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"As long as there is breath in my body
I will never ever cease to be a seeker after truth."

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"Never must the physician say, the disease is incurable. By that admission he denies God, our Creator; he doubts Nature with her profuseness of hidden powers and mysteries."
Quoted from the last page of the book "THE MEDICAL FOLLIES" printed
in 1925 and written by Morris Fishbein, M.D.
Editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association

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Only as far as I seek ---- can I go.
Only as deep as I look ---- can I see.
Only as much as I dream ---- can I be.
Only as high as I reach ---- can I grow.

"The less a person believes in the power of thought, the more positively he thinks he stands on the earth. Nevertheless, consciously or unconsciously he feels his limitation, and searches for something that will strengthen his belief in thought."

Have Scientists Discovered
The 'One Secret’ to Having Wealth, Health, Love, or Anything Else You Desire?

BOSTON, MA - During a recent study involving research analysts, metaphysicians, scientists, as well as a diverse group of religious advocates, all members came to the same conclusion:

"For the first time in our history, we can now agree, there seems to be just one ‘secret’ which can actually create what we desire.”

So what is this method or 'energy' which we may all possess but we don't know about?

These experts are all pointing to the discovery that there may be one common 'secret' that is behind the creation of everything in our lives. Whether we want to become wealthy, achieve perfect health, find the right mate, or experience true peace and happiness, can it be that researchers may have found the one ‘secret’ to having anything we desire?

Quick Fact: "The essence of this ‘secret,’ according to researchers, relies on both the spiritual & metaphysical truths that if you were to break down everything you see, the net result would be a pure, 'non-physical' energy, which can be physically directed to create what we desire"...

Everything you see around you, including your money, health, relationships, your entire life, is or was initially made up of this energy, and science may have discovered how we can control and use this energy to predictably create our desired results.

Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, create wealth, cure a disease, find a mate, or most anything else you desire, you can use the very building blocks used to create these things (using the same source) to precisely create what you want.

Did you know you are already using energy every second you are alive to create the circumstances of your life? You just don’t know it or see it (obviously being to small to actually see) but it’s happening, and it is creating virtually everything that's happening to you right now, in every moment of your life…

Again, everything is made of this, and you are sending and receiving both metaphysical & spiritual energy right now even as you are reading this article. What is interesting to know is that if you were to truly understand what actually is happening and are able to properly apply this in your life, you may use it to create only what you desire. Imagine how powerful this knowledge could be for yourself, or for someone you know, to use in virtually all aspects of your life!

95% of us are simply not aware of this age old phenomenon, and we simply let life happen to us, including the things we don't want but inadvertently bring upon ourselves such as unhappiness, lack of financial security, or even attracting sickness or disease. Worst of all...

If you are using this process incorrectly, you may be actually pushing away what you desire the most! - you may have already experienced this phenomenon of getting the exact opposite of what you actually 'desired' or 'expected' to happen?

Over a century ago, as one great visionary put it: “...this process goes on whether we know of it or not... some people may use it effectively without even knowing, while others simply 'tread water' their entire lives and let it use them...” - (end of news clip, posted Mar.'05)

Thought is a vital, living force, the most vital, subtle and irresistible force that exists in the universe. The thought-world is more real relatively than this physical universe. Thoughts are living things. Every change in thought is accompanied by vibration of its matter (mental). Thought as force needs a special kind of subtle matter in its working.

Mind assumes the form of anything it contemplates. When you think of an object, your mind shapes itself into the form of that object. When you change your thought, your mind also changes its shape. Many modifications continually arise in the mind. Your thoughts rapidly change. Your mind also changes its shape rapidly. Every moment, mind is continually creating hundreds of these thought-forms and continually dispersing them again. It never holds on steadily to one thought-form for some time.

Language is different, but thought is one. Mental image is same in all.

Thought is a creative force
Thought is a dynamic force. Thought moves. Thought is infectious. Thought creates. You can work wonders with the power of thought. Through the instrumentality of thought, you acquire creative power. There are nowadays numerous books on thought-power.
Every thought has a literal value to you in every possible way. The strength of your body, the strength of your mind, your success in life and the pleasures you give to others by your company - all depend on the nature and quality of your thoughts.


Thought gives health
If you entertain healthy thoughts, you can keep good health. If you hold on to sickly thoughts in the mind, thoughts of diseased tissues, thoughts of weak-nerves, thoughts of improper functioning of organs, you can never expect good health, beauty and harmony. The body is the product of the mind. If you hold on vigorous thoughts in the mind, then the physical body also will be vigorous.

Negative thoughts of all kinds befoul and infure the mind and, if persisted in, will become veritable diseases and maimings of the mind, incurable during the period of life.

I believe every one of us has the potential to be a negative hexer or a positively powerful healer. How many people grow up believing they are ugly, incompetent, or limited because of some powerful hypnotic suggestion implanted carelessly in childhood? For many people they only have to hear someone say 'you look unwell, peaky, tired' to begin to feel unwell, tired or peaky! How many times have you unconsciously acted on post-hypnotic suggestions from people who don't even know what they are doing? Even if you think you haven't, you surely have. The best hypnotic suggestions are unconsciously absorbed. You might not even realise it, but people are hexing you all the time.

Peta Heskell

Thought builds character

" As a man thinketh, so he is." "Man is created by thought; what a people thinks upon, that they becomes." Think you are strong; strong you become. Think you are weak; the weak you become. Think you are a fool; fool you become. Think you are Spiritual; Spiritual you become. A man forms his own character, becoming that which he thinks. If you meditate on courage, you shall work courage into your character. If you think nobly, you shall gradually make for yourself a noble character, but if you think basely, a base character will be formed. Steady persevering thought sets up a definite habit of the mind and that habit manifests itself as a quality in the character. The thread of thought is woven into mental and moral qualities and these qualities in their totality form what we call character. You can build your character as surely as a mason can build a wall, working with and through the law.

The first step towards a deliberate creation of character lies then in the deliberate choosing of what we will think and then of thinking persistently on the quality chosen. Soon, there will be a tendency to evince that quality; a little longer, its exercise will become habitual. Thought makes character. You spin the thread of thought into your destiny.

Thought weaves destiny
If the mind dwells continually upon one train of thought, perhaps a groove is formed into which the thought-force runs automatically.

Every thought has got its own mental image. Every man has a mental world of his own, his/her own views, his own sentiments, his own feelings, his own habitual thoughts, his own experience and his/her own mode of thinking. Man makes the circumstances of his future by the effect of his actions upon others.

Every action has a past which leads up to it; every action has a future which proceeds from it. An action implies a desire which prompted it and a thought which shaped it. Each act is a link in an endless chain of causes and effects, each effect becoming a cause and each cause having been an effect; and each link in the endless chain is welded out of three components - desire, thought and activity. A desire stimulates a thought; a thought embodies itself in an act.


Like attracts like
The great law, "Like attracts like," is ever operating. This is a great cosmic law. This is a law in nature. This law operates in the thought world also. People of similar thoughts are attracted towards each other. That is the reason why the maxims run as follows: "Birds of the same feather flock together....A man is known by the company he keeps." A doctor is drawn towards a doctor. A poet has attraction for another poet. A singer loves another singer. A philosopher likes another philosopher. A vagabond likes a vagabond. The mind has a 'drawing power'. You are continually attracting towards you, from both the seen and the unseen sides of life-forces, thoughts, influences and conditions most akin to those of your own thoughts and lives.

In the realm of thought, people of similar thoughts are attracted to one another. This universal law is continually operating whether we are conscious of it or not. We are all living, so to speak, in a vast ocean of thought; and the very atmosphere around us is continually filled with the thought-forces that are being continually sent or that are continually going out in the form of thought-waves.
We are all affected more or less by these thought-forces either consciously or unconsciously and in the degree that we are more or less sensitively organised or in the degree we are negative and so are open to outside influences, rather than positive, which thus determine what influences shall enter into the domain of our thoughts and hence into our lives.

Carry any kind of thought you please about with you and so long as you retain it, no matter how you roam over land or sea, you will unceasingly attract to yourself, knowingly or inadvertently, exactly and only what corresponds to your own dominant quality of thought. Thoughts are your private property and you can regulate them to suit your taste entirely by steadily recognising your ability to do so. You have entirely in your own hands to determine the order of thought you entertain and consequently the order of influences you attract and are not mere willowy creatures of circumstances, unless indeed you choose to be.

Positive thoughts and Negative thoughts
A Positive thought is thrice blessed. First, it benefits the thinker by improving his mental body. Secondly, it benefits the person about whom it is entertained. Lastly, it benefits all mankind by improving the general mental atmosphere.

A Negative thought, on the contrary, is thrice cursed. First, it harms the thinker by doing injury to his mental body. Secondly, it harms the person who is its object. Lastly, it harms all mankind by vitiating the whole mental atmosphere.

Every Negative thought is as a sword drawn on the person to whom it is directed. If you entertain thoughts of hatred, you are really a murderer of that man against whom you foster thoughts of hatred. You are your own suicide, because these thoughts rebound upon you only.

A mind tenanted by Negative thoughts acts as a magnet to attract like thoughts from others and thus intensifies the original.

Huge Increase in Alzheimer's, Dementia Predicted
December 16, 2005
(The New York Times News Service) -- Experts are now predicting that the global incidence of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia will soar in the next few decades, especially in developing countries.

That prediction is made by an international group of 12 experts, two of them American, who were provided with "a systematic review of published studies on dementia" by Alzheimer's Disease International, a London-based organization.

"We estimate that 24.3 million people have dementia today, with 4.6 million new cases of dementia every year," the experts reported in the Dec. 17 issue of The Lancet. "The number of people (with dementia) will double every 20 years, to 81.1 million by 2040," they added.

The number of cases will double by 2040 in developed countries such as the United States, the experts wrote.

The prediction is very much in line with the forecast made two years ago for the United States by the Alzheimer's Association, says Maria Carrillo, the organization's director of medical and scientific affairs.

"We have 4.5 million cases now," Carrillo says. "We predict a huge increase, to 6.5 million in 2025. That will overwhelm our economy and health care system, and needs to be addressed in the next five to 10 years by research."

The exact causes of Alzheimer's disease remain unknown, although it is thought to be related to a gradual build-up of amyloid beta protein plaques within the brain. Cerebrovascular changes have also been linked to increased risk for Alzheimer's, and stroke is a major contributor to other forms of dementia.

The Alzheimer's Disease International experts are recommending public health measures that focus on reducing risk factors for cerebral blood vessel damage, such as high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and cholesterol. The U.S. Alzheimer's Association agrees with that approach, Carrillo says.

"A lot of research has shown that leading a healthy lifestyle can help preserve mental function," she says. "You should be physically active, mentally active and socially active."

Mental activity is an important element, but physical activity counts as well, says Colin Milner, chief executive officer of the International Council on Active Aging, based in Canada. "Learning a foreign language, juggling, playing ping-pong -- you need to engage your mind and your body," he says.

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The numbers in the Lancet paper "aren't really a great surprise, because people aren't living healthy lives," Milner says. "Look at diabetes. They're predicting a 165 percent increase over the next five to 10 years. You need to be aware of the impact that not doing something can have on your mind and body."

Take precautions now


The progeny of Thoughts

It is not sufficient that your thoughts are not Negative. You must transmute Negative thoughts into Positive thoughts. You must make them helpful thoughts. When they are sent out, they must be capable of doing immense good and benefit to the suffering humanity and your neighbours.

Thoughts are your own real children. Be careful of your progeny of thoughts. A good son brings happiness, name and fame to the father. An evil son brings infamy, discredit to his father. Even so, a noble thought will bring happiness and joy to you. A Negative thought could bring misery and trouble to you. Just as you rear up your children with great care, so also you will have to rear up good, sublime thoughts with great care.

What if, when faced with what they consider to be terminal cases, doctors were a) able to talk positively to their clients and give them hope and b) willing to refer them to alternative practitioners? These professions should not be at odds, but should work together to create holistic health care. Bandler agrees

Thought is contagious

Thought is very contagious and nay. A sympathetic thought in you often raises a sympathetic thought in others with whom you come in contact. A thought of anger produces a similar vibration in those who surround an angry man. A cheerful thought produces cheerful thought in others. A thought of joy creates sympathetically a thought of joy in others. You are filled with joy and intense delight when you see a batch of hilarious children playing mirthfully and dancing in joy.

The mind is like a wireless machine. A saint with peace, poise, harmony and spiritual waves sends out into the world thoughts of harmony and peace. They travel with tremendous lightning speed in all directions and enter the minds of thousands and produce in them also similar thoughts of harmony and peace. Whereas a worldly man whose mind is filled with jealousy, revenge and hatred sends out discordant thoughts which enter the minds of thousands and stir in them similar thoughts of hatred and discord.

Thought-transference or Telepathy

What is the possible medium through which thoughts can travel from mind to another? The best possible explanation is that mind-substance fills all space like ether and it serves as the vehicle for thoughts. Hence, thought-transference is possible. Thought-transference is telepathy.

If we throw a piece of stone in a tank or a pool of water, it will produce a succession of concentric waves travelling all around from the affected place. The light of a candle will similarly give rise to waves of thereal vibrations travelling in all directions from the candle. In the same manner, when a thought, whether positive or negativel, crosses the mind of a person, it gives rise to vibrations in the mental atmosphere, which travel far and wide in all directions.

While electricity travels at the rate of 186,000 miles per second, thoughts virtually travel in no time, their speed being as much faster than electricity as their vehicle mind is finer than ether, the medium of electricity.

Thoughts are like things. Just as you hand over an orange to your friend, so also you can give a useful, powerful thought to your friend . You must know the right technique to handle and manipulate a thought. The science is very interesting and subtle. You can aid a friend in trouble by sending him thoughts of comfort, a friend in search of Truth by thoughts clear and definite of the truths you know. .

It is said" If you send out a loving, helpful thought to another man, it leaves your brain, goes directly to that man, raises a similar thought of love in his mind and returns back to you with redoubled force. If you send out a thought of hatred to another man, it hurts that man and hurts you also by returning back to you with redoubled force." Therefore, understnad the laws of thought, raise only positive life enhancing thoughts from your mind and be happy always.

When you send out a useful thought to help others, it must have a definite, positive purpose and aim. Then only it will bring out the desired effect. Then only that thought will accomplish a definite work.

Benefits of controlling Thoughts

Thoughts lead to action. Thoughts are the sources of all actions. Thinking is the real action. If you can root out all negative thoughts in the beginning, if you can nip them in the bud, you will be free from the miseries and tribulations of this world. Watch your thoughts with vigilance and introspection.

"A wise man watches his thoughts and eradicates all evil thoughts as they arise from the surface of the mind. So he is happy. He has always pure thoughts. By meditation on God, pure thoughts emanate from the mind. "

If you have control over your thoughts, you can turn out immense work with intense concentration. Mental torments of all sorts, cares, worries and anxieties will disappear. The peace that you will enjoy cannot be adequately described.

"Those who have even a little control over their thoughts and speech will have a calm, serene, beautiful, charming face, sweet voice and brilliant, lustrous white eyes. "


The Power of Thought to Heal

Disease and health, like circumstances, are rooted in thought. Sickly thoughts will express themselves through a sickly body. Thoughts of fear have been known to kill a man as speedily as a bullet, and they are continually killing thousands of people just as surely though less rapidly. The people who live in fear of disease are the people who get it. Anxiety quickly demoralizes the whole body, and lays it open to the entrance of disease,

The Placebo Effect

Michael Murphy, in The Future of the Body, a comprehensive treatise on extraordinary human abilities, devotes an entire chapter to the placebo effect. Some of the studies he cites are summarized below:

Angina Pectoris. This is a chest pain normally associated with heart disease. In the early 1950s, it was a common practice in the United States to perform a ligation of the internal mammary artery to relieve pain and improve coronary blood flow. In the late 1950s, two researchers performed a double-blind experiment. Each patient received a skin incision, but only in randomly selected cases was the ligation actually performed. The researchers found no significant difference in the improvement rates of those patients who received the ligation and those who received a simple skin incision. The ligation procedure was subsequently abandoned.(14)

Warts. The placebo effect, using some of the most outrageous remedies, has worked exceptionally well with warts. In 1934, a physician conducted a double-blind study showing that placebos worked almost as well as sulpharsphenamine, the drug commonly used to treat warts at the time. Another physician was able to cure 44% of his patients of one kind of wart, and 88% of those with another kind, using suggestion alone. Studies like these led psychiatrist Montague Ullman to conclude in the 1950s that suggestion, when compared against X-ray, drugs, and surgery, was the most important factor in curing warts.(15)

Asthma. One study showed that 19 out of 40 subjects developed asthmatic symptoms after inhaling a saline solution they believed to be allergenic. Twelve developed full-blown wheezing and bronchial spasms, which disappeared completely three minutes after receiving another saline solution placebo. The same researchers induced bronchospasms in 15 out of 29 subjects who were told that the saline solution they inhaled contained allergenic agents. The researchers concluded that suggestion played a significant role in precipitating asthmatic attacks.(16)

What would happen if doctors and practitioners of medicine, complementary or otherwise, could learn to harness alternative skills and powerful language that enhanced the healing process rather than hindered it?


Pain Relief. In 11 double-blind studies conducted over a 15-year period, a researcher found that 36% of 908 subjects who received placebos achieved at least 50% reduction in various kinds of pain. The results match a 35% rate in another similar study.(17)

Arthritis. Arthritic patients who received placebos experienced the same levels of relief as those who took conventional antiarthritic drugs. Subjects noted improvement in eating, sleeping, elimination, and swelling.(18)

Medication Side Effects. In another study, published in 1955, researcher Henry Beecher showed that placebos could produce symptoms such as nausea, dry mouth, heaviness, headache, concentration difficulties, drowsiness, fatigue, and unwanted sleep.(19) In a study of the drug mephenesin, researchers found that placebos produced "combinations of weakness, palpitation, nausea, rash, epigastric pain, diarrhea, urticaria, and swelling of the lips that mimicked known side effects of the drug."(20) Mexican researchers found that placebos could induce some of the known side effects of contraceptives.

Cancer. Statistical studies of placebo treatments for cancer are also rare, which is understandable, considering the risks of belonging in the control group. However, in his book Meaning and Medicine, Dr. Larry Dossey gives an anecdotal account that strongly suggests that placebos can cure cancer in some cases:

A man with an advanced cancer was no longer responding to radiation treatment. He was given a single injection of an experimental drug, Krebiozen, considered by some at the time to be a "miracle cure." (It has since been discredited.) The results were shocking to the patient's physician, who stated that his tumors "melted like snowballs on a hot stove."

Later the man read studies suggesting the drug was ineffective, and his cancer began to spread once more. At this point his doctor, acting on a hunch, administered a placebo intravenously. The man was told the plain water was a "new, improved" form of Krebiozen. Again, his cancer shrank away dramatically. Then he read in the newspapers the American Medical Association's official pronouncement: Krebiozen was a worthless medication. The man's faith vanished, and he was dead within days.(21)

One of the most spectacular demonstrations of the placebo effect occurred during a high school football game. It is described by Norman Cousins in The Healing Heart as follows:

The item, which appeared on the front page [of the Los Angeles Times], concerned an episode that occurred at a Monterey Park, California, football game. What had happened was that four persons had to leave their seats during the game because of severe nausea and dizziness. Questioning on the spot by school officials established the fact that the ill persons had consumed soft drinks from a dispensing machine under the stands. Syrup had been mixed with water out of the local piping system. Was the culprit the syrup or the water? In the latter case, had copper sulfate from the pipes infiltrated the water? If the former, had bacteriological organisms contaminated the syrup?

The football stadium lacked loudspeaker facilities. The cheerleaders were therefore directed to make a public announcement requesting that no one consume any soft drinks from the beverage-dispensing machines until the precise cause of the sudden illness affecting several persons could be ascertained. The immediate effect of the announcement was that the stadium became an arena of fainting and retching people. One hundred and ninety-one persons had to be hospitalized. Local ambulances and private cars plied back and forth between the stadium and five hospitals in the area. Emergency-room physicians reported that the symptoms of food poisoning were genuine. No one knows how many persons at the game went to their own physicians.

Laboratory analysis showed there was nothing wrong with the water or the syrup. This fact no doubt figured in the subsequent and sudden improvement of all those who had become ill during the game.(22)

The incident was admittedly not a systematic experiment conducted by trained researchers, but it qualifies as one of those cases where common sense is sufficient to rule out chance or coincidence.

Placebos have their drawbacks. In addition to their capacity to work destructively, placebos almost necessarily involve an element of self-deceit, or at least some degree of ignorance. They all work via false beliefs.

Placebos also work best under proper social conditions, which Michael Murphy summarizes as follows:

Enlarging patient groups in which treatments are administered can improve responses to placebos, probably because the power of suggestion is increased by the greater number of participants.

A placebo's effectiveness depends to a large extent upon the physician's interest in the patient involved, interest in the treatment, and concern about the treatment's results.

A placebo's power is increased by experimental studies that impart a sense of interest and care to their subjects.

Placebo effects in most treatments are increased when the treatment has a good reputation.(23)

Relationships with others are an important element in reinforcing the beliefs.

Dossey relates how one patient developed unexpected serious complications after an abdominal operation. The patient told his nurse that he felt he was going to die. A consultant psychiatrist was called in and under hypnosis the patient revealed that, whilst under anaesthetic, he had heard someone say 'This is the worst case I've ever seen'. A medical student had indeed said those words. The student had only seen one case and had meant his comment as a joke. The student was summoned to explain his comment and two days later the patient recovered completely.



The placebo effect offers some of the most convincing evidence there is for the existence of psychosomatic healing, and for two reasons:

1. It is overtly acknowledged, and almost universally presupposed in practice, by mainstream medical research.

2. Its effects can be quite dramatic.

Accordingly, it not only demonstrates the reality of psychosomatic healing, but it also demonstrates the extent of the mind's power in effecting it. Hence, it poses a very serious problem for anyone who would deny either the reality or the significance of the power of thought to heal.

If you watch the mind carefully, you will find that many thoughts are inconsistent. The mind wanders at random aimlessly. There will be some thoughts of the body and its wants, some thoughts of friends, some thoughts of acquiring money, some thoughts of eating and drinking, etc. If you can study the mind and if you have consistent thoughts of one subject or one kind only to the exclusion of all other thoughts, this itself is a very great achievement, is a great step in advancement in thought-control.

The great majority of people have formed the habit of listless thinking, which makes them incapable of holding onto any subject until it is thoroughly mastered. Although thoughts which flit through the mind may be good, bad, or indifferent -- mostly the latter -- the mind does not usually hold on to any one of them sufficiently long to learn its nature. Thought-control is often very difficult to attain. Once attained, however, the possessor holds within his hand the key to success in whatever line he may be engaged.

Since the early dawn of time, this power of thought 'spiritual' & 'metaphysical' energy (which all of us have), has been the building block for creating virtually everything we see and experience in our daily lives. Religious leaders know this 'phenomenon' to be God, Buddha, or Allah, for example. Metaphysicians, Scientists and researchers, believe that this energy (thought") is the 'blueprint' of how life, or our spiritual 'universe' really works.

No matter how you view it, the evidence still points to one 'secret' or method for creating what we desire in our relatively brief life here (on earth). The difference is that we now know how to use this secret to ‘create’ our desires - and leave nothing to mere 'chance'.

Thought force is the most powerful means of obtaining knowledge. If it is concentrated upon a subject, it will burn its way through any obstacle and solve the problem. If the requisite amount of thought force is brought to bear, there is nothing that is beyond the power of human comprehension. So long as we scatter it, thought force is of little use to us, but as soon as we are prepared to take the trouble necessary to harness it, all knowledge is ours. Since thought is our principal power, we must learn to have absolute control of it, so that what we produce is not illusion induced by outside conditions, but true imagination generated by the Spirit from within.

"One may say it is a great struggle. Yes, it is so; but there is struggle in both, in coming down and in going up. It is just as well to struggle and come up, instead of struggling and going down. Whenever a person goes down, it only means that he is feeble in his thought. And why is he feeble in his thought? Because he is weak in his feeling. If feeling protects thought, and if thought stands firm, whatever be the difficulty in life, it will be surmounted. "





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A malfunctioning immune system can cause allergies
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The immune system is important to cancer patients in many ways
The cancer can weaken the immune system
Cancer treatment can weaken the immune system
The immune system may help to fight your bodies cancer
The cancer can weaken the immune system by invading the bone marrow where the cells that help fight infection are made. This happens most often in leukaemia or lymphoma. But it can happen with other cancers too.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can weaken immunity by causing a drop in the number of white blood cells made in the bone marrow. Apart from bone marrow or stem cell transplants, this effect on the bone marrow is temporary.

Some cells of the immune system can recognise cancer cells as abnormal and kill them. Unfortunately, this is not enough to get rid of a cancer altogether.

Some NATURAL treatments aim to use the immune system to fight cancer.


The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.
But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche

The University of Southern California preformed clinical trials in 1934 with Rife machine technology on 16 terminally ill cancer patients and all 16 were cured within the trial period of 3 to 4 months. It is claimed that the treatment was painless, did not have side effects, did not harm healthy cells and did not include pharmaceutical treatment for the cancers

In the Fall of 1990, two researchers, Drs. William Lyman and Steven Kaali, working at Albert Einstein Medical College in New York City made an important discovery. They found that they could inactivate the HIV virus by applying a low voltage current to HIV infected blood in a test tube. They applied a direct current to the electrodes and found that a current flow in the range of 50-100 microamperes (uA) produced the most effective results. Practically all of the HIV viral particles were adversely affected while normal blood cells remained unharmed. The viral particles were not directly destroyed by the electric current, but rather the outer protein coating of the virus was affected in such a way as to prevent the virus from producing reverse transcriptase, a necessary enzyme needed by the virus to invade human cells.

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Georges Lakhovsky
In 1925, Georges Lakhovsky published a paper with the explicit title of “Curing
Cancer with Ultra Radio Frequencies” in Radio News

His expressed philosophy was
that “the amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the
organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes.” He goes on to say, “The remedy in my opinion, is not to kill the microbes in contact with the healthy cells but to reinforce the oscillations of the cell either directly by reinforcing the radio activity of the blood or in producing on the cells a direct action by means of the proper rays.” Lakhovsky’s Radio-Cellulo-Oscillator (RCO) produced low frequency ELF all the way through gigahertz radiowaves with lots of “extremely short harmonics.” He
favored such a wide bandwidth device so that, “The cells with very weak vibrations, when placed in the field of multiple vibrations, finds its own frequency and starts again to oscillate normally through the phenomenon of resonance.” As a result, Lakhovsky’s RCO is now more often called MWO (multiple wave oscillator) for these reasons. The MWO uses a Tesla coil and special antenna with concentric rings that induce multiple sparks between them

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All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed:
then it is violently opposed: finally it is accepted as self evident.
- Schopenhauer

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