NIKOLA TESLA and healing


Nikola Tesla

Called a madman by some, a genius by others, and an enigma by nearly everyone, Nikola Tesla was possibly the greatest inventor the world has ever known. He was, without doubt, a trail blazer who created astonishing, sometimes world-transforming, devices that often were virtually without theoretical precedent. It was Tesla who introduced us to the fundamentals of robotry, computers, and missile science and helped pave the way for such space-age technologies as satellites, microwaves, beam weapons, and nuclear fusion. Yet, Tesla still remains one of the least recognized scientific pioneers in history.

Certainly he was one of the strangest of scientists -- almost supernaturally gifted, erratic, flamboyant, and neurotic nearly to the point of madness. A dandy and popular man-about-town, he was admired by man as diverse as George Westinghouse and Mark Twain and adored by scores of society beauties. Yet his bewildering of compulsions and phobias extended from such mundane subject as food and clean linen to pearls and women's ears. He was fond of creating neighborhood-threatening electrical storms in his apartment laboratory and once nearly knocked down a tall building by attaching a mysterious "black box" to its side. (He claimed he could have destroyed the entire planet with a similar device.) And because he kept so few notes, to this day we can only guess at the details of many of the fantastic scientific projects that occupied his fevered intellect


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) was a Serbian-American inventor and researcher who discovered the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating-current machinery. He was born in Yugoslavia and worked as a telephone engineer in Prague and Paris, where he conceived a new type of electric motor which had no commutator, as direct current (DC) motors have, but instead worked on the principle of a rotating magnetic field produced by polyphase alternating currents (AC). He produced a prototype, and finding no interest in Europe, emigrated to the United States in 1884. He worked briefly and unhappily with Thomas Edison, the champion of DC, then established his own lab and continued his prodigious output of inventions. He obtained patents on polyphase motors, dynamos, and transformers for a complete AC power system.

He formed an alliance with George Westinghouse, who bought polyphase patents for $1 million plus royalty. With Westinghouse, he engaged in a struggle against Edison to convince the public of the efficiency and safety of AC over DC. They succeeded in getting AC accepted as the electric power system worldwide. Also with Westinghouse, he lit the Chicago World's Fair, built the Niagara Falls hydro-power plant, and installed AC systems at Colorado silver mines and in other industries. By the turn of the century, he was lifted to celebrity status comparable to Edison's as the media promoted him along with the expanding electric power industry.

Experimenting independently in his Manhattan lab, he developed and patented electric devices based on the superior capabilities of high-potential, high-frequency currents: the tesla coil, the radio, high-frequency lighting, x-rays, electrotherapy. When his lab burned to the ground, he rebuilt and continued. He moved his lab to Colorado Springs in 1899, where he built a huge magnifying transmitter. There, he experimented with wireless power, radio and earth resonance and studied lightning. One of the most famous photographs of Tesla shows him in his large lab surrounded by giant bolts of lightning.

After that, he returned to New York where, with the encouragement of financier J.P. Morgan, promoted a World System of radio broadcasting utilizing magnifying transmitters. He built a huge tower for a magnifying transmitter at Wardencliff, Long Island as the first station in the World System. He received enough from Morgan to bring the station within sight of completion, then funds were cut off and the project collapsed. He continued to invent into the 1920s, but the flow of patents was meager compared to earlier torrents which amounted to some 700 patents worldwide. His high-frequency inventions were ignored by established technology, as were the disk turbine, the free-energy receiver, and others. The media ignored him except for his birthday press conferences. At these events he predicted microwaves, the TV, beam technologies, the cosmic-ray motor, interplanetary communications, and wave-interference devices that have since been named the "Tesla howizer" and the "Tesla shield." In the 1930s, he was involved in wireless power projects in Quebec. His last birthday media appearance was in 1940.

He died privately and peacefully at the age of 87 in a New York hotel room. His personal papers, including copious lab notes, were impounded by the US government, and surfaced many years later at a Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Of these notes, only a fragment, "Colorado Springs Notes", has been published by the Museum.


Excerpts from the "MWO Handbook", by Tom Brown,

The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla

Tesla Coil

Tesla's best-known invention takes the spark-gap oscillator and uses it to vibrate vigorously a coil consisting of few turns of heavy conductor. Inside of this primary coil sits another secondary coil with hundreds of turns of slender wire. In the Tesla coil there is no iron core as in the conventional step-up transformer, and this air-core transformer differs radically in other ways. Recounting the birth of this invention, Tesla wrote, Each time the condenser was discharged the current would quiver in the primary wire and induce corresponding oscillations in the secondary. Thus, a transformer or induction coil on new principles was evolved Electrical effects of any desired character and of intensities undreamed of before are now easily producible by perfected apparatus of this kind. Elsewhere Tesla wrote, There is practically no limit to the power of an oscillator.

The conventional step-up transformer (short primary winding, long secondary on an iron core) boosts voltage at the expense of amperage. This is not true of Tesla's transformer. There is a real gain in power. Writing of the powerful coils he experimented with at his Colorado Springs lab, coils with outputs in excess of 12 million volts, Tesla wrote, It was a revelation to myself to find out that ... a single powerful streamer breaking out from a well insulated terminal may easily convey a current of several hundred amperes! The general impression is that the current in such a streamer is small.

How it works

A Tesla coil secondary has its own particular electrical character determined in part by the length of that slender coiled wire. Like a guitar string of a particular length, it wants to vibrate at a particular frequency. The secondary is inductively plucked by the primary coil. The primary circuit consists of a pulsating high-voltage source (a generator or conventional step-up transformer), a capacitor, a spark gap, and the primary coil itself. This circuit must be designed so that it vibrates at a frequency compatible with the frequency at which the secondary wants to vibrate.

The primary circuit's frequency is determined by the frequency and voltage of the source, the capacity of the capacitor, the setting of the spark gap, and the character of the primary coil, determined in part by the length of its winding. Now when all these primary-circuit components are tuned to work in harmony with each other, and the circuit's resulting frequency is right for plucking the secondary in a compatible rhythmic manner, the secondary becomes at its terminal end maximally excited and develops huge electrical potentials, which if not put to work, boil off as a corona of bluish light or as sparks and streamers that jump to nearby conductors with crackling reports.

Unlike the conventional iron-core step-up transformer, whose core has the effect of damping vibrations, the secondary of the Tesla transformer is relatively free to swing unchecked. The pulsing from the primary coil has the effect of pushing a child in a swing. If it's done in a rhythmic manner at just the right moment at the end of a cycle, the swing will oscillate up to great heights. Similarly, with the right timing, the electrical vibration of the secondary can be made to swing up to tremendous amplitudes, voltages in the millions. This is the power of resonance.


A a whole branch of medicine was founded on the healing effects of certain Tesla coil frequencies. Tesla understood the therapeutic value of high-frequency vibrations. He never patented in the area but did announce his findings to the medical community, and a number of devices were patented and marketed by others.

Patients, by focusing certain frequencies on afflicted areas, or, in some cases, just sitting in the vicinity of vibrations from a device like the Lakhovsky Multi wave Oscillator, which produced a blend of specific frequencies, were said to have experienced relief from rheumatism and other painful conditions. It was even considered a cure for certain types of paralysis. Such radiation's increase the supply of blood to the area with a warming effect (diathermy). They enhance the oxygenation and nutritive value of the blood, increase various secretions, and accelerate the elimination of waste products in the blood. All this promotes healing. Electrotherapists even spoke of broadcasting vitamins to the body. Reversals of cancer tumor growths have been documented. Lakhovsky predicated science will discover, some day, not only the nature of microbes by the radiation they produce, but also a method of killing disease within the body by radiation.

Electrotherapy devices were sold directly to the public via ads in popular magazines and in the Sears catalogs. Self-treatment was widespread. This easy access to treatment of all sorts of conditions led to the eventual suppression of the technology by the medical establishment. Electrotherapy, however, is making a big comeback. In chiropractic and sports medicine, low-frequency AC and DC pulses are being used to kill pain and exercise muscles. High-frequency electrotherapy is coming back in alternative healing practices. There is an increasing appreciation of the electrical nature of biological functioning and that some electric vibrations in the environment are harmful while others are healing. Reprints of Lakhovsky's works are widely read. There is a growing conviction that cancer can be effectively treated with high-frequency therapies.

In his experimenting over an eight-year period, Tesla made no fewer than 50 types of oscillating coils. He experimented with lighting and other vacuum effects, including x-rays. He also experimented with novel shapes for the normally cylindrical coils, getting satisfying results from cone shapes and flat spirals. At Colorado Springs Tesla achieved phenomenally increased outputs by using a third coil resonantly tuned to the secondary. Observing the tremendous magnification this achieved, he gave much of his attention to integrating this extra coil, as he called it, into an evolved outsize tesla coil called the magnifying transmitter.

MWO Theory of Operation

Lakhovsky pointed out that all cells capable of reproduction contain in their nuclei "filaments" of highly conductive material surrounded by insulating media. This filament, which may be the RNA-DNA complex, is always in the form of a spiral or helix, in other words, a coil. Therefore, each will react as a tuned circuit if its resonant frequency can be approximated by an external oscillating coil.

Lakhovsky did not carry this to its conclusion; however, I postulate that by exciting the nuclei with electromagnetic energy a "charge" can be induced by the long established principle of electromagnetic induction. This demonstrably raises the energy level and perhaps the vitality of every call in the field simultaneously. Since each cell is an individual, and of slightly different physical dimensions, the exciting wavelengths must be multiple, and must span a broad frequency spectrum. Diathermy machines, limited to crystal-controlled single frequences in the 27.255 MC region, can do nothing but heat the tissue; and yet this approach, abandoned by Lakhovsky in the 1930s, can still be found in "modern" doctors offices!

The electromotive force (emf) produced by the MWO and induced in the cell nucleus, can raise the cell's metabolic rate by electrolysis, and perhaps jog the RNA-DNA "memory" and reproductive capabilities to their level at an earlier, younger age, thus the rejuvenation. Even more subtle changes might be postulated, such as a magnetic "progression" of effects as evidenced by heavy water in magnetic fields.

Perhaps, in cancer, the emf induced by the MWO raises the vitality and memory of marginal cells to normal reproduction levels. In the case of other diseases, perhaps cells given higher energy levels can more readily throw off affliction.

The MWO described here radiates a bandwith of radio frequency energy from the audio frequencies up beyond microwave frequencies. By actual measurement with standard field strength meters, this vast bandwidth of frequencies and harmonics can be shown. In fact, a bluish glow of "brush discharge" surrounds the antenna when operating. A fluorescent lamp held anywhere within several feet of the subject glows brilliantly. Within this multiple-wave range of frequencies, every cell in the body can find its ONE resonant frequency and absorb energy at its own natural wavelength.

Obviously the electrostatic energy cannot penetrate the body. This is known as the "skin effect". However, the electromagnetic component of the energy can and does permeate and will induce an emf in each cell. It is precisely this energy to which Lakhovsky attributes his almost miraculous "cures".

By George Lakhovsky


MWO's provide a full musical octave of resonating rejuvenation electromagnetic energy to every part of your body's cellular structure.

If you have never experienced the total excitement of a full body therapeutical electromagnetic charge that completely saturates you, then I strongly suggest you do so. Its electromagnetic rejuvenation energy resonates at many different cellular frequencies that tune (by the process of resonation) each cell in your body back to its original youthful cellular frequency.

In case you are wondering why you have never heard of the MWO before now allow me to share with you my observation. They were introduced to the public in the late 1930's. MWO helps the body automatically return back to a state of health and, at the same time, assist the body is overcoming its sicknesses and diseases.

What does it feel like to be sitting in-between the antennas of a MWO? If you have ever imagined how a battery might feel while being charged - it feels similar. Your skin can actually feel the electrical charging effects from the antennas. It is an exciting new experience to be charged by an MWO.

The idea of "Resonance" is the key to understanding the function of Lakhovsky's Multi-Wave Oscillator. The resonant frequency of cells and organs happens to be the natural frequency of health for that individual cell.

Exposure to the MWO field induces an detoxification effect/ experience as the body attempts to shed itself of accumulated toxins. An example would be the case of a cigarette smoker starting to cough more as the lungs begin a process of self cleansing in response to repeated exposure to the MWO field.

An additional effect occurs when there is a pure Etheric component of the Tesla Coil output independent of any frequencies. This Etheric or Radiant Energy component was noted by Nikola Tesla himself as being therapeutic and rejuvenating. For the special Ætheric or Radiant Energy effect to occur, the Tesla Coil must be tuned so that it becomes a series "impulse" device rather than an alternating current device.

Treatment Time Protocols
From my experience a MWO with a 15-minute time is an incorrect time per treatment. My findings strongly suggest the follow protocol for treatment times:

1. From 0 to 25% (Mild) onset of condition = a 30 minute
treatment time, each time

2. From 26 to 50% (Mild-Moderate) onset of condition =
a 1 hour treatment time, each time

3. From a 51 to 75% Moderate to Moderate-severe) onset of
condition = a 1:30 treatment time, each time

4. From a 76 to 100% (Severe) onset of condition =
a minimum treatment time of 2.0 hours, each time.