The Experimental Neuromagnetic generator

Shakti does not diagnose or treat medical disorders

Shakti has predictable side-effects when used in a series of weekly sessions.

Preliminary reports from sessions done every three days have not mentioned it.

These are temporary, and they come from a process called "metabolic snapback". In fact, it's becoming less common since the Shakti signals were upgraded late in 2001.

One possible series of sessions consists of six sessions, once per week, for six weeks.

Each session is 30 minutes.

During a session, two of your brain parts are stimulated to increase their activity.

The effects of a single session typically last about four (4) days.

After the four days, the brain tries to re-establish it's old, patterns of responses in these brain parts. It does this by activating the same structures on the opposite side.

While that's happening, if it happens at all., you feel bad. I call this 'being in snapback".

For some people, it's intense, and for others, it's hardly noticeable.

For most, it starts four (4) days after a session. For others, it starts almost right away. For still others, it doesn't seem to happen at all.

I use rules of thumb at present. With more research, we will be able to predict these things with more certainty.

The animation below describes a typical process. Your own process may differ.