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Health as Balance

"As long as there is breath in my body
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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the
source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger,
who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe; is as good as dead:
his eyes are closed".
- Albert Einstein

All truth goes through three stages: first it is ridiculed:
then it is violently opposed: finally it is accepted as self evident.
- Schopenhauer

Health as Balance

Modern society is fostering poor health in many ways, but simple, natural methods can be used to counteract negative effects and significantly improve health and vitality. Preventive medicine is the key to a long and healthy life, filled with vitality.

Many people are suffering from uncomfortable conditions such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia, and weight problems which can be corrected in simple and natural ways, without resorting to drugs or unnatural diets.

But just what do we mean by “balance”
A “balanced” state of health means that the internal mechanisms governing our awareness, our behavior, and our physiological functions are coordinated in such a way as to maintain a healthy state within the body and mind at all times

Western medicine tends to isolate and treat the disease (or symptoms of disease) of a patient. However, Ayurveda takes a holistic approach of preventive medicine that looks at the whole person. Two people with the same disease may require different treatments specific to their particular constitution and state of balance of their system.

Balance is a very key concept in Alternative health. Proper digestion, assimilation, and elimination are impaired when basic forces inside us are driven out of balance by stress, repressed emotions, inappropriate diet or lifestyle, insufficient rest, environmental toxins, climate or seasonal changes. This causes accumulation of a toxic substances, which leads to disease. The key to prevention or treatment of disease is to restore balance.

Do you sometimes find yourself with an overactive mind, suffer from insomnia, have a hot temper, break out in rashes, suffer from congestion, or have a tendency to gain weight? All of these are classic signs of imbalance which can be corrected.

On his deathbed, Pasteur said: "I had it wrong, … go after the interior terrain!" He was advising not to go after the pathogen but to attend to the interior terrain of the human body.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you should incorporate alternative health into your lifestyle as soon as possible to restore balance to your system. According to Alternative therapysts, these are classic signs of imbalance in your system

acid stomach, acne, anemia, anger, anxiety, asthma
back pain, blood disorders, bloodshot eyes, boils, bronchitis
colitis, congestion, constipation, coughs
diabetes, diarrhea, dull senses
earaches, emaciation, eye diseases
fatigue, food allergies
gas, gastritis, genito-urinary disorder
hay fever, heartache, heartburn, heart disease, hiccups, hoarse voice, hostility, hypertension
indecisiveness, indigestion, insomnia, intestinal cramps, irregular heart rhythm, impaired digestion, impaired smell, irregular digestion
jaundice, joint diseases
memory loss, menstrual disorders, muscle spasm
nervous stomach, neurological disorders
obesity, overactive mind
peptic ulcers, poor circulation, prostatitis
rashes, respiratory disorders, respiratory problems
sadness, salivary gland impairment, sexual dysfunction, sinus congestion, sinus headache, skin cancer, skin disorders, skin inflammation, sore throat, speech defects, stress, stuttering
taste bud impairment, tension headaches, tonsillitis
vision problems

All of these are classic signs of imbalance.

Most of us know when we are “balanced.” When we’re in balance, we have good energy, an even mood, a relaxed, clear and alert mind. We sleep well, digest and eliminate properly, and generally feel “it’s good to be alive.” On the other hand, we also sense when we are out of balance. We are tired, achey or in pain; our mood and thinking takes a negative turn and life begins to feel like a burden rather than a joy.

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What is health?
Most people would answer this question with responses like, "the absence of disease" or "If I am not sick, I am healthy." But if you take this perspective, you are missing out on a lot!

Good health is much more than the absence of disease.

There are many important issues here.

One important point is that people don't generally go from being healthy to being sick suddenly, although it can seem that way when a symptom of disease first appears. But the truth is that the disease process started before the symptom appeared. The symptom is just the physical manifestation that most people finally recognize. But signs of a developing imbalance would have appeared long before the symptom manifested.

Good health involves more than just the body; it also involves the mind and the spirit.

When you are in balance , these are signs that reflect that balanced state of health.

Radiant glow showing strong aura
Lustrous eyes
Vital, vibrant appearance
Attractive appearance
Charismatic personality
Spontaneous smile
Expression of love, warmth, and joy
Sharp, clear mind
Strong, flexible body

If we don't have the signs of health listed above, then we should be watchful for signs of imbalance, because they are probably evident and, with proper knowledge, can show us how to restore balance. By restoring balance at an early stage, we can not only avert disease, but improve our state of mind, our ability to cope with situations, our rapport with others, and our enjoyment of life.
If we don't have these signs, then there is something to strive for to make our life better and more fulfilling, and the only question is,

"What is the best way to achieve this?"

Is is possible that the body, when it receives the correct information and energy, has the ability to totally heal itself? Is this where spontaneous remissions come from? Is is possible for an instrument to facilitate this type of energy and information utilization?

Achieving Balance with The MWO
George Lakhovsky theorized that each human cell operated like a tiny battery and when fully charged, each cell is able to experience cell balance and create a feeling of well being and balance,,
The MWO is a multiple wave oscillator. What it does is saturate the cells of the body with energy. In turn the chemical processes of each cell are brought into balance allowing proper repair and operation. When you use the machine regularly it maintains the electrical health of the body at a cellular level. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place and the MWO feeds the need.

This is accomplished by setting up a high energy field in and around the body through resonance. The MWO doesn't pass current through the body. All that is used is the oscillating field. The process is similar to shaking a box of marbles after a while they organize themselves neatly into the order that their shape dictates. This is true of the body's molecular structure too. When this is achieved the cells work at maximum ability without stressing them
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Achieving Balance with Radionics
Radionics normally uses energy patterns to correct the imbalances found by the practitioner. These patterns include, for example, Homoeopathic remedies, Flower remedies, Gem Essences, Colours, Antidote patterns for bacteria and viruses, and numerous other factors. Thus the practitioner can draw on a large number of possible solutions for the patient and his or her skill lies in finding not only the source of the patient’s problems but also the most appropriate remedy. The practitioner may also dowse for the suitability to the patient of non-Radionic therapies, and most practitioners will also work alongside orthodox medical procedures if required. Radionic techniques are also used successfully in the treatment of animals, and in agriculture.

Radionic practitioners work on the premises that all diseases and health disorders, irrespective of what names or labels are attached to them, boil down to one imbalances. The names or the diagnoses we give to them only reflect the locations and the effects of these energy imbalances on the overall body system.
If we could detect and correct these energy imbalances, wellness will be restored to the sufferer. This will happen no matter what names were given to the manifested clinical signs and symptoms in the first case. Radionics seeks to do just this...restore balance.... and it does it marvelously.
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Achieving balance with Muscle testing
When the knowledge of how to use a muscle test to test foods vitamins and minerals was first made public in the 1970's, the approach was somewhat simplistic, however, this did not prevent people from achieving amazing results with this powerful new tool.

Muscle Testing can be helpful for testing Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and Nutritional Supplements to determine which products may be best suited for each persons body type and individual needs.

Minerals are described by Dr. Hagiwara as "the ring of life." He writes, "The source of life elements in all living organisms resides in the minerals contained in the earth." He notes that if you burn a plant and an animal, "you will get the same minerals from the ashes." The maintenance and balance of minerals is the key to health on the cellular level. Our cells are constantly re-creating themselves in a delicate process upon which our life depends, so our cells need a balanced supply of minerals to properly function and reproduce new living cells
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Achieving Balance with Rife technology

By using the principle that every molecule vibrates at a unique frequency, Rife discovered a way to destroy these viruses and bacteria. When increasing the intensity of the frequency at which a microbe resonates, it disintegrates from structural stresses. He designed the frequency generating equipment and discovered the mortal oscillatory rates for many viruses including typhoid, tuberculosis, and cancer.

Rife believed that germs, responsible for creating disease within the body, had a frequency and were present in several stages of development (i.e. viral, bacterial, and fungal - called pleomorphism) within the body. He believed that germs each have a specific frequency and that these frequencies disrupt the cell's natural oscillation. When this occurs, the cell is put in an 'out of balance' condition. He found that when he subjected germs to the correct short wave frequencies - the germs disintegrated and balance is then in restoration mode,,
It should also be pointed out that the Rife Resonating units only appear to destroy the physical disease entity. The etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual causes of the imbalance which gave rise to the disease must still be dealt with by the patient, and transmuted, before the healing can be permanent.
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Achieving Balance with Ozone
Medical-grade ozone is produced by passing pure oxygen across either an ultraviolet light source or an electrical arc. In these reactions, only a small percentage of oxygen (from 1 to 5 percent) is converted to ozone. When ozone is administered to the body, its third unstable oxygen atom readily splits and attaches itself to bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, and tumors, and in the process of doing this, it oxidizes or destroys them. The stable oxygen molecule adds needed oxygen to the body and has a high PH of between 7 and 9 needed to balance an unhealthy body. When used properly, ozone is exceptionally safe. Ozone is administered by intravenous drip, injections, rectal and vaginal applications, and topical applications.

Achieving Balance with Vitamins & Minerals
Hand in hand with eating healthy is the use of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. Food production has dramatically changed the nutritional value of the foods we eat. As plants grow, they absorb minerals from the earth, making them available to us in a form our bodies can utilize. Modern farming has stripped the soil of many of the minerals we require. Common industrial fertilizers, while providing the plant with the basic nutrients it needs to grow, lack the full spectrum of minerals originally found in the earth, many of which we ultimately need to survive.

Even individuals that consume a healthful diet may lack certain vitamins and minerals we need. By taking a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement you will be taking yet another step toward ensuring you are getting all of the nourishment your body needs.
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Achieving Balance with Stress Reduction
Stress. Pressure. Anxiety. Tension. Whatever you call it, there is no shortage of it in today's fast-paced, technologically advanced workplace. Consider these statistics:

Stress-related disorders are fast becoming the most prevalent reason for worker disability, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
Job stress and related problems cost American companies an estimated $200 billion or more annually through absenteeism, turnover, accidents, etc.
The World Health Organization calls job stress a "worldwide epidemic."
Obviously stress has a powerful impact on us. Can we eliminate the stressors of modern work life? No -- and it's a good thing we can't. We need a certain degree of stress in our lives to spur us to action, challenge our perception of what we are capable of and help us reach new levels of performance. The trick is learning how to manage the stress as opposed to being overwhelmed by it.
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Achieving Balance with Biofeedback
Ancient Greek and Chinese healers were the early proponents of biofeedback. They believed the mind could control many bodily functions. Erroneously, some people have linked biofeedback to meditation and yoga. However, biofeedback is different: it doesn't rely on inner harmony or balance for health; it works to control physiological reactions.
Biofeedback uses electronic equipment to monitor people's internal physiological states and gives feedback that helps the recipient learn how to control these states, to activate, balance, release or to recover from them.
"The purpose of learning biofeedback is to improve the balance of your nervous system, with increased relaxation and a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate," Nisly says. "By doing so, you can treat certain ailments by learning to control certain parts of the nervous system, which may have suffered an imbalance caused by stress."
Using biofeedback, some patients have lowered their blood pressure, gotten rid of headaches, and helped control certain forms of mental illness, all without using medications. Biofeedback also has been useful in treating disorders of the digestive system. People who have used biofeedback to help stoke victims regain muscle strength from paralysis and other movement disorders. Others use biofeed back to regain balance/control of a poorly functioning bladder or bowel.
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Health is our natural state, and ill health is unnatural. Every day our systems are exposed to literally millions of bacteria, viruses, allergens, even carcinogens, and yet our immune system has the intelligence and skill to deal with all those invaders and keep us healthy. However, when stress, inadequate nutrition, or just fatigues weaken the immune system, those same invaders may produce disease.

Whichever method you choose, your life can be dramatically improved by achieving the balance that these methods provide.


Classic signs of imbalance

Your body and its waste products show you a lot of information about the state of balance of your body if you know what to look for. Examine your tongue, fingernails, skin, perspiration, eyes, lips, stools, and urine to see if you have any of the following signs which give an early indication of imbalance in your system. Preventive Medicine is the key to a long, healthy life filled with vitality.

Tongue Examination
A healthy tongue should be pink, clear, and have luster. Examine the actual color and texture of your tongue. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.
Dry, rough tongue, furrowed tongue, cracks in tongue, bluish tongue, brownish tongue, blackish tongue, reddish tongue, yellow-green tongue, burning tongue, painful bristles on tongue, white coating on tongue, mucus on tongue

Fingernail Examination
Healthy fingernails are smooth and well shaped. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.
Longitudinal striations in nails, bitten nails, bump at end of nail, parrot beak at end of nail

Skin Examination
Healthy skin is smooth with uniform temperature over the body. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.
Low skin temperature, rough, dry skin, hot skin, cold hands and feet, hot hands and feet, cold, oily skin

Perspiration Examination
Perspiration should be color and odor free. There may be temporary smells due to foods you have ingested. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.
Excessive perspiration, malodorous perspiration, perspiration in cool weather

Eyes Examination
Examine your eyes. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.
Rust colored eyes, smoky eyes, dull eye movements, drooping upper eyelid, pink or red eyes, yellowish eyes, burning eyes, photophobia

Lips Examination
Examine your lips. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.
Dry, rough lips, inflammatory patches

Stool Examination
Your stool should be neither too hard nor too soft (about the consistency of a ripe banana). It should float rather than sink in water. It should not have a foul odor. You should be able to pass your feces once or twice per day without straining. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.

Hard, dry stools, gray or blackish stool, greenish, liquid stool, whitish, sticky stool, mucus in stool

Urine Examination
Your urine should be clear without much foam. Disregard temporary signs due to certain foods. Eating asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, or garlic can give a strong smell. If you notice any of the qualities listed below, it indicates imbalance in your system which can lead to disease.

Muddy, thick urine, dull-colored urine, scanty urine, reddish urine, dark yellow urine, strong odorous urine, or whitish, foamy urine.

All of these are classic signs of imbalance.


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