMF) are harmful


EMF Detection
Are you at risk???

Electrosmog METERS


Isnt this interesting

The Commission is closely monitoring new developments in scientific research and international regulatory action in the field of EMF. There is for the moment a lack of data concerning long-term effects of low exposure; large-scale epidemiological studies are presently being conducted.

In response to growing concerns amongst the general public, specifically about EMF exposure from mobile phones and transmitter masts, and the rapid increase in the application of new technologies using radio-frequencies, the Commission asked in January 2001 the competent scientific committee to update the existing scientific advice on health risks associated with the exposure to electromagnetic fields in the light of new evidence on exposure and research on health effects. The Committee on Toxicology, Eco-toxicology and the Environment has adopted this opinion(56KB) on October 30, 2001.

The Doll Report
The NRPB (National Radiation Protection Board - UK) Advisory Group on Non-ionising Radiation (AGNIR) headed by sir Richard Doll produced a report titled, ELF Electromagnetic Fields and the Risk of Cancer in March 2001. The report concluded that; unless ... further research indicates that the finding is due to chance or some currently unrecognised artefact, the possibility remains that intense and prolonged exposures to magnetic fields (from powerlines) can increase the risk of leukaemia in children. The inconclusive nature of this finding is due to the low relative risk and the lack of supporting evidence such as a biological mechanism or dose response curve etc.

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Do Governments Really Believe, There Are No Dangerous Bioeffects From EMF Exposure?


"The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehood and error."
- Thomas Jefferson

Danger Zones

EMF Levels From Common Sources in Milligauss (mG)* 
Recommended Safety Levels: .5 mG to 2.5 mG with 1.0mG as preferred standard. 
Adverse biological effects have been found at 2.5mG

Up to 4 inches At 3 feet
50 to 220 .3 to 3
Clothes Washer
8 to 200 .1 to 4
Coffee Maker
6 to 29 .1
4 to 20 2 to 5
Fluorescent Lamp
400 to 4,000 .1 to 5
Hair Dryer
60 to 20,000 .1 to 6
Microwave Oven
100 to 500 1.0 to 25
5 to 100 .1 to 6
Vacuum Cleaner
230 to 1300 3 to 40
50 mG average on 747  

*Source: USA Environmental Protection Agency

All along, Industry and the Federal Government have insisted that either:
not enough research has been done on EMF Bioeffects to determine the potential risk, or
plenty of research has been done to determine that there is no risk.
That these two positions seem to be mutually exclusive appears to have eluded those in charge of public relations ... what is the source of this ambiguity? Is it accidental? Is it intentional, and if so, why?


The Ambiguity
The terms risk and safe, which are essential to a meaningful dialog on this issue, have in this context, undiscussed controversial definitions, that is, they have been craftily re-defined to mean something other than their intended, (dictionay) definition. Safe and risk, as defined in the dictionary, are absolutes. You are either safe, or you are not safe. You are either at risk, or you are not at risk.
A good example of disagreement is the NCRP pre-release leak of "recommendations." This is a group of people working on THE SAME REPORT, who completely disagreed on what the conclusions should be. Imagine people in different agencies with mutually-exclusive interests, or people in Industry, with jobs, and the future of whole technologies at stake? (Here I am assuming the leak originated with someone inside who thought the final recommendations would not be consistant with the data.)

The people who make up the Federal Government do not agree on EMR Bioeffects, so how can the Federal Government appear to be consistent? Here are some contradictory positions taken by various US Government agencies, or agents.

National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, report, or press release, -- no danger,
National Council on Radiation Protection, -- danger -- or maybe not,
National EMF Advisory Committee, calls for Continued Research on Electric and Magnetic Field Health Effects, -- danger, "We take this action because, after perusal of the pre-publication NAS/NRC report released October 31, 1996, we conclude that neither the press release nor the Executive Summary of the report adequately reflects the conclusions to be found in the body of the report. ... Contrary to reports in the popular press. the NAS/NRC report does not state that extremely low magnetic fields are safe. Rather, the report concludes that there is an unexplained, but statistically reliable and robust association between power transmission and distribution systems and childhood cancer and that continued research is necessary."

Power Lines and Property Values:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Each of us spends about one third of our lives in one small area--the bedroom--where we sleep, where we sometime work and where we often have our sacred space for meditation or relaxation. It is most important that this area be kept as a healthy space. Since each person's long-term sensitivity to electrical and magnetic fields may vary, depending on genetic, immune system, stress, environmental and dietary factors, these are just guidelines. In general, to date, there seems to be tendencies for sensitivities to develop quicker in persons who have weak immune systems from chronic illnesses, allergies or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).

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Your workplace
EMF Exposure Plots of Workers

Measurements in milligrams (mG)
The sewing machine operator worked all day, took a 1-hour lunch break at 11:15 am, and took 10-minute breaks at 8:55 am and 2:55 pm. The mechanic repaired a compressor at 9:45 am and 11:10 am
The electrician repaired a large air-conditioning motor at 9:10 am and 11:45 am. The government worker was at the copy machine at 8:00 am, at the computer from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and also from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Work place EMF Spot Measurements

Questions and Answers - EMF in the Workplace

Your enviroment

Repetitious transients and surges (pulse spikes) occur on power lines , but the more influencing transients are created by factors in home and business wiring, water piping (poor grounding/balancing), appliances and equipment. This repetitious long-term exposure may provide a kind of irritation or suppression factor, posing potential hazards to our health. EMF effects have been discovered, at night, reducing brain pineal melatonin hormone production, which affects immune system efficiency, especially in older persons. These effects appear to be caused by the sharp rise and fall of the pulse spikes created by motors and switches (perhaps the electric blanket thermostat switch, for example) turning on and off. That's the reason for 'prudent avoidance' of operating electric blankets and water bed heaters by children and pregnant women. Dr's Wilson and Reiter made these discoveries during the several years ago at Pacific Northwest Laboratory and University of Texas Health Science Center, respectively. This points to a probable irritating or suppressing type of influence which would create symptoms in a variety of confusing ways, due to personal health and immune system factors]. Persons at risk appear to be those having poor health factors and who may be exposed for years in constant proximity to power line components (transformers, sub-stations), appliances (electric blankets, hair dryers), power tools, TV's and computer monitors, and other sources of potentially rapid switching) EMFs.

Your home

There is screed,s of information out there, for and against the ideas in this newsletter, one has to wonder seriously if there are dangers in magnetic fields, personally we measure our environment and try and stay in the researched safe zone, one can never be to careful, and trusting big business and Governments to tell the whole truth,well.
that's another story,,,


EMF Detection Are you at risk???
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Ac milligauss meter - model UHS

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The meter is sensitive to changes of as little as 0.5% of the strength of the Earth's magnetic field, and the tone will sound whether the field increases or decreases. After the meter detects an event, when the magnetic field then becomes stable for more than about five seconds, the tone will stop and the needle will return to zero. The meter will remain at rest until the field changes again. The threshold level (squelch level) of the tone is adjustable. The user determines the amount of change in the magnetic field required to sound the tone. If the field changes by the threshold amount, the tone will come on at a low pitch. If the amount of change is larger, the tone's pitch will be higher. This meter can also be used to determine if anything is magnetized. For example, if a bed frame is magnetized, the meter can be held vertically and slowly be swept by hand over the bed. Any changes in the direction or strength of the magnetic field will register. A similar process can reveal the presence of magnetic rocks just below the ground.

The Natural EM Meter can detect geomagnetic storms caused by unusual solar activity interacting with the ionosphere (which results in rapid changes of up to 10% in the Earth's magnetic field), as well as the electrical activity of ordinary thunderstorms. It will signal the movement of any distant, strong magnetic sources in the sky, even if the sky is cloudy or the source dips behind a hill. Ball lightning should in theory be associated with a strong magnetic field, and magnetization of metal on the ground has been reported with some sightings of unusual lights in the sky.

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A malfunctioning immune system can cause allergies
or arthritis and can fail to stop the growth of cancer cells.

The immune system is important to cancer patients in many ways
The cancer can weaken the immune system
Cancer treatment can weaken the immune system
The immune system may help to fight your bodies cancer
The cancer can weaken the immune system by invading the bone marrow where the cells that help fight infection are made. This happens most often in leukaemia or lymphoma. But it can happen with other cancers too.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can weaken immunity by causing a drop in the number of white blood cells made in the bone marrow. Apart from bone marrow or stem cell transplants, this effect on the bone marrow is temporary.

Some cells of the immune system can recognise cancer cells as abnormal and kill them. Unfortunately, this is not enough to get rid of a cancer altogether.

Some NATURAL treatments aim to use the immune system to fight cancer.


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If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.
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The University of Southern California preformed clinical trials in 1934 with Rife machine technology on 16 terminally ill cancer patients and all 16 were cured within the trial period of 3 to 4 months. It is claimed that the treatment was painless, did not have side effects, did not harm healthy cells and did not include pharmaceutical treatment for the cancers

In the Fall of 1990, two researchers, Drs. William Lyman and Steven Kaali, working at Albert Einstein Medical College in New York City made an important discovery. They found that they could inactivate the HIV virus by applying a low voltage current to HIV infected blood in a test tube. They applied a direct current to the electrodes and found that a current flow in the range of 50-100 microamperes (uA) produced the most effective results. Practically all of the HIV viral particles were adversely affected while normal blood cells remained unharmed. The viral particles were not directly destroyed by the electric current, but rather the outer protein coating of the virus was affected in such a way as to prevent the virus from producing reverse transcriptase, a necessary enzyme needed by the virus to invade human cells.

Oxygen is not something that God reaches out from Heaven and replaces on this planet. Oxygen is primarily provided by photosynthesis from the trees and vegetation. The Amazon forests alone, just one hundred years ago, provided over one third of this planet’s global oxygen. Today, through deforestation and man’s greed, the Amazon basin is struggling to make three-sixteenths of our global oxygen. The ramifications of the former upon life on this planet are severe. Up and coming countries that are frantic to keep up with other commercially affluent countries, are expanding their commercial capabilities each day, consuming more and more energy


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Rife machines and Multiwave oscillators are claimed to complement each other based on the principle that life forms absorb energy. A multiwave Oscillator uses this principle to strengthen cells within the body to resist disease while a Rife machine uses this principle to destroy microorganisms with an overdose of frequency energy.



Georges Lakhovsky
In 1925, Georges Lakhovsky published a paper with the explicit title of “Curing
Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies” in Radio News

His expressed philosophy was
that “the amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the
organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes.” He goes on to say, “The remedy in my opinion, is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell either directly by reinforcing the radio activity of the blood or in producing on the cells a direct action by means of the proper rays.” Lakhovsky’s Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator (RCO) produced low frequency ELF all the way through gigahertz radiowaves with lots of “extremely short harmonics.” He
favored such a wide bandwidth device so that, “The cells with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple vibrations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance.” As a result, Lakhovsky’s RCO is now more often called MWO (multiple wave oscillator) for these reasons. The MWO uses a Tesla coil and special antenna with concentric rings that induce multiple sparks between them

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Quoted from the last page of the book "THE MEDICAL FOLLIES" printed
in 1925 and written by Morris Fishbein, M.D.
Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

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The mutation of healthy cells into cancer cells occur continuously, even in healthy bodies. But such cancer cells are destroyed by the body's natural immune system at a rate about the same as they occur, and when the body condition is stable, there is nothing manifest that a healthy person would experience as cancer. Some types of Cancer are reported to be caused by a virus. Like with any virus, upon invading a body tissue cell it will take over the cells reproductive chemical factory thereby forcing the cell to replicate the virus instead, the cell will revert to the primitive state thus enabling the Colloidal Silver to be effective and kill the cancerous cell. A higher concentration of Colloidal Silver means more immediate contact with any virus or other pathogen.

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Can the power of the mind be used for change

The left side of the brain governs the kinds of thoughts and perceptions which historically our cultures have associated with the mind,intellect. Whereas the right side of the brain governs the kinds of thoughts and perceptions which historically we have associated with the heart,imotions.

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