Royal Rife
George Lakhovsky
& the Cancer Virus...

In 1920 Royal Rife identified the human cancer virus using the worlds most powerful microscope (which he created), cultured the virus (on salted pork, the best growing medium), and injected it into rats. These injections caused cancer in every one of the rats (all 400 of them). Later he was able to find a frequency of electro-magnetic energy that would cause the cancer virus to self destruct when within that energy field. He created a device that emitted that energy field and was successful at destroying cancer viruses inside patients who were within 10 feet of the device.

In 1934, the University of Southern California appointed a Special Medical Research Committee to bring 16 terminal cancer patients from Pasadena County Hospital to Rife's San Diego Laboratory and clinic for treatment. The team included doctors and pathologists assigned to examine the patients, if still alive, in 90 days. After the 3 months of treatment, the Committee concluded that 14 of the patients had been completely cured. The treatment was then adjusted and the remaining 2 also were cured within the next 4 weeks. On November 20, 1931, forty-four of the nation's most respected medical authorities honored Royal Rife with a banquet billed as "The End To All Diseases" at the Pasadena estate of Dr Milbank Johnson.

But by 1939, almost all of these distinguished doctors and scientists were denying that they had ever met Rife. This complete reversal was the result of pressure from the drug companies on them. 'Pressure' is a very nice way of saying it. On the eve of a press conference to announce the results of the 1934 study on Rife's cancer therapy, Dr Milbank Johnson, former president of the Southern California AMA, was fatally poisoned and his papers "lost". Also, after a failed attempt by Morris Fishbein to buy the rights to Rife's healing instrument for the medical drug industry, Rife's labs were destroyed by arson and sabotage. Dr. Nemes, who had duplicated some of the work of Rife, was killed in a mysterious fire which destroyed all his research papers. A similar fire also destroyed the Burnett Lab, which was validating Rife's work. Royal Rife himself was killed in 1971 by an "accidental" lethal dose of Valium and alcohol at Grossmont Hospital.

Participating in the original 1934 USC study were the following people: Director of the Northwestern Medical School Arthur Kendall, president of USC Rufus Klein-Schmidt, Milbank Johnson, Edward Kopps of the Metabolic Clinic in La Jolla, George Fischer of the NY Childrens Hospital, Kurt Meyer of the Hooper Foundation in San Francisco, and the Chief Surgeon of Santa Fe Railway Whalen Morrison.

Dr Milbank Johnson, who was the professor of Physiology and Clinical Medicine at USC, and chairman of the Special Medical Research Committee, operated his own cancer clinic utilizing the Rife therapy for 10 years. He was able to document many cases of cancer reversal there.

By the late 1950's even independent doctors and labs (among them New York's Presbyterian Hospital) - unaware of Rife's work, were bringing forth their own proof that cancer was an infectious viral disease, and maintained that "cancer did not consist of a localized tumor alone." They described it as a generalized disease caused by an organism in the blood. It could be that all of us have that virus and that it usually doesn't create tumors except when there's enough toxicity due to chemical exposure, unhealthy habits, or poorly oxygenated blood. (exceptions exist though. ie: Linda McCartney who died of cancer although she was really into healthy living.) But we believe it is also very helpful to detox and live a healthy lifestyle as well as remove the virus that can turn cells cancerous.

Dr. Rife spoke about some of his beliefs; "I hope I have helped humanity some. I am just an ordinary man, doing the best he can. We are all here to do our part. Each has a purpose as he lives it and thinks it. We need religion to balance scientific discovery, and the material and the spiritual must go side-by-side. Religion guides scientific discoveries. Religion is a stabilizer. I sincerely think and believe that our good Lord helps us in many ways to accomplish our desires. This has been proven in many cases where results obtained were from none other than our Almighty God. The most important thing I ever did was build a microscope. The things I've done have possibly helped humanity. I have tried to create and develop things for the good of the universe. I am grateful to God that he has allowed me to do the things I have done."

Does Rife Therapy have any side effects?

Rife therapy has no side effects, but may create a Healing Crisis, otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction. Subjects may experience physical reactions during and after their first few Rife resonator sessions. These reactions can occur during a session, and up to 24 hours after a session. The reactions range from tingling, itchiness, dizziness, uncomfortable twinges and physical pain (rare). Lets explain why this may happen.
If a patient has an infection, in a tooth, for instance, millions upon millions of bacteria would inhabit that tooth and the surrounding area. If the Rife resonator is turned on, suddenly the bacteria all rupture.
This debris must be escorted out of the body through the skin, bowels, and urinary tract. In the case of severe infections, the initial detox can be pronounced. The good news is that the first reaction is always the worst, and there rarely is a second reaction.
Patients with cancer may notice a decrease in pain, as well as a change in the size of their tumor. Urine may also become darker and greasy after the first few sessions as toxins leave the body through the kidneys.
Some patients may have difficulty sleeping the night after the first session due to increased energy. Other patients may experience what they believe to be a full blown cold the next day. One way to distinguish a cold from a healing crisis is that during a healing crisis, the client still has energy. On rare occasions, a rash may appear. If this happens, it will disappear within 72 hours. Using medication on this rash will only force back in a poison the body is trying to expel.
As a final note, it is not unheard of to pass a dead worm into the toilet after receiving a parasite frequency. It is important to remind the patients that a healing crisis is always temporary, and that it is better to have the offending micro-organism dead and on its way out, rather than alive and on the inside.
The only other effect that most people experience with the Rife resonators is more calmness and energy. That is because the nerve points in the hands were stimulated (in the case of treatment with hand electrodes).

With regards to health, the vibration of our cells slow down when they are subjected to disease-causing conditions. These conditions, of course, include faulty nutrition, environmental toxins and stressful or negative thoughts. These disease-causing conditions also provide a vibrational breeding ground for pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds. Royal Raymond Rife, one of the better-known pioneers of frequency therapy, put it eloquently when he said, "We also believe if the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease." A tall order in today's world.


Despite a successful trial showing Rife's use of frequencies reversed cancer in 16 terminally ill patients in the 1930's, his work was buried for several decades. A contemporary of Rife's, Georges Lakhovsky is another researcher who pioneered the use of frequencies for health. Lakhovsky even enjoyed the cooperation of a hospital in the eastern US for his work. Lakhovsky wrote: "The amplitude of cell oscillations must reach a certain value, in order that the organism be strong enough to repulse the destructive vibrations from certain microbes. … For instance, let us suppose a cell vibrates at a certain frequency and a microbe vibrates at a different frequency; the microbe begins to fight the cell, and sickness is started." Lakhovsky based his work on giving the living cells the frequencies they needed to restore their healthy oscillations. The cell is then able to repel disease-producing microbes. In order for the cells to find their healthy oscillation or vibration, Lakhovsky built his Multiple Wave Oscillator. "The main thing," Lakhovsky reported, "is to produce the greatest number of harmonics possible."
Other researchers have discovered the same thing. Theresa Dale, founder of a Naturopathic College says: "The healing vibrations occur because of the harmonic overtones. The harmonics carry the information, the healing frequency, into the body and thus the cell." Harmonic frequencies are created when specific frequencies meet to produce ever more frequencies.

Just divide them by 2048 to use on your Rife Crane unit

Frequencies of the Human Body in MHz

· Normal brain frequency (head) 6:00 am to 6:00 pm is 70-78 MHz

· Brain frequency at 80-82 MHz, indicates a genius

· Healthy body (neck down) 6:00 am to 6:00 pm is 62-68 MHz

· Thyroid and Parathyroid glands are 62-68 MHz

· Thymus Gland is 65-68 MHz

· Heart is 67-70 MHz

· Lungs are 58-65 MHz

· Liver is 55-60 MHz

· Pancreas is 60-80 MHz

· Disease begins, colds invade at 59-60 MHz

· Stomach is 58-65 MHz

· Ascending Colon is 58-60 MHz

· Descending Colon is 58-63 MHz

· Flu like symptoms at 58 MHz

· Viral Infection at 55 MHz

· Epstein Barr at 52 MHz

· Tissue breakdown from disease at 48 MHz

· Cancer at 42 MHz

· Death begins at 20 MHz

[The above frequency information from Taini Technologies]

Human cells start to mutate when their frequency drops below 62 MHz. Low frequency also indicates a pH imbalance. Invading pathogenic frequencies (including biologicals such as anthrax, plagues, etc.) are low. Positive beneficial bacterial frequencies are higher.
Healthy human cells oscillate at 70 Million Hz, far beyond the ranges of the TrueRife system, and are virtually unaffected...


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Many women lack important information about a cervical cancer causing-virus, and want to know more, researchers reported on Monday.

In a study that included 48 ethnically diverse women, participants were asked about the human papillomavirus (HPV), which is linked with about 95 percent of cervical cancer cases and is one of the most common causes worldwide of sexually transmitted disease.

Cervical cancer virus, Human Papilloma virus, generates ASCUS cellular changes. The term refers to the disease causing by the flattened or “squamous” cells covering the cervix or from the glandular, mucus-secreting cells. The development of the disease is gradual, and begins with dysplasia, which is treatable without surgical removal of the uterus. Cervical cancer virus, Human Papilloma virus, generates ASCUS cellular changes

Pap Smear Backup
FDA OKs New Test for Virus That Can Lead to Cervical Cancer
April 22— A screening test newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration will allow women over 30 to get tested routinely for the virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer.

'Breast cancer virus' found
Breast cancer affects one in nine British women
Scientists have found a possible link between a newly-discovered virus and breast cancer.
Doctors in Australia discovered the virus in 40% of tissue samples taken from women with the disease

Cancer Virus Now Tied to Deadly Lung Ailment
Herpesvirus found in primary pulmonary hypertension
By Ed Edelson
HealthDay Reporter

More than a dozen different viruses have been linked to various forms of cancer. In most cases, the presence of a particular virus increases the risk of developing cancer or speeds its progression.

see a rife crane system

Question: What is the difference between the MWO and a "Rife" machine?

The MWO, like a "Rife" machine is an experimental device used for medical (Cancer) research. The Rife machine kills off specific disease cells (BX virus, Cancer or etc.).

The MWO with its many different frequencies elicits an overall rejuvenation effect! How? The MWO forces each cell to resonate according to its own original (youthful) structure as a tuned circuit. The inductive DNA coil in each cell is surrounded by the capacitance of the cellular membrane which makes the cell behave as a tuned circuit. The Rife machine puts out one frequency at a time (the mortal oscillatory rate); the MWO radiates a plethora of different frequencies so that each cell in the body can find its own natural frequency (of health) and resonate to it. This process tends to elicit an intense detoxification effect as heavy metals (mercury) and chemical pollutants (benzene and isopropyl alcohol) are eliminated from the body. For example, if the experimental subject has been smoking, exposure to the MWO will tend to cause the subject to begin coughing more as the respiratory system attempts to cleanse itself.

George Lakhovsky

The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator
Georges Lakhovsky claimed his machine could cure diseases at the cellular level by restoring sick or diseased cells to their proper oscillating frequency through the use of high frequency radio waves.

The Secret of Life by Georges Lakhovsky
For Georges Lakhovsky, life consisted of "the dynamic equilibrium of all cells, the harmony of multiple radiations which react one upon another." In other words, living cells, living beings radiate energy (electrical, for example) and are in turn affected by the energy radiations from life forms and other external sources.

Disease, then, for this pioneer in the field of biological resonance, is "the oscillatory disequilibrium of cells, originating from external causes . . . the struggle between microbic radiation and cellular radiation." If microbic radiation is predominant, Lakhovsky argued, disease will result. And when one's resistance is completely overwhelmed, death ensues.
With this radical new theory of the origins of disease, it was Lakhovsky's aim to restore the ascendancy of vital cellular radiation and bring the individual back into a state of health.

Lakhovsky's central idea is this:

Each ring of his special antenna system radiated at a different wavelength and frequency dependent upon its diameter.

The different size rings would set up interference patterns between themselves, producing a plethora of harmonic frequencies at many different wavelengths. The patient would be then be exposed to a "Multi-Wave Oscillating Field".

Each living cell in our bodies functions much like a tuned circuit with its DNA strand acting as a self inducting coil. Each living cell is capable of "resonating" to an external source of frequencies in the same manner as a guitar string beginning to vibrate when exposed to the standard pitch of the correct tuning fork.

The idea of "Resonance" is the key to understanding the function of Lakhovsky's Multi-Wave Oscillator. The resonant frequency of cells and organs happens to be the natural frequency of health for that individual cell.

Exposure to the MWO field induces an detoxification effect/ experience as the body attempts to shed itself of accumulated toxins. An example would be the case of a cigarette smoker starting to cough more as the lungs begin a process of self cleansing in response to repeated exposure to the MWO field.

An additional effect occurs when there is a pure Etheric component of the Tesla Coil output independent of any frequencies. This Etheric or Radiant Energy component was noted by Nikola Tesla himself as being therapeutic and rejuvenating. For the special Ætheric or Radiant Energy effect to occur, the Tesla Coil must be tuned so that it becomes a series "impulse" device rather than an alternating current device.

The cells of disease causing organisms within an infected person, produce different frequencies than that of normal, healthy cells. For people or plants suffering from disease conditions, Lakhovsky found that if he could increase the amplitude (but not the frequency) of the oscillations of healthy cells, this increase would overwhelm and dampen the oscillations produced by the disease causing cells, thus bringing about the demise of the disease causing cells trying to set up shop in the body. If he pumped up the amplitude of the disease causing cells, their oscillations would gain the upper hand and cause the person or plant to become weaker and more ill. Lakhovsky viewed the progression of disease as essentially a battle between the resonant oscillations of host cells versus the oscillations emanating from pathogenic organisms.

From this work he developed a "frequency generator" which could generate various electrical frequencies to be passed through an affected or diseased part of the body. [It has been known by medicine for over a hundred years that electrical currents passed through a wound or broken bone will greatly accelerate the healing process.] Furthering his work, he validated certain frequencies could prevent the development of disease, and others would destroy disease!

Nikola Tesla said that if you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered in our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.

Bjorn Nordenstrom, a radiologist of Stockholm, Sweden, who wrote "Biologically Closed Circuits," discovered in the early 1980s that by putting an electrode inside a tumor and running a milliamp D.C. current through the electrode, he could dissolve the cancer tumor and stop its growth. He found that the human body had electropositive and electronegative energy fields.

Dr. Otto Warburg was a two-time Nobel Laureate and winner of the Nobel Prize for cancer research, for discovering that human cells have an electrical voltage

Ezekiel 47.12 (KJV) And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine

Some frequently asked questions...

The Multi-Wave Oscillator is the experimental rejuvenation machine that uses a Tesla Coil to broadcast a spread of electromagnetic frequencies.

What this machine does is stimulate every cell in your body to resonate back to its original frequency of youth!

How? By providing a multiplicity of electromagnetic frequencies all at different wavelengths so that each cell can pick out its own "natural" frequency and vibrate "in tune" to it much like a guitar string will sound if a tuning fork is brought near.

What does this accomplish? By forcing each cell to vibrate back to its original frequency, an intense detoxification effect is elicited from the experimental subject. If someone has been smoking cigarettes, using the MWO might cause them to begin to cough more as the lungs attempt to detoxify. It is this experimental detoxification effect that was discovered by Georges Lakhovsky back in the Paris Clinics in the 1920s when he was doing Cancer research.

Question: Is the MWO like Hulda Clark's Zapper?

Yes, the MWO floods the body with a plethora of powerful electro frequencies, penetrating even the teeth (fillings and all) and all the deep tissues inside the body, thus thoroughly zapping parasites especially roundworms and flatworms, (e.g. liver flukes) Repeated use of the MWO breaks the life cycle of parasites.

However, the main and primary effect of the MWO is cellular rejuvenation.