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"Never must the physician say, the disease is incurable. By that admission he denies God, our Creator; he doubts Nature with her profuseness of hidden powers and mysteries."
Quoted from the last page of the book "THE MEDICAL FOLLIES" printed
in 1925 and written by Morris Fishbein, M.D.
Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

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Does the Federal Government Really Believe, There Are No Dangerous Bioeffects From EMF Exposure?

"The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehood and error."
- Thomas Jefferson

Powerful electromagnetic fields exist under overhead power lines. The cables carried on pylons across the countryside often have potentials of four hundred thousand volts or more. If you stand under such a line you will often be able to hear a rhythmic humming. In damp weather you can hear the crackling as some of the electricity discharges into the atmosphere.
Under the more powerful lines the fields will light up a fluorescent tube when someone stands underneath the cables holding one end of the tube. ( Warning: This is a potentially dangerous trick, so you should not try it yourself!). At least one individual is on record who remembered enough school science to erect a cable strung between two poles under a power line near his home, connected the ends to his household supply and got free power until the authorities caught up with him and sued him for stealing electricity! You do not need physical connections to extract power from an electrical field.

The person with the fluorescent tube standing under the power line also had electrical currents and voltages induced in his body. This happens because the blood and other body fluids conduct electricity and, as with any conductor in a moving electric field, a current will be produced in the body. You have seen how even the much lower voltages of mains cables at home will produce this phenomenon and you can demonstrate the effect using an earthed voltmeter in the way described in the last chapter. Obviously the effect will be much bigger directly under a pylon.

You can alarmingly demonstrate this induction effect by parking a vehicle (the larger the better) under a power line' High static charges will build up m the metal body and because of the rubber tyres will only slowly be discharged to earth. A large spark will be produced if you reach out to touch the van.

Despite these obvious anct measurable effects, the official position of the electric power companies has always been that, party tricks excepted, there is no possibility that even long-term exposure to high electromagnetic fields can have injurious effects on health.

However, too many people who live in houses under or near power ipines complain of a variety of symptoms without apparent cause for such assurances to be accepted without question. Some feel perpetually lacking in energy. In worse cases, they may feel nauseous or dizzy. The long-term effects remain to be assessed, but when we remember the findings of Nancy Wertheimer there appears to be at least a possibility of a link with cancer and there is current litigation in both Britain and the USA against power transmission companies which, if successful, will result in enormous damages being paid to affected families. 03_Facts_and_Figures.html


All along, Industry and the Federal Government have insisted that either:
not enough research has been done on EMF Bioeffects to determine the potential risk, or plenty of research has been done to determine that there is no risk.
That these two positions seem to be mutually exclusive appears to have eluded those in charge of public relations ... what is the source of this ambiguity? Is it accidental? Is it intentional, and if so, why?


The Ambiguity
The terms risk and safe, which are essential to a meaningful dialog on this issue, have in this context, undiscussed controversial definitions, that is, they have been craftily re-defined to mean something other than their intended, (dictionay) definition. Safe and risk, as defined in the dictionary, are absolutes. You are either safe, or you are not safe. You are either at risk, or you are not at risk.
A good example of disagreement is the NCRP pre-release leak of
"recommendations." This is a group of people working on THE SAME REPORT, who completely disagreed on what the conclusions should be. Imagine people in different agencies with mutually-exclusive interests, or people in Industry, with jobs, and the future of whole technologies at stake? (Here I am assuming the leak originated with someone inside who thought the final recommendations would not be consistant with the data.)

The people who make up the Federal Government do not agree on EMR Bioeffects, so how can the Federal Government appear to be consistent? Here are some contradictory positions taken by various US Government agencies, or agents.

National Academy of Sciences - National Research Council, report, or press release, -- no danger,
National Council on Radiation Protection, --
danger -- or maybe not,
National EMF Advisory Committee,
calls for Continued Research on Electric and Magnetic Field Health Effects, -- danger, "We take this action because, after perusal of the pre-publication NAS/NRC report released October 31, 1996, we conclude that neither the press release nor the Executive Summary of the report adequately reflects the conclusions to be found in the body of the report. ... Contrary to reports in the popular press. the NAS/NRC report does not state that extremely low magnetic fields are safe. Rather, the report concludes that there is an unexplained, but statistically reliable and robust association between power transmission and distribution systems and childhood cancer and that continued research is necessary."

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EMFs: A Health Concern in Schools
EMF Health Report, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1993.

A number of school boards across North America have taken actions to limit exposure of school children to EMF. These actions, based primarily on parental concerns rather than on demonstrated health risks, have attempted to reduce the exposure of children to magnetic field levels which are typical of EMF exposures for the general public.

California. "High" EMF readings have prompted educators and administrators to take action to minimize exposure to EMFs. At the Montague Elementary School in Santa Clara, CA, 13 of the school's 15 teachers have formally requested to be transferred because of the school's close proximity to power lines. In addition, 4 classrooms, a day care center, and a part of the playground located near power lines have been closed off.


Before an evaluation of possible EMF-cancer associations in southern Marin County, CA, was even completed, the Mill Valley school district authorized up to $50,000 for new light fixtures and wiring to reduce EMF emissions. These expenses were approved by the school board after a district survey showed high EMF levels. Mill Valley's Tam Valley School took other cost-free precautions such as moving desks away from fish tanks and relocating physical education classes away from power lines.

In 1988, Dr. David Savitz set out to disprove the results of the earlier Denver study using a different group of children. Instead , his findings were nearly identical with the first study; indicating elevated risk for all cancers among children living in homes near power lines with magnetic fields at or above 2 milligauss (mg). A milligauss is a unit of measurement for EMR.
Irrefutable evidence that EMR promotes cancer was found in the l993 Swedish Study by Maria Feychting and Anders Ahlbom. This study clearly established a dose/ response relationship. That is the more EMR you are exposed to, the greater your risk in developing cancer. This study was conducted on everyone in Sweden under the age of 16 years who lived within 300 meters of a power line between l960 and 1985.
--Those children who lived furthest away from the power line and were outside its radiation showed no increased risk of leukemia.
--Those children who lived nearer the power line with an exposure of
2 milligauss were 2.7 times more likely to have leukemia.
--Those who lived closer still to the power line in a 3 milligauss
field were 3.8 times as likely to develop leukemia.
--Many other studies that show a relationship between EMR and cancer
are listed in 'THE EMF BOOK" by Mark Pinsky


New York. New York Attorney General Robert Abrams called on the state's top seven utility companies to study EMFs from power lines near schools in response to concern expressed by the New York State United Teachers Union and other groups. A study by Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation has identified 35 schools in upstate New York which are in close proximity to high-voltage power lines.


Canada. In Toronto, Ontario, parents were successful in a campaign to relocate a kindergarten classroom and library at a Bennington Heights elementary school. Concerns raised over a proposed new kindergarten play area at the south end of the school led parents to request magnetic field measurements of the area. The school building is on a cliff less than 100 feet from a 115-kV transmission line at the same height. Measurements taken at the south end of the school indicated levels about twice the average in the rest of the school. After a series of public meetings and additional consultant reviews, the school board decided to relocate classes and a library to portable units at the north end of the school, reserving the rooms at the south end for occasional use for meetings.

The US. Environmental Protection Agency warns "there is reason for concern" and advises "prudent avoidance". Martin Halper, the EPA's Director of Analysis and Support goes even further. "I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we're seeing with ELF [extremely low frequency] electromagnetic fields. Clearly there is something here".

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The safety of computers used at Bennington was also questioned when measurements indicated magnetic field levels of 3 to 13 mG, which were also higher than the rest of the school. The current Swedish standard, known as MPRII, sets maximum EMF emissions from video display terminals at 2.5 mG at 50 cm from the front of the monitor, and New York public schools require a level of less than 2 mG at 30 cm.

Deceiving the public is nothing new for Govt Health Orgs. They have a long history of ignoring our health concerns.

In some countries Govt Health Orgs refused for three decades to classify asbestos as carcinogenic, they shirked their responsibilities by not insisting that the Red Cross perform proper blood screening thus allowing thousands to be infected by HIV; and Hepatitis C; contaminated blood.
The nuclear weapons and power industry has lied about its safety for
years and Govt Health Orgs have done nothing. (One should not forget that the electrical industry and the nuclear industry are almost one and the same). It took decades of death and suffering before they implemented regulations on tobacco use...

Govt Health Orgs in many countries refuse to acknowledge the gulf war syndrome as a disease even though 2,000 Canadians, 2,400 British, and 30,000 Americans have been afflicted with the disease since the Gulf War.
Ironically, they may be the victims of electromagnetic biological weapons used by the military.
Silicone breast implants, thalidomide, DDT, and dioxins all have caused immeasurable suffering and the list keeps growing. The lack of regulations to protect the public from these substances are not mistakes.

Canada has no legal limit on EMF emissions and Health and Welfare, Canada does not recognize any danger from EMF exposure. However, parents at the Bennington School were unwilling to accept existing standards when it came to a potential risk to their children's health, and strongly supported the school board's decision to expend funds to reduce EMF exposures without any indications of health problems in the school. Bennington parents were motivated by accounts such as the series of EMF articles by Paul Brodeur published in The New Yorker magazine. They also credited magazine reports on the recent Swedish studies, which demonstrated a relationship between a 2-mG level of EMF exposure and childhood cancer, as influential.

There are possible ways to avoid electromagnetic radiations: try to move far enough from the source so that the field has weakened to an acceptable level; or find some way of shielding ourselves, that is, of stopping the radiation reaching us.


Safe EMF levels. Scientists recognize that human health studies must set a fairly low EMF cut-off point that separates unexposed from "exposed" individuals in order to have enough exposed individuals for statistical analysis. Even if health studies conclude that there is a statistically significant increased risk for individuals in the exposed group, it is not possible to say with certainty that exposure at or above the cut-off point is a real risk or that all individuals in the exposed group have an equal risk. Further human studies and laboratory animal studies are needed to clarify these points. However, with such studies not yet completed, the public has started to make decisions and expend money based on what limited evidence is available.

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Danger Zones

EMF Levels From Common Sources in Milligauss (mG)* 
Recommended Safety Levels: .5 mG to 2.5 mG with 1.0mG as preferred standard. 
Adverse biological effects have been found at 2.5mG

Up to 4 inches At 3 feet
50 to 220 .3 to 3
Clothes Washer
8 to 200 .1 to 4
Coffee Maker
6 to 29 .1
4 to 20 2 to 5
Fluorescent Lamp
400 to 4,000 .1 to 5
Hair Dryer
60 to 20,000 .1 to 6
Microwave Oven
100 to 500 1.0 to 25
5 to 100 .1 to 6
Vacuum Cleaner
230 to 1300 3 to 40
50 mG average on 747  

*Source: USA Environmental Protection Agency


Power Lines and Property Values:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Each of us spends about one third of our lives in one small area--the bedroom--where we sleep, where we sometime work and where we often have our sacred space for meditation or relaxation. It is most important that this area be kept as a healthy space. Since each person's long-term sensitivity to electrical and magnetic fields may vary, depending on genetic, immune system, stress, environmental and dietary factors, these are just guidelines. In general, to date, there seems to be tendencies for sensitivities to develop quicker in persons who have weak immune systems from chronic illnesses, allergies or multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).



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EMF Exposure Plots of Workers

Measurements in milligrams (mG)
The sewing machine operator worked all day, took a 1-hour lunch break at 11:15 am, and took 10-minute breaks at 8:55 am and 2:55 pm. The mechanic repaired a compressor at 9:45 am and 11:10 am
The electrician repaired a large air-conditioning motor at 9:10 am and 11:45 am. The government worker was at the copy machine at 8:00 am, at the computer from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and also from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

Work place EMF Spot Measurements

Questions and Answers - EMF in the Workplace




Your enviroment

Repetitious transients and surges (pulse spikes) occur on power lines , but the more influencing transients are created by factors in home and business wiring, water piping (poor grounding/balancing), appliances and equipment. This repetitious long-term exposure may provide a kind of irritation or suppression factor, posing potential hazards to our health. EMF effects have been discovered, at night, reducing brain pineal melatonin hormone production, which affects immune system efficiency, especially in older persons. These effects appear to be caused by the sharp rise and fall of the pulse spikes created by motors and switches (perhaps the electric blanket thermostat switch, for example) turning on and off. That's the reason for 'prudent avoidance' of operating electric blankets and water bed heaters by children and pregnant women. Dr's Wilson and Reiter made these discoveries during the several years ago at Pacific Northwest Laboratory and University of Texas Health Science Center, respectively. This points to a probable irritating or suppressing type of influence which would create symptoms in a variety of confusing ways, due to personal health and immune system factors]. Persons at risk appear to be those having poor health factors and who may be exposed for years in constant proximity to power line components (transformers, sub-stations), appliances (electric blankets, hair dryers), power tools, TV's and computer monitors, and other sources of potentially rapid switching) EMFs.

In spite of the electrical industry's obvious bias , their scientists still have released study after study linking EMR and cancer. However, the industry has a remarkable ability to discredit their own research. Even though the best scientific methodology available is used public relations people have gone to work to cast doubt on the results.
Their job is to baffle and confuse the public by pointing out all the supposed flaws in their own studies until the public does not know what to think. They know that as long as the public does not have clear and accurate information on the hazards of EMR, we will not be able to make knowledgeable decisions as to what is safe.
There is another level of understanding this strategy of publishing damning evidence and then discrediting the study. It creates confusion and a quiet desperation in the public, while maintaining the illusion that the electrical industry is doing something, and they care about our health. Meanwhile, they are injecting a key element into their information control strategy; fear of the unknown and specifically fear of cancer. Corporations spend
millions of dollars studying human behavior and they know that fear is a powerful ingredient in controlling public behavior.
When people are fearful, they tend to feel powerless and give up responsibility for their own health and safety to those in authority;
in this case to the very people who are harming them.

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There is screed,s of information out there, for and against the ideas in this newsletter, one has to wonder seriously if there are dangers in magnetic fields, personally we measure our environment and try and stay in the researched safe zone, one can never be to careful, and trusting big business and Governments to tell the whole truth,well.
that's another story,,

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Can the power of the mind be used for change
The left side of the brain governs the kinds of thoughts and perceptions which historically our cultures have associated with the mind,intellect. Whereas the right side of the brain governs the kinds of thoughts and perceptions which historically we have associated with the heart,imotions.



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