Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and Diabetes

Pulsed electro magnetic fields and diabetes

In insulin-dependent diabetes, the diabetic's body fails to make insulin, a hormone essential to the metabolism of glucose. Glucose enters the blood stream from the food that we eat and, in the presence of insulin, is taken up and "burned" by cells that require this essential fuel. In the absence of insulin, however, glucose accumulates in the blood causing the condition known as high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), while the cells starve for fuel.

Without taking insulin injections, the diabetic will slowly starve to death despite abnormally high blood sugar levels. Why does a diabetic's body fail to produce insulin? Within the pancreas, the Islets of Langerhans produce insulin in response to blood glucose.

These islets are tiny insulin factories that sense the level of glucose in the blood stream, and produce insulin in precise proportion to that level. Therefore, following a meal, blood sugar levels will rise significantly, and the islets will release a large amount of insulin. This insulin will cause body cells to take up the sugar, causing blood sugar to quickly return to its normal range. Once blood sugar is in the normal range, the islets will reduce the output of insulin to an idling state. In this way, the islets adjust their production of insulin on a minute-by-minute basis, always producing just enough insulin to deal with the amount of blood sugar presently in the blood stream. In insulin-dependent diabetes, the islets are destroyed by the person's own immune system, which mistakenly identifies these essential cells as foreign invaders. This self-destructive mechanism is the basis of many so-called autoimmune diseases. Once the islets are killed, the ability to produce insulin is lost, and the overt symptoms and consequences of diabetes begin.

okay thats interesting but can pulsed electro magnetic field help diabetes,, Firstly

What is Pulsed Electo-Magnetic Field Therapy

A living cell is surrounded by a membrane through which important materials must pass, -in and out. The membranes’ ability to open and close is called permeability. Permeability is controlled by an electric phenomenon, which is influenced by magnetic fields. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy is the application of pulsating electro-magnetic fields which support the body to remain healthy and pain-free by stimulating each and every cell to retain its’ permeability.

How does it work?
All cells that make up tissue or bone have a weak natural electrical current flow caused by electrically charged particles called ions.

Pulsating electro-magnetic fields work by stimulating ions and regulating their function, improving their interaction, which in turn accelerates healing and prevents cells from degenerating and dying.

But can pulsed electro magnetic field help Diabetes???

well many scientist think so


Diabetes mellitus: Blood sugar level in diabetes slowly reduce when treated with Pulsed electromagnetic Field. The reduction in blood sugar level can be brought to a near normal or normal stage.

This reduction is mostly because of increased metabolism of glucose in the tissues and increase in the production of insulin in the pancreas and its utilization at the receptor level. Gastro-intestinal conditions in which PEMF Therapy is effective are GASTRITIS, PEPTIC ULCER, ULCERATIVE COLITIS, IRRITABLE COLON, HEMORRHOIDS etc.

20 Diabetes mellitus (DM) patients were exposed to impulsed magnetic field, 100 control DM patients received conservative therapy alone.
270 patients had microangiopathy, macroangiopathy was diagnosed in 50 patients.
Magnetotherapy in combination with conservative methods gave good and satisfactory results in 74% of patients versus 28% in control group.

Metabolism stabilization resulted in some patients in reduced blood sugar. Use of magnetic field produced faster and longer response than conservative therapy.
PMID: 8999182, UI: 97062022

Neurosci Behav Physiol. 2003 Oct;33(8):745-52.
The use of pulsed electromagnetic fields in treatment of patients with diabetic polyneuropathy.
Musaev AV, Guseinova SG, Imamverdieva SS.
Science Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, Baku, Azerbaidzhan.
Clinical and electroneuromyographic studies were performed in 121 patients with diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN) before and after courses of treatment with pulsed electromagnetic fields with complex modulation (PEMF-CM) at different frequencies (100 and 10 Hz). Testing of patients using the TSS and NIS LL scales demonstrated a correlation between the severity and frequency of the main subjective and objective effects of disease and the stage of DPN. The severity of changes in the segmental-peripheral neuromotor apparatus--decreases in muscle bioelectrical activity, the impulse conduction rate along efferent fibers of peripheral nerves, and the amplitude of the maximum M response--depended on the stage of DPN and the duration of diabetes mellitus. The earliest and most significant electroneuromyographic signs of DPN were found to be decreases in the amplitude of the H reflex and the Hmax/Mmax ratio in the muscles of the lower leg.

Application of PEMF-CM facilitated regression of the main clinical symptoms of DPN, improved the conductive function of peripheral nerves, improved the state of la afferents, and improved the reflex excitability of functionally diverse motoneurons in the spinal cord. PEMF-CM at 10 Hz was found to have therapeutic efficacy, especially in the initial stages of DPN and in patients with diabetes mellitus for up to 10 years.


In this study, 320 diabetics received impulsed magnetic field treatment while 100 diabetics (controls) received conservative therapy alone. Results showed beneficial effects with respect to vascular complications in 74 percent of the patients receiving magnetotherapy combined with conservative methods,
compared to a 28-percent effectiveness rate among controls.

I.B. Kirillovm, et al., Magentotherapy in the Comprehensive Treatment of Vascular Complications of Diabetes Mellitus, Klin Med, 74(5), 1996, . 39-41.

This study involving 72 diabetics with purulent wounds found that magnetic fields aided healing significantly.

R.A. Kuliev & R.F. Babaev, A Magnetic Field in the Combined Treatment of Suppurative Wounds in Diabetes Mellitus, Vestn Khir Im I I Grek, 148(1),
January 1992, . 33-36.

Diabetic ulcers and poor circulation

Have You suffered a foot or leg injury and it has taken a long time for the wound to heal. Or it doesn't heal at all... the wound just gets bigger and deeper. An infection makes it worse.

This scenario will sound familiar to diabetics. Sometimes, however, this also seems to happen to people who don't have diabetes. Or do they??

A lot of people have diabetes without even realizing it. There must be at least as many people who don't know they have diabetes as there are people who do know they have diabetes! This is why it's essential that diabetes is detected as soon as possible and that people who have diabetes are properly treated. They need to keep their blood sugar level under control. Their feet need to be inspected regularly. If not, this happens...

When you suffer a foot or leg injury, it takes a long time to heal.

Or it won't heal at all; the wound just gets bigger and deeper. An infection makes it worse.

Why wounds don't heal properly

In the long term, a diabetic's bodily functions start deteriorating. For instance, the blood circulation is affected, as too are the nerves, resulting in little or no feeling in the feet. Diabetic patients typically develop ulcers in the extremities of their body due to poor circulation and insensitivity? and that's when the trouble starts.

Thin skin?
Your skin is less saturated with blood and becomes thinner. If you wear the same (wrong) shoes for a long time, stub your toe, tread on a sharp object? you are more likely to get a cut or blister compared with a person with healthy skin.

Currently, about 250,000 people with diabetes in the United States undergo leg amputation each year as the end result of chronic leg ulcers that did not heal from conventional or lack of wound care

And you don't feel it?
You have no feeling in your feet, which means you don't feel any pain and you don't notice the injury.

It won't heal?
The bad blood circulation has another negative effect. Normally, blood transports different chemicals and cells to the injury site; chemicals that make the tissue grow together again and cells that fill the gap in the wound; cells that neutralize all harmful bacteria.

Diabetic foot ulcers are sores on the feet that occur in 15% of diabetic patients some time during their lifetime. The risk of lower-extremity amputation is increased 8-fold in these patients once an ulcer develops.
Fracture healing is a process of restoring the structural and biological properties of injured bone. It has been well documented that diabetes mellitus (DM), a systemic disease affecting 17 million Americans, causes increased healing time with a concomitant increase in delayed unions and nonunions.
Sheldon S. Lin, MD

A vicious circle?
If you don't realize you have a cut or a scratch, the wound will get bigger. Healthy tissue dies off. The wound gets deeper and affects underlying tissue, such as muscles and tendons, and healing becomes increasingly difficult. The wound becomes an easy 'gateway' for infections. The rest of your foot or leg may also be affected, resulting in this tissue dying off too. This is known as gangrene and may ultimately result in the amputation of your toe, foot or (lower) leg

Diabetes (purulent wounds)

This study involving 72 diabetics with purulent wounds found that magnetic fields aided healing significantly.\

R.A. Kuliev & R.F. Babaev, "A Magnetic Field in the Combined Treatment of Suppurative Wounds in Diabetes Mellitus,

" Vestn Khir Im I I Grek, 148(1),January 1992, . 33-36.

Frequency medicine: The FDA knows it all

If you had to convince the FDA that pulsed electric or magnetic field can kill pathogens, you would have a hard time, especially if you were a member of the Alternative Medicine community.

But, luckily you do not have to. The FDA already knows!

You can find all about disinfection with pulsed electric fields right here, with a large number of scientific references here


Warning these graphic pictures may disturb some people

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