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Darkfield blood analysis 


Blood analysis can reveal and pin-point many underlying issues which are contributing to a current health challenge and although not diagnostic in itself, Blood Analysis will highlight the factors compromising the ability to achieve balance and health.

The photos below show actual samples from the Steps to Perfect Health Clinic

A quick look demonstrates how blood analysis can play an important part in the process of tailoring any health plan.

The abnormal pictures of the blood shown below are all reversible given the right treatment and conditions. Patients will actually be able to see the quality of their blood improve with time, and this acts as a great motivational tool.

And, of course, the quality of the blood will be reflected in the way you feel.

    Normal healthy blood
    Hyper sensitivities causing allergic reactions in the bowel and vascular irritation
    Vitamin C and other antioxidant deficiencies, speeds up the aging process
    Heavy Metal toxicity and other pollutants, lowering oxygen levels and increasing oxidative stress
    Normal Healthy Blood Picture
    Polymerised Protein Puddles, A sign of oxidised proteins and free radical activity and acidity
    The edge of a normal healthy blood sample, indicates sufficient oxygenation of the blood and adequate Vitamin C and antioxidant levels
    Chemical pollutants in the blood
    Evidence of Parasitic infection
    Bowel and Liver toxicity and Adrenal Stress
    Severe environmental pollution
    Massive Bowel Inflammation
    Magnesium Deficiency
    Acidosis/Losing Calcium: Kidneys need cleansing and supportive treatment. Stress reduction and the avoidance of stimulants, such as coffee
    Normal healthy blood picture, red cells sitting separately and white blood cells actively carrying out the destruction of bacteria and pollutants
    Crystal deposits, may lead to kidney stones, Gall stones and arthritic conditions
    Healthy Neutraphil, white blood cell
    Healthy Monocyte White Blood cell
    Undigested fats in the blood, usually from fried, heated or hydrogenated oils

    Yeast markers, signs of fermentation. often related to yeast infections and Candida

Darkfield Microscopy
or Live Blood Analysis

(Live Blood Examination in the Darkfield according to Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein)

Darkfield Microscopy or Live Blood Analysis is a way of studying live whole blood cells under a specially adapted microscope that projects the dynamic image onto a video screen. This allows you to view your inner terrain. Digestive, eliminative and immune functions can be assessed as well as the presence of bacteria and other micro-organisms.

The darkfield microscopic examination of the freshly taken live blood is one of the most important examinations of the holistic medicine applied at the Tara Centre.  It enables us to view the inner terrain (milieu) and to examine the functions of the red blood cells. It also shows the evolutionary stages of the smallest proteins (endobionts) which are found in every human body. We are also able to see any developed structures such as bacteria, virus and fungus. The darkfield examination shows the state of the blood cells, endobionts and the plasma in a functional and structural way, making bacterial processes and fungal pre-stages in the blood clearly visible.

The darkfield examination is most suitable for the evaluation of clients with chronic diseases; for children who are prone to infections; for recurrent bacterial problems; for candida and other fungal problems and also to answer questions concerning chronic problems of toxicity (e.g. amalgam disturbances).

The darkfield microscope is a vital instrument for the supervision of biological therapies. For example, therapy tests can be made by adding blood directly to the medication and by controlling its reaction. The examination is very motivating for the client because the results can be discussed and demonstrated live on the screen. It cannot be replaced by any other blood examination, neither by normal microscope examination, nor by blood tests sent to laboratories. The blood rapidly changes its function with changes of the inner terrain after taking a sample.

How is the examination carried out?

Using a very fine needle, a drop of blood is taken from the finger and directly placed on a glass slide. Without fixation or colouring, the blood is examined right after taking it through a special darkfield microscope with up to 1000x enlargement. The patient can follow the process via video transmission on a large screen. The examination lasts approximately 15 minutes. The blood can be examined again several hours after taking the sample. This procedure informs us about the speed of degeneration of the cells (shows cell resilience, the immune system and the degenerative tendency).

We recommend repeating this examination every 3 months during an isopathic and immune biological therapy.

This examination was developed and described by Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein. With this method he proved that co-relations exist between blood parasites, symbionts, bacteria and fungi. The main proven fact is that chronic diseases are created by increasing sickness tendencies of the endobionts and that bacteria, viruses and fungi developed in the human body, or are changed to pathogenic agents of diseases depending upon the inner terrain (determined by acid-base balance, protein content and level of trace elements). The existence of pre-stages which are not yet able to make one ill but that can endanger an illness can also be found in the darkfield examination. Therefore it is also an important preventative examination.

The isopathic remedies of the SANUM company (fungal and bacterial supplements) and the immune biological remedies significantly change the endobiontic system of the symbionts by reversing the ascending evolutionary cycles that could make one ill.





So what is Live Blood analysis by Darkfield Microscopy?
Some medical doctors, in Germany, refused to use the same method of microscopy as others in the mainstream in their profession.

They have developed the darkfield technique.

Under the darkfield microscope, which examines the blood live, rather than dead as usually, these researchers noticed that the human being was full of natural parasites.

These parasites, which live with the human being, are harmless in their early stages. But when they go into a higher cycle of development, they attack the red blood cells.

In AIDS for example, the parasites proliferate and the red blood cells are reduced to a jam-like consistency, prohibiting oxygenation and its transportation. Death ensues.

In essence, much research has been done now and with this darkfield microscopy technique, we know what a healthy blood picture looks like. Also we know what the very sick blood sample looks like. Most of us are somewhere in between.

A most impressive aspect of this darkfiel technique is that when the right treatments, medicines and supplements are given, you can see, from visit to visit, the blood clearing before your eyes.

It is essential to be quite sure what medicines to give, so a tailored nutrition plan is necessary. Each remedy is tested against your own body’s resonance to ensure it is in tune with you. This identifies positively the correct blood cleansers required.

Other measures of course such as homoeopathic nosode therapy and high doses of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, are required to get people well.



What is nutritional microscopy? It is the use of a specially configured video microscope within a health care practice, school or club. The microscope is hooked up to a video camera, which goes to a TV monitor for easy viewing. It is used first as a tool for the health care practitioner/educator to gain insight into a patient's/client's metabolic and nutritional status. It lends assistance in determining what types of nutritional supplements would be optimally correct for the individual. Secondly, and possibly of even greater importance (and certainly it has been shown to have the greatest impact), the microscope is an educational tool for the individual. Few people have ever seen their blood live and up close right on TV. Blood is the river of life flowing through each of us. As human beings, we all inherently understand this. When a person sees their blood for the first time, they realize that there is dynamic activity taking place within. They begin to understand at deeper levels the need to take care of their health. It has consistently been shown that subsequent patient compliance with a doctors recommendations is greatly improved.

As a side benefit, using the microscope often increases office referrals. It is unique. It is real. Folks love it and they send their friends. It is also a tool to give dynamic, one of a kind group presentations for practice building.

What exactly is a 'darkfield' microscope? A darkfield microscope is simply a standard laboratory microscope, to which certain optical techniques are utilized to transform how light comes through the specimen being viewed. For example, let's say we are viewing live blood on a glass specimen slide. The normal mode of a microscope is called 'brightfield'. In this mode of viewing, light shines straight through the specimen. When light shines straight through a specimen, transparent objects are invisible. It's as if you were standing to the side of a sunny window gazing through dust. If there was a white wall between you and the dust, you'd never see the dust because it is transparent when trying to be seen against the white wall. However, if you put a black curtain where the white wall is, all of a sudden the dust pops into view. The darkfield microscope does the same thing. The specimen sits over a dark background (or field), and light is angled onto the specimen from the sides. Things that were once invisible now come into view.

What is a 'phase contrast' microscope? This is another way to view live blood for nutritional work. With this lighting technique, the light coming through the specimen is altered so that a portion of the light is shifted slightly out of phase with the original. The light now strikes the specimen and lights up invisible particles while also giving shades of gray. This is an excellent way of viewing blood for nutritional screening.

Can I diagnose disease with this technique? No. The microscope as we use it is not a diagnostic tool, but a powerful window to view the dynamic micro-life processes going on in one of the most important of body fluids.

How can your company help me get started in this area? We provide the nutritional/microscope training classes as well as the microscope systems for your endeavors.

What techniques will I learn/use for blood auditing? When we view blood for nutritional counseling, we can use three primary techniques. The first two techniques view blood in its live, unchanged state. First we are looking at the overall terrain or environment of the blood with knowledge of the pleomorphic theories of disease as related to pH utilizing the European/German research. Second we can view blood from the more allopathic/nutritional perspective. In either case we are looking at what's normal and what's not. Red cells, white cells, T cells, B cells. Are there parasites? How fast is the blood deteriorating? This gives us insights to nutritional metabolic conditions. A third test we can perform is a dry layer test. Here we take a series of blood drops and let them dry on a specimen slide. The reasons for this is that the coagulation cascade of the blood gets thrown off when the body degenerates through oxidative stress, mycotoxicoses, or disease. This audit process can be very revealing, and it can give direction into what further tests to be performed.

What does your nutritional/microscope training program cover? It covers everything you need to rapidly begin an adjunct nutritional/microscopic service in your office.

Do I need to be a licensed health care practitioner to take the training? No. We often train clinic assistants and we start from square one with a dynamic overview and pre-training of health concepts to prep everyone in class.

Why is pH taught in the pre-training workshop? Understanding body and blood pH is absolutely essential to understanding what goes on in the blood. You cannot have a blood class without thoroughly learning pH concepts - unless you desire to learn only half the story. pH (concurrent with redox) controls everything that happens in the body; enzyme function, vitamin and mineral assimilation, electricity flow, parasitic formation. Metabolic body balancing and blood work cannot be done without an understanding of pH.

Why is the lymphatic system taught? The lymphatic system is our 2nd circulatory system. The lymphatics parallel the blood stream everywhere the blood flows. The blood stream and the lymphatics completes a circuit for blood protein circulation in the body. The live blood analysis gives insights as to what is happening in the blood, and the dry layer analysis gives insights as to what is happening in the lymphatics. Looking at live blood under the microscope is just a portion of what you can do with your microscope. Looking at the lymphatics through the dry layer technique furthers your analytic capability - and furthers the services you can provide your patient.

You talk about further services to my patients, how can I use this form of microscopic auditing beyond nutrition? Let's say you complete a dry layer audit and you learn that your patient's lymphatic system has poor circulation (this is something you might infer with the dry layer perspective). This is an opportunity to introduce lymphatic drainage massage, associated ozone steam baths, etc. into your practice. This area can be a stand alone profit center that brings positive health results to your patient by helping them detox, as well as providing new revenue to you either through your own hands or that of a massage therapist. Likewise, the dry layer perspective could reveal a colon in serious need of a clean up. This could open an avenue for a colonics therapist or a strong reciprocal referral arrangement. These are just two examples. The different blood educational techniques you will learn will be giving you insights to directions to choose for your patient's health that are in addition to nutrition. We cover some of these areas in class.

Will you cover the nutritional products I use? Yes if you desire this. You specify the nutritional products you use in your practice, and you will learn how to use those products in relation to your findings. If we are training you for a specific company, that company's products will be covered.

How large are your classes? Our training classes are small and very personal. On average, 10 to 15 (maximum) students per class and it will typically be held at a hotel. Small class size gives you very personal attention and it is one reason we can teach you as much as we can in 3 days.

How much does this cost? The cost varies depending on whether you have the instructor come to your clinic, or you and your staff come to Chicago. The microscope set up in itself will vary depending on configuration. Total systems start in the $4600 range.

Is your training the only training I will need? After the 3 days of training you'll be up and running and can be generating revenue with your microscope. However, once you embark on using the microscope, the training really never ends. It is on-going every time you look at a new blood sample. Live blood is dynamic and ever changing. Expanded classes on specific topics are an option you can choose for the future, but you'll get so much from our time together, it will keep you going for a while.

Do I need a special license to use a microscope? No. The microscope is only a tool. You don't need a license to operate this tool. What you say to people when you're using it is a different matter. If you are stating a diagnosis through its use, then you may fall under specific medical licensing of your jurisdiction. Similarly, in a private venue you likely would not need a license to prick the finger of a consenting human being. But if you were working with the public, some jurisdictions could consider it the drawing of blood which requires licensure, either nurse, doctor or phlebotomist. If you lived in a restrictive area, you could have clients prick their own fingers with the automatic devices diabetics use everyday. With restrictive government oversight in the public health arena today, our workshop covers legal aspects that you should be aware of if you engage in health related activities and work with the public.

How can I use this knowledge if I don't have a health practice? Some individuals who take this training do not have health care practices but are simply interested in the work because it is very exciting. Some of these individuals get microscopes and some don't. They attend for the education alone which is very unique. They co-op with others to share the cost. They use the knowledge with family and friends. Some individuals are distributors for nutritional supplement companies and they use the microscope for group educational programs. Some work for doctors. When you attend the training you get a very dynamic program that can be used as a health seminar/workshop. Used with the video microscope, it becomes a highly visual, high impact program that people remember, and act on.

How do I get started? All arrangements can be made and further questions answered by simply contacting us.

Live Blood Analysis: an alternative blood test

The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything." Claude Bernard, France 1813-1878

Our blood is the vital fluid of life. Its condition is of paramount importance to the state of our health. Blood is responsible for transporting and delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body, and for picking up carbon dioxide and waste products for delivery to the organs of elimination. It also carries the immune system's white blood cells that are responsible for keeping us free of the pathogens that make us ill.

Conventional medical tests check the structure of the blood and can tell you a lot about the level of blood constituents and the status of certain diseases. Live blood analysis is not a replacement for medical blood tests, but these often don't reveal the causes of that feeling of 'unwellness', fatigue and chronic debilitation for which no medical reason can be found.

An area of reasonably healthy blood

In live blood analysis a drop of blood taken from a finger prick is examined under a darkfield microscope. This illuminates the sample in a way that makes the minutest detail visible. The practitioner can see whether your blood is flowing like a river, or resembling a stagnant swamp - a sure indication of latent or undiagnosed problems. We all know that swamps are a breeding ground ....... 

Of paramount importance in achieving good health is the maintenance of a correct acid-alkali (pH) balance in every part of the body. Checking the blood pH visually under the darkfield microscope is the best indicator of what is going on in the rest of your system. An unhealthy pH balance will lead to problems. Most of us are too acidic due to the various stresses of life. See the congested blood picture below.

In the live blood picture the practitioner can see:

  • The health and efficiency of the red and white blood cells
  • A crystal with bright chemical inclusions
  • Whether the red blood cells are free flowing or clumped together due to acid/alkali imbalance
  • The health and clarity of the watery plasma that transports the cells
  • Crystals consisting of fats, chemicals and other debris 
  • The quality of the terrain within your body in respect of the pH balance
  • The health of your immune system

Michael Coyle, of Nulife Sciences, recommended that people should work with practitioners using darkfield microscopy to motivate them and track their results as the treatment progresses.

Imbalance in the terrain results in sticky, congested blood

In the 21st century the world is a polluted place, our food is no longer natural and wholesome and we live under stress. These factors create disturbances in the delicate acid-alkali balance in our body fluid and tissue. This imbalance can create havoc within us leading to the unwellness that you may be experiencing. Your blood picture will reveal the degree of disturbance your body is having to cope with.


The main question to be answered is this:

Is your internal terrain a clean friendly environment for our helper organisms to thrive and the blood to flow, or is it a congested hostile environment beloved of toxic substances and pathogens?

A dry blood analysis is also done during the consultation.

Dry Blood Analysis

This is an additional test done during a consultation and provides a view of your health at a more general level. It can also reveal information about your health history, for example:

  • Are there parasites still active in your system even though you may have had a 'tummy bug' many years ago?
  • Is there toxicity in the digestive tract?
  • Is there any heavy metals toxicity?
  • Is your immune system supported sufficiently?
  • Are there signs of weakness in any particular organs?
  • Are there signs of free radical damage in your system?


Naturopathic Treatments

The basis of good health starts with what we put into our bodies. I will give you a tailor made treatment programme and guidelines to help you make helpful changes to your lifestyle. These will include:

  • Nutrition - how you should eat according to the results of your tests and condition being treated.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Where there are chronic deficiencies or your condition could benefit from increasing certain nutrients, nutritional supplements will be recommended.
  • Detoxification - if your condition has been brought about by your body storing up toxins due to over-exposure to chemicals, drugs, poor quality food or stress then a detox programme will be recommended. This could involve following a detox diet for a period of time, undertaking an intestinal cleansing programme (not colonic irrigation) or a liver cleanse programme or a short fast.
  • Herbs - western herbal medicine is recommended to promote healing, relieve symptoms, support the organs and function and much more. Tinctures or capsules made up by a master herbalist to suit each patient and the specific condition being treated. Only the best, pure organic herbs are used.
  • Specific remedies to deal with the disturbances in your system as seen in your blood picture.
  • Acupuncture
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology


Dark Field Microscope

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