Preset Sessions For DAVID Paradise XL+ Version 2

Please note that the following preset sessions are for the DAVID Paradise XL+ Version 2.
Version 2 units have a serial number that begins with 02 (you can find your serial number on the back of your unit).

Number      Name and Description       Time      Target Rate (Hz)

0                    Manual Operation - no preset session               ---                            ---            

Beta - Let's Get Alert - This is a great way to get started in the morning without caffeine.
Beta sessions are also commonly used to perk up cognitive functioning.

1                    Sensory Motor Rhythm Perker                     15 min.                        14             

2                    Low Beta Perker                                          18 min.                        18             

3                    Beta Perker                                                  20 min.                        22             

4                    Beta Hemistep                                              20 min.                        24             

Alpha - Great for relaxation and meditation - Use these sessions to cut through the stress
of a busy day. Alpha will definitely settle the mind.

5                    Coffee Break - Skip the coffee -                   12 min.                        10             
Relax in alpha and enjoy a relaxing day.                                      

6                    Extended Alpha Relaxer                               35 min.                         9              
For more relaxation. Good for beginners.                                   

7                    Fractioned Alpha                                          20 min.                        8.4            
Another good session for beginners.                                            

8                    Alpha Hemistep                                            30 min.                        8.2            
A great way to quiet a busy mind.                                                

9                    Dental - Pain Reduction                                80 min.                        8.2            
Stay relaxed for your dental (and other) appointments.                  

Schumann Resonance (The Earth's Electromagnetic Resonance) - Feel the tranquility
enjoyed by the experienced meditators. Also effective for hypnosis and parapsychological events.

10                  Schumann Resonance                                    20 min.                        7.8             
For those on the go.                                                                     

11                  Extended Schumann                                      35 min.                        7.8             
When you've got the time to really tune in.                                    

State Five Meditation - According to The Awakwened Mind by Anna Wise,
healers show a state five pattern (7 Hz. brain wave activity).

12                   "State Five Meditation"                                 40 min.                          7             

Theta - The Dream State - Used to enhance your creativity.
Use theta with guided imagery, music and for learning new behaviors and habits.

13                 Theta                                                             30 min.                        6.5            

14                 Extended Theta                                              45 min.                        5.0            

15                 Theta Hemistep                                              30 min.                        5.5            

16                 Fractionated Theta                                         24 min.                        6.0            

Delta - The Sleep State - These sessions help bring on sleep by
turning off the "chatter" that sometimes occurs after a busy day.

17                 Delta                                                              40 min.                        3.5              

18                 Delta Hemistep                                               27 min.                        3.6              

19                 Fractionated Delta                                           36 min.                        4.0              

20                Meditate To Sleep - for meditating,                  35 min.                      8 to 3            
visualizing, or thinking pleasant thoughts during the first                       
half (8 Hz) and falling asleep during the second half (3 Hz).                 

Passive Sessions - These sessions help to create healthy dissociative
mind states for relaxation, visualization and auto-suggestion, without entrainment.

21                Visual Evoked Response - Very                        20 min.                    0.5 to 1.0      
effective for some people with chronic pain                                       
and fibromyalgia.                                                                             

22                 Tranquilite - Uses the Ganzfeld Effect as a         20 min.                        0               
passive approach to assist in meditation and creativity.                      

Dual Brain Wave Stimulation
(Note: "L" and "R" below represent the visual field of stimulation.
Left stimulation means right hemisphere; right stimulation means left hemisphere.)

23                  SMR/Beta Mix - Increases left brain                 20 min.                  L13.5/R18     
function to improve attention and relaxing the right                          
brain to reduce hyperactivity and distractibility.                               

24                 Alpha/Beta Mix - Provides increased                 20 min.                    L9/R18        
calming of the right brain.                                                                

25                 Beta/Theta Mix - Increases right brain function   30 min.                    L18/R6        
(artistic, spacial) while reducing analytical left brain functions.            

26                Alpha/Theta Mix - For a deep and                      30 min.                   L8.5/R6       
refreshing relaxation.                                                                        

27                Theta/Delta Mix - For improved sleep.                35 min.                     L6/R4         

Peak Performance

28                Cognitive Development - Use this session with     20 min.                  8.5 to 18        
visualization to develop any skill or improve                                         
performance. Visualize feeling your best during the first                        
half (alpha) and then visualize your perfect performance                       
during the second half (beta) of the session.                                         

29                 Fractioned Hypnosis - This session                      25 min.                        8              
simulates the hypno-therapy process.                                                  

30                 Creativity                                                             20 min.                     5 & 7          

31                 Flex Your Neural Muscles - This                         16 min.                      3 & 25        
session helps to clear "mental fog" and                                                
increase mental flexibility.                                                                   

32                 Paradise Hemistep - Use to reduce                     20 min.                     7 to 8           
mental chatter and promote relaxation.                                                 

33                 Accelerated Learning - Dr. Thomas Budzynski      30 min.                        5.5            
observed links between the theta state and accelerated learning.             
He notes "when in theta, people are able to learn new languages,           
accept suggestions for new behaviors and learn vast amounts of             
information." To avoid falling asleep in theta and to maintain this             
"twilight" state of mind, we gently fluctuate the rate and intensity.             

Just For Fun: sit back & enjoy the scenery!

34                   Roller Coaster                                                     6 min.                          ---             

35                   Here, There & Everywhere                                  6 min.                          ---             

Music Modulation - Incredible Lucid Experiences
Based on audio input frequency range of 52 to 1275 Hz. Audio frequencies below 160 Hz will slow the rate
down by up to 1 Hz. Frequencies above 160 Hz will increase the rate by up to 1 Hz. This creates a lucid effect.

36                   Centre Frequency Rate of 6.0 Hz.                                                                            

37                   Centre Frequency Rate of 7.0 Hz.                                                                            

38                   Centre Frequency Rate of 8.0 Hz.                                                                            

39                   Centre Frequency Rate of 9.0 Hz.                                                                            

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