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The music of the future is the music of the past. It is where the Alpha and the Omega come back together, in an Archaic/Novel Cosmogenesis, the reinstigation and interaction with the original music hologramme of creation. In other words lets go online with the galactic disk dance floor.


It is said that our planet beats from 7.82-8 cycles per second
(7.82-8 hz, fundamental Schumann resonance), 8 hz is the alpha brain wave rhythm in which
our parallel processors, or brain hemispheres, are synchronized to spin together equally.
The neo-cortex of the brain, 90% unassigned becomes awakened in this
synchronization, and one then operates in all brain cell dendrites with the maximum
information flow possible on that scale.
"Ordinary" awareness brain waves ranges from 14-40 hz. Here one is operating only
in some brain cell dendrites, and predominantly with the left brain as the centre of
activity, where information flow is billions of times slighter
(like using an old PC 386 compared to a parallel process Pentium III,
or an old Mac Performa, compared to a Parallel processing G4).
In other words at 8 hz one is an operating supercomputer, or congressing towards Superconsciousness.

A musical revolution or a machine that would induce 8 hz in its beholders
may propel mankind into an internal Revolution,
And it is here.

It is often cited that humanity only uses 10% of the brain
(for someone like Einstein, who profusely meditated his equations in ecstasies),
and Einstein relays in his General Relativity Theory, that were the other 90%
to become assigned, e = mc4 would result.
Einstein states that the body would transform into pure energy:
the resurrection/ascension of the Gnostic traditions of the west,
the Rainbow Body and Diamond Body as it is known to the Tibetan Buddhists and
Taoists of the far east.
8 hz then is possible the key to such a potential full Sovereign brain
At the least it is a Golden Midway Bridge towards that internal Revolution.

Dr. Andrija Puharich demonstrated in the late 1970s (Proto-Communication II),
that 8 hz could not be blocked by any electromagnetic shielding metal or even a
triple vacuum. Which implies that it rotates through the Virtual
(Everywhere and Everywhen) and quantum non-local hyperspace, constantly.
Ortho-rotating through what the Hermetic Gnostic and Shaman Psychonauts
may have attempted to grapple with under the term, loosely appropriated as "Spirit",
and the Taoistic Wu Chi.


Multiplications of 8 cycles gives one the significant 432 (54 x 8, and 3 x 72).
The number 432 is considered sacred in a majority of the major temple complexes
of this planet. For instance, one side of the Great Pyramid, Egypt, at its sea level
foundation, is 432 Earth Units (51.49 cm).

The major Toltec complex of Teotihuacan in Mexico, has its great Pyramid of the
Sun with an overall base of 864 STU (Standard Teotihuacan Units) which is twice 432.
STU was the Toltecs measure unit for this site, as their "myths" relay it was taught
them by the Shaman Wizard gods from the stars. Each side of this Sun Pyramid is
216 STU, precisely half of 432, and 3 x 72.

This unit will facilitate all these amazing frequencies

The heart has the least effort for pumping blood to endocrine glands, when operating
in a rhythm of 72 beats per minute, it beats literally with the hologramme of the planet
and the universe -- 72 bpm is the foundation beat of compassionate love.


The universe is based on harmonic series such as 72, 144, 432. And 144
(a "C" tone in hertz) is a perfect harmonic of the speed of light, which is 144,000
nautical miles (144,000 minutes of arc per Earth grid second) in the vacuum of space.
Each of these harmonics are literally a mirror, or a cascade of mirrors within mirrors,
that 8 hz can look into. For example 144 is 18 x 8 hz, and 72 is 9 x 8 hz.
The way that light travels in space is thus a 144 decimal harmonic (144:144,000),

The archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed, so far, are largely tuned
to 432 hz. In ancient Greece (the school book original place for music) their instruments
were predominantly tuned at 432 hz.
Within the archaic Greek Eleusenian Mysteries, Orpheus is the god of music, death and
rebirth, and was the keeper of the Ambrosia and the music of transformation
(his instruments were tuned at 432 hz).

The number of times the medium's pressure varies (increases and decreases) in one second is referred to as the `frequency', and it determines how `high' or `low' the sound is. Ladies sing in the higher frequencies; gentlemen sing in the lower.
When it appears after a number, the abbreviation `Hz', which stands for `Hertz', indicates that the number is a frequency. The frequency range that humans can hear is from 20 to 20,000 Hz.
A harmonic frequency is simply a multiple of the fundamental frequency. If the fundamental frequency is 100 Hz, the third (3rd) harmonic is 300 Hz. (100 * 3 = 300)


Pyramid/Orgone Energy Generating Grid

Orpheus had inherited his music and knowledge from his voyage and initiation into
the ancient Egyptian Osiris Mysteries, as well as from the Phoenicians, and from the
archaic Mesopotamians of the fertile crescent.

Amidst the E.Din between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, where the Ur Mesopotamian
civilisation of Sumeria was centered, the ancient tombs of their Sanga Lugals, or
Priest-King Shamans, have revealed their excelled science in the musical arts.
Some of these royal tombs of the children of the historical Adam
(Sanga Lugal King Ataba of Kish), are as old as 6000 years, revealing the primal
musical roots and enthralment of our species. These tombs' hermetically sealed
nature contained perfectly preserved and many intact musical instruments, as well as
musical documentation in stone.
For instance the "Sham.Ana", which is called a vehicle of Shamanic Star Flight,
is at the same time also a ritual drum. These drums are depicted to be utilised in
these cultural feasted rites, to induce their shamanic ecstasies and oracular union
with the stellar gods the Anaki.

The shamanic/festivial use of a specific series of drums, trumpets and harps in Sumeria,
had them all tuned at 432 hz, and related harmonics of 72 and its decimal 720.
These instruments were utilised for pre-Arabic ethnobotanical plant and metal alchemy,
which harvested the elixir of divination and divinity.
The "god-kings" utilised these within their sacred circle firestone dance.
In the midst of these symphonic circles, they placed a phoenix (sky fire bird) fire stone,
which was called the Sham.Mu.
Within the Mesopotamian cylinder seals (of which more than 100,000 such books have
been unearthed so far) these "fire stones" are often described to be made out of 'superconducting-like' elements, usually monatomic iridium from meteorite.

And from such cultural shamanic royal ceremonies, the seals describe that they opened the door to Anu, or Anuki - the heavens, the universe, for communion.
They had a very sophisticated musical science, that made a double helix (of dragons)
from musical fifths and musical fourths, which were considered the sacred harmonics
of the gods.
these proto-Greek roots of music had the sacred tuning of 432 hz, long before the
Hellenistic artists musical renaissance. That itself is remarkable, since 432 hz
touches the full twelve scale octaval overtones of all music in creation, whereas
Bach's 440 hz only touches 8, leaving out an entire section of the complete musical
resonance of the universe, which thus remains untouched and unintegrated within
the 440 hz music of today. This 8 hz re-pitching of tuning hence makes A UNIVERSE OF DIFFERENCE

This unit will facilitate all these amazing frequencies

Naturally this Mesopotamian sacred science, descended down into the Babylonian
culture, and was absorbed and occulted by the ancient Roman Empire, who also
absorbed some of the Greek and Egyptian Mysteries.
For Rome had utilised this sacred measure harmonic series as well, embedded in their
measure, where, for instance, 432 grains were 1 Uncia, which were 144 Unica in their
weight measurements. Furthermore, 216 grains (half of 432 and 3 x 72) were 72
Semuncia, and 144 grains were 48 Duella.

Dolphins can hear our thoughts, because their sonic senses extend into the infrasonic
and ultrasonic ranges. So our alpha brain waves, like 8 hz, are music to them. Mankind,
in a non-shamanic state, does not hear 8 cycles. But one can make audible its harmonics,
such as 72 hz (9 x 8 hz), 144 hz (18 x 8 hz) and 432 hz. And then further synchronise
the music in binaural 8 hz, to reawaken us to the orchestra of our thoughts, in the
cathedrals of our minds.

There are many other great wonders that 432 hz phases into. Look at the Buddhist
temple of Borobudur, in Java.
At Borobudur there is a Pyramid of Mt. Meru.
Meru is the world and universal mountain created by the Vedic original Germinating god,
Manu, as he descended into this universe and planet. Bringing with him S-AUM-A
(the plant from which the elixir of immortality is made) and Banana's.
Meru is considered to be the Sonic mandala of creation: the Shri Yantra,
likened to a sonic holographic plate that upholds this universe, like a Diamond.
Instigated by the living Word AUM.
An interesting Vedic creation "myth", but can a sound made from a series of syllables
make a mandalic, or holographic pattern? Dr. Lawrence Blair demonstrated on a
tonographer (a sensitised sound plate which vibrates sand to show the wave form
pattern of the sound) that the sound AUM, when sung correctly by a Tibetan monk,
indeed does make this pattern of the Shri Yantra in the resonated sand.
Which itself is astounding and reveals an ancient musical science.
The Borobudur Meru Pyramid naturally thus would have 72 stupa's, and there are, of
course, 432 Buddha statues at this site.
In this coming Age, when musical instruments are tuned at 432 cycles per second,
no matter how hard the music might be, it will be harmonics that are produced.
It will be healthy for the body, tuning the body, vibrating in fractal harmonics with
the DNA helix sound matrix of life itself.

Those DNA helixes are musical instruments that are constantly receiving mhz of
electricity and the audial currents, which require sound. If that sound is dis-harmonic,
a DNA starts to resonate to external disharmonics. Should the external resonating
tune sources, in a person of old age that has their DNA viruses resonating to the
outside, become harmonic (such as a 432 hz based music, with all of the over-
and undertones of 432) -- then the DNA viruses will remember their coherent
PHI-like spiral shape And possibly form of regeneration,
Since 8 hz in DNA replication has been described by Scientific American
(March 1965, p 28), to be behaving as a room temperature superconductor,
the use of sound may enable such genetic alchemy.


This unit will facilitate all these amazing frequencies
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