"Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer #730"

Congratulations you have purchased an Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer . This purchase is a very big step in beginning or continuing the process of natural living and or natural energetic. The analyser is on the cutting edge of technology in the holistic energetic care field. However, this equipment is intended for research purposes only, no claims are made, descriptions used are subtle energy references only and not actual physical conditions.

The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer or analyser for short is a device that can be used for many different purposes to balance the body and speed up the energetic process. The analyser has been used to
" Antidote and neutralize many chemicals, poisons, toxins, and allergens to your body.
" Balance and stabilize the body.
" Detoxify the body at a safe rate.
" Neutralize chemicals and pesticides that are on food.
" Increase the potency of a homeopathic remedy.
" Create your own isopathic remedy.

People who use an analyser are able to reduce the amount of offensive substances your body is exposed to, therefore reducing the stress on the total system. This process allows the body to spend more of its energy striving for good energey, instead of dealing with substances that are causing disease throughout the body. The additional detoxification created by the analyser within the system also helps speed the energetic process. Using the Analyzer will help you feel better, fight off illness easier, reduce your allergic reactions and find the energetic, happier life you are looking for.

Here's is the new info on the Model A2.

1. The A2 was found to be 60% more effective and was proven by independent studies over the Model A.
2. After 9 months of redesigning the A2 mother board, the team made added breakthroughs in the following areas.
A. Improved spike and surge countermeasure protection. Dealing with transit spikes, floating ground, brown outs, static energies, stray voltages and power surges.
B. Improve wider range and penetration software for the Sending Unit to work with the Plant-Mineral/Auto/Animal settings.
C. Sending unit LED is now active while the output SCAN CABLE is in use or any other of the DC Cables are connected.
D. The 3 options switches:
1. Inherited Data Field (IDF) software has been upgraded to handle more of the scan features that many of the customers and research staff have asked for.
2. Chemical Sensitive (CS) has a new group software package to isolate the properties of chemical sensitive people and effects, and to deliver a custom detailed isopathic countermeasure to a wider area of the Chemical Sensitive individual's environmental problems.
3. Damping field (DF) The Damping Field has been upgraded to a new level of protection than previously obtained. Due to the level of protection delivered from the DF unit I will not be able to give out any more information on this due to the fact of security and research needed to protect you.
E. The A2 has a new technology of creating a WET Isopathic Frequencies also know as (WIF) into the body or treating medium. It has been described as having the different between DRY heat it will mostly penetrate the surface of the skin or object. As with WET Heat it will penetrate very deep into the body or objects you are working on. The research staff has found many discoveries to supporting this finding.

Finding 1. After measuring a plant for intrinsic based moisture and finding a very low count as a base level. The research team used the A2 with only a dry mineral supplement as a reagent. They sent the reagent in the ALL AUTO model for 30 minutes and then re-tested the plant for the intrinsic moisture and found that the new intrinsic moisture levels were 300% higher then recorded previously before.

Finding 2. By using a small area of surface skin that was recently damaged due to a farming accident on one of the test subjects. The finding was that the area had increased its recovery and had better texture of skin then equal to the previously injury sustained by the test subject under previous experience.

Finding 3. The research team has found the effects of the new A2 has added benefits when using the new (WIF) technology.

F. The new A2 unit also has a new face that comes with it now. You will see the changes in the LED's areas. Instead of having the problem with cleaning around the LED (light emitting diodes), we have reduced the chance of damage to them by adding a CLEAR low profile LED holder in its place. You still will have the green led colour when the led is active but you will have a new look that is sleeker and more professional in appearance. And it will be easier to tell between the model A and the new look A2.

If anyone wishes to UPGRADE their Model A to the New Model A2 version, please contact your distributor for all of the details needed to make it a truly high tech tool, far ahead of the others in the field.

Table of Contents

" General Knowledge

1. box
2. power system
3. switches
a) antidote
b) neutralize
c) balance
d) clone
e) auto
4. Wells
a) input (substance)
b) output (solution)
c) photo well
5. Scan/Output Cable
6. Built-in Sending Unit

" Explanation of New Options
1. Dampening field
2. chemical sensitivity mode
3. inherited IDF

" One - Two Procedure
" Creating an Antidote
1. To your body
2. for your environment
3. for an offending substance

" Homeopathic Remedies
1. Increasing the potency of the remedy
2. balancing the remedy to your body

" Creating an Isopathic Remedy

" Neutralizing a Substance
1. Food
2. small items
3. large items

" Cloning a substance
" Using with the built in sending unit
" Using with your balance board

More info

General Knowledge

1) The box
The box that makes up the exterior of the Analyzer is made of ABS plastic. This box is made with materials that are environmentally safe for even the most sensitive individuals.
2) The Power System
To allow the Analyzer to be portable, it will run on a 9-volt battery, which is easily changed in the battery cradle. When a power source is available, you can plug the unit into any wall outlet with the adapter cord provided. The power jack is located on the side of the unit.
3) The Switches
You can choose the operation you want to use by setting the switches on the face of the unit. The switches are usually used in combinations. Below are setting combinations and the most common uses for each.
a) Antidote setting: a remedy to counteract the effects of poisons or toxins that may be in the subject (while having a balanced effect on the subject).
b) Clone setting: to clone or replicate a resonate frequency pattern(s) from one item into an other (while having a balancing effect on the subject).
c) Antidote/clone setting: this (auto mode) setting will be used most often if the user is unable to reason which setting would work the best. While in the auto mode the ABPA can choose what it needs to do the maintain a balance of the etherical frequency in the subject, while in this mode the ABPA will scan the resonate patterns to determine the best frequency to send. On one scan pass the ABPA may send 90% of the antidoting agent and on the next scan pass it may send 21% while on the third it may send 72% of the clone agent. The ABPA is always updating the subject and monitoring the subject for any changes to the environment or the Isopathic remedy it just sent.
d) Balance setting: this mode is used to bring to equilibrium or to be equal. For good energetic in plants and animals there must be a balance in the host and then the host becomes out of balance that is when illness and disease sets in and slowly shuts the system down.
e) Neutralize setting: to render neutral or inoperative or to counteract. The ABPA scans the subject for out of balance etherical patterns so to correct and reduce patterns to minimal etherical levels.
f) Balance/Auto/Neutralize setting: again, this setting is similar to the Antidote/Auto/Clone setting in regards that the auto mode feature will be most often used if the user is unable to reason which setting would be the best to use. The balance switch will scan the subject for the best resonate frequencies to send to maintain for the centre balance point for the subject to determine the best frequencies to send. It is very important to remember that the ABPA takes the mistakes out of the hands of the operator. You, as the operator, cannot send any frequency to the subject that will hurt or harm them! This is because the ABPA has a close monitor on the subject.

The last SAFETY function that the ABPA has, is what are called SAFETY CODES and its these safety codes that set the ABPA apart from any other instrument on the market.

4. Wells
The wells are clearly labelled and located on the face of the unit. Care should be used when inserting your finger into the input or output wells that you do not touch the sides or bottom of the wells. You should clean the wells carefully between each process by wiping them out with a dry clean, soft or plain Kleenex type tissue. Use clear water only to clean the unit. Do not use any substance such as, alcohol or harsh detergents. This could cause damage to the material the wells are made of.
a) Input (substance) well - this well is where you will be placing items or reagents samples to be used in making antidotes, remedies, or in sending remedies to yourself with your sending unit.
b) Output (solution) well - this well is where you will place the item or vial that you want to contain the remedy you are making.
c) Photo well - this well is used for your Polaroid 600 photo when balancing substances or remedies to specifically what your body needs at that time. You also use this well when you are using the unit in conjunction with your sending unit. You can use a photo in this well, anytime the directions call for your finger to be placed in the substance well to balance a remedy directly to what the subject needs at that time.

5. Scan Cable
This cable plugs into the side of the unit below the plug for the power supply. You will use this cable to wrap substances to be neutralized or antidoted for your body. This cable can also be used to wrap a sore or injured body part to give that specific area an isopathic remedy to aid in energetic.

6. Built-In Sending Unit
The Built-in sending unit (SU) has a special role in the working of the ABPA. It allows the subject to be great distances from the ABPA unit and still have a connection to the subject by the means of the extra low frequencies known as ELF also using eh scalar band its this frequency wave length that the cells resonate at. The SU is a bi-directional unit. It can send and receive signals from the subject. It has 3 group frequencies (and an additional auto setting) that it uses and these group headings are as follows.
a) Plant and vegetable kingdom setting is used for the work in the plant area such as farming and or management of plants. Y using this setting you are send 100% of a signal which is a Isopathic remedy to the subject which resonates in that specific frequency range only shared by lower cell creatures and plants.
b) Mineral kingdom mode is also shared by the vegetable kingdom resonate frequency group. Its this multi-group frequencies you can work on the plant and mineral structure at the same time.
c) Animal kingdom setting: the SU is able to send a 100% signal to the higher etherical resonate cellular structure which higher life forms resonate too. This setting is used in the area of livestock and animal energetic and are received easier into the etherical nervous system.
d) Auto setting: this mode may be used more often that most because of the fact the sending unit will send a multiplexed frequencies to the subject. Its because of the fact the sending unit will send a multiplexed frequencies to the subject. Its because of this reason that different cells resonate at different frequencies and most subject has shared group frequencies in them.

* Subject is anything that has an energy field around it. Any animate object such as Soil, plants, animals or man.

Comparison of the Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer and the
Clinical Bio-Photon Analyzer (or Model - C

The advance bio-photon analyser or ABPA is the most advanced etherical scanner technology on the market - which is available to the public at a very affordable price.

The ABPA has many new features over most units available to the public. These features will be covered in some detail. First, lets cover some new improvements over the Model C Unit.

Box materials ABS Plastic White Oak Wood
Overall size 11.5L x 10.25D x 3.5H 8.5L x 6.5D x 7.5H
Overall weight 6.0lb 9.5lb
Well size 4.25in. ID 1.5 in. ID
Battery power 9 DC volts external holder 9 DC volts internal compartment
AC power 9 vdc @ 300 ma Yes external power pack Yes external power pack
Sending unit internal Yes No (optional $220.00)
Isopathic well 12 times strengths 3 times strengths
Output scan cable YES YES
Photograph well YES YES
Pen armor well NO YES
Antidote setting YES YES
Clone setting YES YES
Anti/auto/clone YES YES
Balance setting YES YES
Neutralize setting YES YES
B/Auto/N Setting YES YES
Dampening field YES YES
Chemical sensitive YES YES
Inherited IDF scan YES YES
Balcony drop tested YES, 22 ft (into grass) YES, 3 ft (into grass)
Frequency bank lights YES YES
Moisture stable YES YES
Temperature stable YES YES
Suitcase packable YES Maybe (must be large suitcase)
Xray scan proof YES YES

The chart above covers the general similarities in construction and features between the ABPA and the Model C Unit. The ABPA HAS MANY NEW FEATURES COVERED IN THE NEXT SECTIONS.

History of the new features of the Advanced Bio-Photon Analyser

The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer has many new features than the clinical model and even more than the family unit. Let's start from the ground up!

In 1989, I began working with chemically sensitive (CS) people from all over the United States. My job was not to treat them, but rather investigate the (CS) conditions they were having, and find out what caused them to react to many different substances in their surroundings. I found many startling conclusions, which I will release in the very near future. After my research, I would turn my findings over to a doctor and I was out of the picture. I then watched the doctor work at making the herbs, tinctures and homeopathic program for that person. This took from 30 minutes to 2 hours or longer depending how much (CS) reaction they would have form the interaction of the program. The doctor would get frazzled just wishing she had some way to balance it all together just so the person could take it and have a very minimal reaction or what we call "a energetic crisis". This is caused by the person's system changing too rapidly, or by dumping the toxins too quickly for the system to keep up and open. One day I made a comment to the doctor, "I have a working theory, would you be willing to test it against the (CS) nervous systems to see if they would stay stable?" she didn't know what to say at first, so I made a prototype Bio-Photon Analyzer to use and make a study program with. It was crude and very primitive compared to today's standards. The findings were different than I had hoped for, in many cases the (CS) people were over-powered by the isopathic remedies the ABPA made for them. In other cases, the BPA worked very well on most of the energetic people she checked and they saw good results in testing. So I went back to the drawing board and reviewed the stats I had from the results that were made from the tests. Then I knew that in most cases the BPA had blown out or over-powered the (CS) people's systems. So, I studied the problem from a different angle. This lead me to Safety Codes. I now had a process that would look at the (CS) systems and check to see if they could handle the Isopathic remedies codes. In most cases it worked, however there were still a small percentage of people that could not test well with the remedies. So I turned the power setting, as well as the output levels, down and after doing this they all tested very well!

This was a very powerful concept even for that time. It was a first in many cases that you could place a re-agent into the input or substance well and then place a physical sample of you - such as a hair, saliva, blood, tissue - in fact any substance that contained an active RNA/DNA chain grouping - or you could use a Polaroid 600 film as a sample of the subject. Place a tincture or herb into the output or solution well, then set the switches for one of 9 different settings you could choose from. The one combination that found the most use was Antidote/Neutralize, then Auto/Auto. This combination was the best and most-used setting the clinic found for almost everyone that used it. The BPA has additional settings for your uses and they are as follows: Antidote, Auto and Clone (or copy). These settings are switch group 1. Switch group 2 settings are Balance, Auto and Neutralize. An output jack for a 7ft. Scan cable is included for wrapping it around a leg, arm, head, bucket of water or even a bag of food. There are many more ways to use a scan cable.

In the following years, there were many new improvements made to the BPA such as a "Sending Unit" (SU), this SU was a plug in device that gave the BPA the ability to send the remedies over great distances. The BPA was designed to be a "In House Model". This means that it could not send a remedy even across the room. This gave the BPA a new use for farmers to use on the fields, animals, building and even their equipment. However, not only did farmers see the benefit from this, but also the energetic world. They saw potential with their tough patients the ones that were trapped in their homes in sterile rooms in some cases, how do you work on a person that is trapped in a sterile room?? Much less give them anything to fix them? Well, here was an instrument that would sample the RNA/DNA structure from a distance off the Polaroid 600 film and work on making them stable in most cases the BPA couldn't even detox the person at first, it would create a stable balanced baseline in the person, once the person was stable, it would scan the etherical energy field to find what the body could handle. In some cases, the "BPA would do nothing else but keep the person stable for hours, days or even weeks, then maybe their system would allow the BPA to antidote them for a very short time and they would have no energetic crisis to speak of. The BPA would then go back to the monitoring of their systems to create a stable balance baseline. Remember what I said about he Safety codes earlier, it is the safety codes that make the BPA so valuable. The safety codes are the governing brains behind the BPA success. It is because of these codes that the BPA Cannot harm an object unlike a Radionic machine. The BPA watches out for the balance baseline in the subject, in fac5t if you were using a Radionic machine with the BPA, you would find the BPA may be antidoting the overtreatment of Radionic scalar radiation out of the person you are sending to. Radionic is a very precise science if the Stick says to send for 15 minutes and you forget, the object you were working on may get sick from over exposure to scalar radiation. See the importance of the BPA and SU.

After many updates were made to the BPA, Jerry Fridenstein, Robert's dad, asked me to design a smaller unit which was come to be known as the family Bio-Photon Analyzer or Model F. This unit I call the Mini. It was developed for the limited use application like travelling, deep jungle missionary work and for quick emergency stabilizing of someone's system in a remote area. I've seen it used in all of these settings and more, some even surprised me with the positive results they have had. This Model F unit can use the sending unit like in the BPA usages. The Model F unit has 3 settings: they are Balance, Auto and Neutralize. Like its big brother the BPA, it too has safety codes to watch over you as you use it.

Wow! What a journey! Wait, its not over yet! Hold on to your chair, you're in for a very large surprise.

The advanced bio photon analyser or ABPA just got bigger, in every way. Welcome to my world. After watching the BPA being placed into many different situations and events, many of you gave me feedback to work on the next generation of bio photon analyser and I have come up with a winner in every way. The ABPA has larger wells for reagents up to a quart jar in size will fit into the wells now. The imprinted power strength has been increased to be stronger and better up to 10-12 times over the BPA model c unit and 15-18 times over the model f unit.

Option #1: Dampening Field:

This option and concept of a dampening field has many possibilities, many of us use Radionic machines every day, either on ourselves or on our families. But who's to say that is the only Radionic machine that you are receiving?? Remember, many years ago, when you had a party-line phone number and it was a party some times just fighting for the chance to use the phone to place a call or hearing your neighbour just got a pay raise. Remember that? Well, times have not changed much in the Radionic world from those days. We still receive other signals from outside sources and they may not be friendly ones at that. Even I used to get "HIT" from time to time. This is what lead me to develop the dampening field that will change or scramble your signature so a Radionic scalar unit cannot lock on track, detect or broadcast to you. Let's talk about this technology a little bit. When a photograph (Polaroid 600) or a physical sample of RNA/DNA is taken, it contains all of your etherical information including your history, locations, travels, physical contacts and anything I may have missed. Now, this is a scary thought that a skilled operator or "SCANNER" can get all of this information from your sample! It does not leave you any privacy or any room to move around does it?? On the other hand, a dampening field has other uses also. For an example, how many times have you asked about your transmission levels of broadcasting?? This is a level of how much the subject is receiving the signal you are sending them. Most of us believe that if we turn the switch on, they are receiving all that we are sending. This is not so. In fact, they may be receiving only a fraction of the signal sent. Example: 100% of transmission is sent from the east coast, but on the west coast they may only get 20% or less. This is due to many events and obstructions in the path, such as atmosphere, time of day, cloud cover, high-powered electrical wires, temperature inversion, or radio electrical band conditions. This could also be on your end or in between or even at their end. Yes, I know in class they say when you turn on the switch, that person will get the signal. Yes, that is true. However, the signal strength may be so weak, that it takes a much longer time to work. This is where the dampening field comes into play. The dampening field will crate an energy conduit to the subject so it will find the best path with the least loss of signal both transmitting to and receiving from the subject.

Option #2: Chemical Sensitive Mode:

I know what your thinking. "What about the energetic crisis like before?" that's a very good point. I made many improvements into the ABPA: like having an option switch that can reduce the power output levels down to a very low scale. Also, it will increase the safety scan codes for a more detailed scan of the (CS) subject. The Chemical Sensitive Switch (option switch #2), when the subject is being scanned, allows you to see the green LED light flash. This is letting you know that the processors are working.

Option #3: Inherited I.D.F. (Intrinsic Data Field)

Inherited I.D.F.'s are inherited traits that you received form your father, mother, grandparents and even great grandparents. The scientists now claim that 7 generations can be found in your gene pool t make up your DNA/RNA chain group. If you think about this, it could be scary, to say the least. Let's look at another aspect of Inherited I.D.F. Are you ready for this? Blood transfusions, organ transplants, skin grafts and much more who's to say where these come from?? But now, they're in you and your DNA/RNA may not like it much or even worse, there could be traits you could pass on to your spouse or children from someone else's gene pool! What a scary thought! The IDF function is simple. For the BPA, it scans the etherical cellular energy patterns and removes any item that may cause your body to go out of balance. Then a ABPA carries that scan much further, all the way to the gene level. The ABPA scans the etherical genetic energies of the subject to see if a combination of genetic energies may be harmful to you. How often have you heard from a relative that this problem "runs in our family." I hear this many times and more each day. This scan takes more time to work - its not a quick fix by any means. It takes time. Think of it you are systematically fixing yourself at an etherical gene pool level. Anything that happens in the etherical energies levels will make their way to the physical level in time. The LED light will flash in a random patter. This is just the way it works. There is nothing wrong with the unit so don't worry.

There are many new improvements in the new Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer dealing with the main processor and sub-processors. You have more power of your output levels, a better scan and scan codes, improved safety codes and safety code functions. Even the box and wells were improved to your requests. All of these changes have been requested by you, the user. I greatly appreciate the time and feedback that you have given me in many of these areas. So please don't keep your success with yourself a secret - share it with others and your distributor.

New Options of the Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer

Dampening Field: Dampening field (DF) is to diminish in activity or to cloak. Many of you may not be familiar with this term. The ABPA utilizes this features very well with the subject it is working on. How the Dampening Field works is: it crates a digitally scrambled scalar code that is constantly rotating around the subject at whatever the distance may be. The reason the Dampening Field is so important is as follows. It isolates the subject from the surrounding environment, such as: high power electrical lines, radio towers, evaluators equipment, computer systems, and so on. How many times have you tried to get a reading on a subject and later found out that you were picking up the surrounding equipment? This happens more often than you may realize. Also, you must realize that there are a few drawbacks to the dampening field. They are as follows: if you are using the Dampening field setting on a subject, you will have a very hard time in finding their true GV, location and so on. What we have found is that with the Dampening field, ti will scramble and rotate the scalar pattern around the subject on the etherical energy levels. This will cause, in some cases, a very interesting phenomena which will erase the scalar history of the subject. In my early testing, I worked with a plant leaf and a Polaroid 600 photograph of the plant. I have used this plant many times before and was very familiar with the energy of the plant. Before I used the dampening field (called a "phantom") on the plant, the GV was 550 and stable. Next, I used a portable dampening field on the plant. I went back to my etherical energy scanner and checked the G.V. It was "0". Most strange! I asked some questions about the plant and all the responses were "0" or the plant didn't exist! Again, most strange! After reviewing all my data and findings, I discovered that the dampening field erased the past, present and further history of the plant. However, after I removed the dampening field, the GV was 1200 and when I placed the DF unit back into the plant pot it went "0". I placed my hand into the pot with the DF unit and the reading was 23,000 and stable. I then pulled out my second energy scanning unit and tried to boost the reading of "0" when the plant had the DF unit active. What I found was most surprising the energy scanner could not find or lock on to the plant, even though it was no more 6 feet away from the second unit. I tried to do all sorts of things to boost the "0"reading and nothing worked. It was like the plant never existed at all! All further testing found that the energy inside the plant etherical field was very stable and many times stronger than before. Also after further testing we found that the ABPA model A, model C and model F units were able to send a signal of 60% - 80% and were able to get to the subject when they were using the DF unit. However, you could still not find them or get a GV lock on them, and other etherical energy scanners were totally lost!

Chemical Sensitivities Mode (CS): Chemical sensitivities are when the sensitivities are even consumable items. Direct skin contact items and some are even more severe than these. The (CS) mode works as follows. The ABPA is able to scan the subject for a balance point in the body. If the subject is (CS) than the balance point may be more critical then in a energetic subject at is not (CS). The (CS) mode setting in the ABPA will be very valuable to some. Under normal settings, the ABPA will scan the host for whatever resonates that may be out of balance in their energy field. The ABPA has found a resonate pattern to send back the subject the on board processors will used the (CS) mode setting the reduce the output power levels and increase the safety codes needed to stabilize that subject. By increasing the safety codes the ABPA will have a more intense scan of the host and maintain a very level and balanced point in the etherical field.

Inherited I.D.F. (Intrinsic Data Field): IDF' are genetic pre-dissipation of the family gene pool. Many believe that the IDF can cause most diseases that are attacking our families in the world. There are 4 major classifications of IDF's and they are as follows Gonorrhea IDF miasm, Syphilis IDF miasm, Psora IDF miasm and (TB) Tuberculosis IDF miasm. Many say that these are the 4 root IDF's that will cause most of the illness and after mutating with today's chemicals, many top doctors in the natural and chemical practices say that even heavy metals may attach to a genetic IDF chain, so now you may have a mutated IDF these mutations can cause illness and diseases which are on the rise in every part of the world and most doctors are struggling with ways to help the patients. In the natural energetic area, we are told that if you give a very high remedy frequency of an IDF antidote to a member in the family you will cancel that one frequency out of that person and also out of the remaining family members in your immediate gene pool. So, on one hand, this is a good thing to know; and on the other, you could be "opening a very large can of worms" if you're not careful of what you are doing. This is where the ABPA comes into play. The primary function of the ABPA is to maintain a centre balance point in your etherical energy field. After talking to many doctors and veterans, they tell me much of their subject nervous systems may not be even aware of the IDF's existing in their systems and if that is so, how can you get it out of there if the system won't or couldn't tell you that it was there in the first place? The ABPA uses the IDF setting to simply tap the resonate frequency of the IDF and at this point the host's system is aware of the IDF. It is very important to remember that the IDF settings are not removing the IDF, but just making its presence known to the host nervous system. At that time, the doctor can use a simple muscle test to check the subject for any IDF that may be present in their system's. Now the ABPA's primary function is to scan and balance the host to a safe balance point, so when the scan is in progress, the ABPA may see one of these IDF's or mutated IDF chains in the subject system. At that time the ABPA will do its magic and come up with an antidote/neutralize agent to balance your system functions. Once the system becomes out of balance, the ABPA will stop its secondary work on the IDF, and turn its attention back to the primary function of your system. All the while maintaining the all important safety codes to keep your system stable.

One - Two Procedure

1). One - Two Procedure

This procedure is used to complete many of the functions you will be using the machine to do. This procedure is performed by placing the switches first in the Antidote-Neutralize position and turning the unit on. It will run through a cycle. This will be indicated by the green lights that go across the bottom of the machine. At the end of the cycle the machine will ring. At this time you will shut off the machine. Reset the switches to the Auto-Auto position and again turn on the machine. When you hear the machine ring, the process is complete.

The One-Two Procedure is used to give your body the isopathic remedy you need at that time. Inset the index finger of your left hand into the input well and the index finger of your right hand into the output well. The Analyzer will analyse your body using the left hand index finger and give you the isopathic remedy that you need at that time in the right hand index finger. This process is beneficial in reducing an allergic reaction, fighting an illness such as the flu or a common cold, or just general energetic maintenance.

Creating an Antidote

1). To your Body

Select a media in which to place the antidote. The most common are water, glycerin, or lactose pallets. The media of your choice should be placed in the output well. Place your finger in the input well and perform the One-Two Procedure. Muscle test to determine the amount you could take and how often you should take it.

2). To Your Environment

To create an antidote to your environment you will need the following supplies: A Scotch type tape, a media in which to send the antidote, a mister type spray bottle and water (filtered or bottled is Preferred). Samples of the area you wish to antidote should be collected as follows.

a.) Use a piece of transparent tape about six (6) inches in length.
b.) Take one (1) tape sample of each room in your house or the area you are antidoting. If doing your house you should include the basement, garage or storage areas.
c.) Touch the one (1) piece of tape to the floor, a wall, and a piece of furniture that you use.
d.) Fold the tape in half sticky sides together.
e.) With an ink pen label the tape sample with the name of the area it was taken from. Place the tape samples in the input well and the media which you have chosen to send the remedy to in the output well. Perform the One-Two Procedure. Remove the tape samples from the input well and wrap in foil and discard. Now place the index finger of your left hand in the input well and again perform the One-Two Procedure, remembering to leave the media in the output well. This step will balance the remedy to what you body requires at the time. If you have more than one person living in the household or in the area you are antidoting, you may also balance the remedy to them by having them also place their finger in the input well and doing the One-Two Procedure. Now place the media you used to receive the remedy into your mister type spray bottle and fill with your safe water. Lightly mist the area you are trying to antidote. Three (3) or four (4) sprays in an average size room should be adequate. This procedure may need to be repeated frequently at first, depending on the level of offending substances the area contains.

3). To an Offending Substance

An antidote to an offending substance is created in the same manner you would create an antidote to your environment, except you will take a tape sample of only the substance you wish to antidote. Also instead of spraying the item you can ingest the antidote depending on the type of item you are antidoting. For example: If you are antidoting a new chair, you should spray it. If you are antidoting to a lawn somebody has fertilized you can ingest the remedy you have made. Be sure to muscle test the amount and frequency you should use when taking the antidote.

Homeopathic Remedies

1). Increasing the Potency of a Homeopathic Remedy

To increase the potency of a homeopathic remedy you would place the remedy in the output well and perform the One-Two Procedure.

2). Balance the Remedy to your Body

To balance a remedy to your body you would place the remedy in the output well and your finger in the input well and perform the One-Two Procedure. This procedure will change the homeopathic remedy to an isopathic remedy (a remedy imprinted with a cold laser) that contains the frequency that your body requires at the time the procedure is performed.

Creating an Isopathic Remedy

1). Creating an Isopathic Remedy

You can create an isopathic remedy many different ways. Many of these ways have already been discussed. As in making an antidote or balancing a remedy. Another reason you may need to create a remedy could be for a specific problem you are having. For example a skin rash. To create a remedy for something like a rash you would again choose a media for the remedy to be sent to, and place it in the output well. Then you can do one of two things, either take a tape sample of the area, or place your hand over the area directing the unit to concentrate on that area. You would again perform the One-Two Procedure.

Neutralizing a Substance

1). Food

The best way to neutralize your food is to wrap the food in the scan cable, place your photo in the photo in the photo well, and cycle the unit first on Antidote-Neutralize and then on Auto-Auto. Muscle test to determine the length of time you will need to run each cycle.

2). Small Items

Small items can be neutralized by placing them in the output well in the unit with your finger in the input well and performing the One-Two Procedure.

3). Larger Items

Larger items would be antidoted the same way you would do a food item, by wrapping the item with the scan cable and treating the item as explained in the above food section. You may also choose to make an antidote spray if the item is very large. See above section on antidoting an offending substance.

Cloning a Substance

1). Cloning a Substance.

To clone a substance you would place the substance you wish to clone into the input well and the media you have chosen to clone it into in the solution well, and set switch to clone and auto.

Using with the Built-In Sending Unit

1). Using your Built-In Sending Unit.

Set switch to "send". Place your photo in the photo well and muscle test for which setting you should set the unit on. Most commonly the unit should be placed on Auto-Auto with the sending unit on the same, Auto. This will allow the Analyzer to perform at full capacity, choosing what your body needs to remain balanced, as you go about your every day life. As we live we are exposed to a number of different substances, some of which we will react to. Allowing the Analyzer to choose what you need to be sent, at the time you are exposed, will give the used the best possible protection the unit can provide.

You may also aid the unit y placing any remedy, herb, or other substance your body muscle tested that it needs, into the input well. The Analyzer will also send you that frequency if you body is requiring it.

Note: Plugging anything into the output jack will automatically disconnect sending unit.

Using with your Balance Board

1). Using with your Balance Board (product #495)

You can use the balance board as an extension of the Analyzer by using the Balance Board "Link Cable". Plugging the Cable into the side of the board and into the side of the Analyzer in the jack below the power supply jack, will convert the balance board into an output well. This is very useful in antidoting items too large to go in the well of the Analyzer, that you cannot spray, such as a gallon of paint.

Technical Support

1). Techinical Support

Technical Support will be provided to you through the purchasing agent. They will see that any problems, or repairs due to damage to the unit are corrected as soon as possible.

Thank You

You have purchased a unit that is considered to be on the Cutting Edge of Technology in the Holistic Energetic Care Field. In doing so you have taken another step toward Natural Energeticy Living. We wish you success, Happiness and Good Energetic.

The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer

Is a device that can be used for many different purposes to balance and speed up the energetic process. The Analyzer can be used to (1.) Antidote and neutralize many chemicals, poisons, toxins and allergens in your living area. (2.) Neutralize chemicals and pesticides that are on food. (3.) Balance and stabilize the body. (4.) Detoxify the body at a safe rate. (5.) Increase the potency of a homeopathic remedy. (6.) Create your own Isopathic remedy. As you can see the Analyzer can be used for a wide range of positive functions that are very beneficial to your energetic process. Imagine a machine that can treat your living space and make it safe for you, by neutralizing the harmful affects of pesticides, and other substances you may react to, reduce your reactions to the food you eat, and help to balance you. We have found that another benefit of the Analyzer is that anyone using one maintains the corrections made to your body though the N.O.T. you are receiving as treatment. Patients using an Analyzer do not need the repeated treatment of their Immune system that others may require. Because you are able to reduce the amount of offensive substances your body is exposed to, you are therefore able to reduce the stress on the total system. Reducing the overall stress allows the body to concentrate on energetic, instead of constantly dealing with substances that are causing disease throughout the body. The additional balancing and detoxifying created by the Analyzer within the system also helps to speed the energetic process.

It is for the above reasons and with your best interest in mind that we may recommend you consider using one or all of these products. If you have any questions please fell free to discuss them with one of the Practitioners or your dealer.

This equipment is not intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment.

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