The 0.5 Hz setting is widely reported to have a great benefit, to inhibit tumorous and other faulty cell mitosis

0.5Hz - 4Hz Sedating, relaxing and calming effect, assists with deeper sleep

Thanks for the time you spent with us, I am so pleased that we went ahead with this unit. It has made such a difference to my wife. a joy to see the relaxation on her face,in her body and mind
Dan Murphy Essex UK


A study done in Texas reported an 83% positive response after CES treatment in patients suffering from severe aggression attacks that could not be managed by drugs. 67% of these severely aggressive patients that had been permanently institutionalised were well enough to be discharged after three months of daily CES treatment.
- Childs A, Price L, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Reduces Aggression in Violent Neuropsychiatric Patients, Primary Psychiatry, 2007: 14(3), pp 50-56


Reduction of bruising, bleeding Pain relief (temporary)

0.5Hz, - 1Hz Pain relief (temporary) - natural opiates released; lymphatics assisted Reported Mitosis reduction or inhibition of rogue cell activity; Balancing sodium - potassium cellular exchange; improved signalling

0.5Hz - Recommended for initial treatments. Single best setting more effective pain relief - natural opiates released re-entrainment of natural brain, and all cell signals; Specific frequency to inhibit rogue cell mitosis

INSOMNIA - may assist in the temporary relief of set at 0.5Hz

One study reported an average 67% effectiveness in treating sleeping disorders among 648 patients, while increasing daytime vigilance.
- Smith RB, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, Oklahoma: Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC. 2007, pp 37-43.

MIGRAINE HEADACHE - temporary relief of the pain Apply at 0.5Hz until the headache has subsided.

NEURALGIA - temporary relief Use initially at 0.5Hz

RHEUMATIC CONDITIONS - (chronic) - temporary relief Use at 0.5Hz for 3 to 5 days

DEGENERATIVE DISEASES In conjunction with your caring medical or health care professional, the following suggestion may assist. Use at 0.5Hz setting only on 'REPEAT' mode as much as is possible and practical, along with appropriate lifestyle and nutritional advice. This setting was introduced initially because of the inhibition of rogue cell mitosis at this frequency only. It has also proved to be calming and very beneficial in neurological conditions.

"Still, it came as something of a surprise when within the past 12 months, two testimonial letters arrived in our office from MS patients describing highly positive experiences with CES. One woman noted, "I have used the CES for about three weeks. It relieves intense pain and puts me in a very relaxed state. I use it at least three to four hours a day." A man wrote regarding his wife's use of CES for her MS, "My wife suffers from MS. She is classified as a chronic progressive patient. Within a few days of using the (CES device), my wife was not getting tired as fast as before. She could hold up to eight hours of activity instead of 3-4 hours ... my wife has cut back dramatically on the amount of medication she used to take."

Ray B. Smith

0.5hz "very relaxing, against headache" (Megabrain Germany), "for lower back pain" (AlphaStim research survey)

Protein synthesis increased and absorbed more rapidly, Inflammation, swelling and pain are reduced (at between 0.5 to 5 Hz),

A 386% increase in attention span test results after just 20 minutes of a single CES treatment in healthy volunteers - Southworth S, A Study of the Effects of Cranial Electrical Stimulation on Attention and Concentration, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science, 1999, Vol 34:1, 43-53.

Stimulation of phagocyte cell production and auto-immune, system, counteracts infection infection (1-5 Hz ). Lymphatic drainage assisted at 0.5 Hz and 3 Hz. Endrophine, Enkephalin , Serotonin and Nor- and adrenaline release for inhibiting pain,

WOW, I'm bouncing here. It is so good to feel GOOD!!! Even in the few short weeks I've had the unit the difference has been so noticeable.
Will definitely continue to use the BTPlus and keep you updated

Viv Johnson Houston Tx


One study reported an average 92% increase in beta-endorphins in the CSF after only 20 minutes of a single CES treatment.
- Shealy CN, Cady RK, et al., Cerebrospinal Fluid and Plasma Neurochemicals: Response to Cranial Electrostimulation, J Neurol Orthop Med Surg, 1998, 18, pp 94-97.

Cell regeneration and healing improved, DNA content of cell increased, (at 4 to 5 Hz),

Delta range (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz): Deep dreamless sleep, trance, suspended animation; Anti-aging. Reduces amount of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress & aging. Increases the levels of DHEA (anti-aging) & melatonin (decreases aging process.); Associated with unconscious mind & sleep state - in conjunction with other frequencies in a waking state, "Delta acts as a form of radar – seeking out information – reaching out to understand on the deepest unconscious level things that we can't understand through thought process." Provides intuition, empathetic attunement & instinctual insight; Conducive to miracle type healing, divine knowledge, inner being & personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, "one with the universe" experiences (samadhi), near death experience, characterized by "unknowing", merely a blissful "being" state such as deep sleep or coma. 1-5 - Delta: deep, dreamless sleep, trance state, non-REM sleep; profound relaxation, restorative sleep, feelings of tranquility&peace, if one can remain aware.

The old View

Humans lose approximately 100,000 neurons each day after age 30 and the cortex loses about 30% of its neurons between adulthood and age 90



Hello Barry.
I am just writing to say a heartfelt THANK YOU for showing us that we were able to break that awful cycle of dependency. This unit has made this possible and strengthened our determination.
O Scott New Jersy USA


BURSITIS (knee) - temporary relief After 3 or 4 treatments at 0.5Hz, set at 5Hz and use as often as practical and as required

The Deep Delta Wave Sleep frequency range between 0.5 Hz - 5 Hz.

What's 3 times better than Prozac?
CES was found to be two times more effective in treating depression than the most effective antidepressant drugs on the market. In fact, CES treatment is 3 times as effective as fluoxetine (Prozac) in the curing of depression, compared to placebo (fake treatment).
- Gilula MF, Kirsch DF, Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Review: A Safer Alternative to Psycho pharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Depression, J Neurotherapy, 2005: 9(2), pp 7-26.


HARMONY - out of, (jet lag, hangover, etc.) Use at 0.5Hz, & 5Hz for 5 minutes each

At the delta level the body replenishes its energy, releases anti-aging hormones like human growth hormone (HGH*), relieves stress, and boosts the immune system. The delta state rejuvenates your mind, body, and spirit. When your dominant brainwave is delta, your body is healing itself and "resetting" its internal clocks so to speak.

HGH: As we get older, decreasing quantities of HGH results in many aging symptoms including loss of muscle tone, increased weight gain, loss of stamina, sagging skin and muscles, wrinkled skin that lacks good tone and texture and flagging memory and many diseases associated with aging. HGH is produced naturally by the pituitary gland in the center of our brain. When we are in deep, dreamless sleep at the delta level the pituitary is stimulated to produce more HGH which is why we feel refreshed and replenished when we get a good nights sleep. The anti-aging properties of deep meditation come from the release of HGH when reaching the delta level during meditation. A healthy lifestyle and diet, and a calm mental and emotional life also stimulate the production of HGH. Lack in any of this is at least one of the reasons for aging, mental imbalances, sickness and disease and so on. BT Plus sessions help bring the body to a deeply relaxed state so that one can reach the delta level easier. It also helps to have a healthy diet and lifestyle, it all works together for the better.

1.5 Hz

1.5 Hz - Abrahams Universal Healing Rate; Sleep; Those individuals whose ailments have manifested into the fourth stage of Chronic Fatigue, where some form of disease is apparent, experienced a release from the negative sensation of their symptoms when moved into 1.5HZ

1.45hz-1.5Hz -"tri-thalamic entrainment format. According to Ronald deStrulle, creates entrainment between hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal. May benefit dyslexics and people with Alzheimer's." (Sonic Entrainment, by Jonathan Goldman, in Music: Physician For Times To Come an anthology by Don Campbell

I hardly believe what I am about to write. After having suffered migraine headaches for most of my 50 years I have had more relief from this unit than all of the other approaches I have tried.
One of the most noticeable things is that the "down time" (often three to four days) after the migraine, has gone and the now occasional headache itself is no longer debilitating, it is just that - a headache nothing else.
S Kelly Detroit Lakes MN USA

1.5Hz, This frequency can lead you to an " altered state of conscience" favorable to a deep sleep.

.At present, there are over 125 research studies on CES(Cranial Electro Stimulation) in humans and 29 experimental animal studies. The overwhelming majority of the scientific research is extremely positive. No significant lasting side effects have been reported. Harvard University School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management found: "The meta-analysis of anxiety showed CES to be significantly more effective than sham (P<.05)

"As a by product of, "raising your vibration" your mind heightens awareness, develops telepathy, intuition, and increases its"ESP" abilities in which to live your life in a more conscious manner. This expanded awareness of energy also helps to open and develop channels of communication from other realms of Light Beings, Spirit Guides, and Nature Spirits. These realms encourage intuition, and knowing, and the ability to receive evident guidance from Spirit, thus enhancing your quality of life by imbuing harmony, balance, joy, and inner-peace. "



5Hz -Increased DNA synthesis; cellular signalling; repair and healing

Lymph drainage (micro-muscular movement), best at .5Hz

In the Palaces of Memory they suggest 5hz as being the optimum learning frequency.
Even as you read these words, a tiny portion of your brain is physically changing. New connections are being sprouted -- a circuit that will create a stab of recognition if you encounter the words again... Read: In the Palaces of Memory


Silence is in the heart of all things. We cannot hear silence, we become silence. To become silence, we have to find our way through the narrow gap between two thoughts. Silence also begins in that place where the breath, as it enters us, comes to rest, and from where the breath, as it leaves us, comes from.

There, in the space between two thoughts, the trough of the brainwave, the pause between exhalation and inhalation, is the true altered state: the presence of the peace-bestowing, ever tranquil, ever fertile void.


It has been estimated that the average person has sixty thousand separate thoughts each and every day. The problem with this is that we have the same sixty thousand thoughts today that we had yesterday, and we'll repeat them again tomorrow. Our minds are filled with the same chatter day in and day out. Learning to be quiet and meditate involves figuring out a way to enter the spaces between your thoughts; or the gap, as I call it. In this silent empty space between your thoughts, you can find a sense of total peace' in a realm that is ordinarily unknowable. Here, any illusion of your separateness is shattered. However, if you have sixty thousand separate thoughts in a day, there is literally no time available to enter the space between your thoughts, because there is no space!

Most of us have minds that race full-speed day and night. Our thoughts are a hodgepodge of continuous dialogue about schedules, money worries, sexual fantasies, grocery lists, drapery problems, concern about the children, vacation plans, and on and on like a merry-go-round that never stops. Those sixty thousand thoughts are usually about ordinary daily activities and create a mental pattern that leaves no space for silence.

7.83Hz : Alpha / Theta, "Schumann Resonance.": One of the main resonance frequencies of the Earth. Has a good reputation for : grounding, anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance. pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects). 'leaves you feeling revitalized like you've spent a day in the country.' reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning - "the earth's natural brainwave

The mind is like a pond. On the surface you see all the disturbances, yet the surface is only a fraction of the pond. It is in the depth below the surface, where there is stillness, that you will come to know the true essence of the pond, as well as your own mind.
By going below the surface, you come to the spaces between thoughts, where you are able to enter the gap. The gap is total emptiness or silence, and it is indivisible. No matter how many times you cut silence in half, you still get silence. This is what is meant by now. Perhaps it is the essence of God, that which cannot be divided from the oneness


100hz Feel better, Blast those moods

100hz increased alertness

Quantitative analysis of the electroencephalogram during cranial electrotherapy stimulation. More

What is "a Brain-Tuner"?
A unit similar to The Bio-Tuner (BT9) was featured in OMNI Magazine, Volume 5, Number 4, January 1983. Article was written by Kathleen McAuliffe. Title of the article is "The Black Box - Secret ... Treatment of Rock Superstars".

Beck Protocol 1000.00 Hz + 111.00 Hz

Download and listen
Bob Beck Audio on the Brain Tuner MP3 format

111Hz : This frequency was advocate by Mr Bob Beck on its Brain Tuner. This frequency has the good reputation of increasing production of beta-endorphin (pain killer), and cell regeneration. It has often been used to assist in the withdrawal of heavy dependencies.

A unit similar to The BT Plus was featured in OMNI Magazine, Volume 5, Number 4, January 1983. Article was written by Kathleen McAuliffe. Title of the article is "The Black Box - Secret ... Treatment of Rock Superstars". The BT Plus uses the frequencies of 1,000 Hz pulse-modulated by 111.11 Hz . This is the "magic frequency" that was found to work where other's failed. More here

Relieve Depression


FAQ Everything you wanted to know about CES.

A large proportion of people who have treated themselves successfully with this method use a treatment time of 20 to 40 minutes is best, daily or every other day. Immediately after a CES treatment, people most often report a notable level of relaxation. Some people feel somewhat inebriated for the first few minutes. It is a pleasant and very comfortable sensation. After a short period of time, the light-headed feelings usually disappear, the relaxed state remains and a profound sense of alertness is achieved.

This relaxed/alert state will usually remain for an average of 12 to 72 hours after the first few treatments and then becomes cumulative from a series of treatments. Most people relate feeling more relaxed, less distressed, while their minds remain alert and even more focused on mental tasks. They generally sleep better and report improved concentration along with heightened states of general well-being.


BT Pro

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Van Dyke, Halpern, Busby, 'Space Biomagnetics' Space Life Sciences (1968).
Basset, Pawluch, NY Acad of Science (1974); Gross, Lawrence, FEd Proc (1961); Kolin, Brill, Broberg, Biol & Med (1959); Degen, Vracdelo (1971); Freeman, Magnetism in Medicine - Journal of Appl Physics (1960).