Extraordinary Experience

polar_lights.jpg (14678 bytes) POLAR LIGHTS - Scent of Sound
Very melodic and poetic musical journey to the northern lights with special 3-D sound effects. 7 Parts: Night Magic, Temple of Ice, Second Chance, Machine, Winter, Polar Lights and Forgotten Times. We particularly recomend it! Nr.CD 026


beautifull_future.jpg (16035 bytes) BEAUTIFULL FUTURE - David Eastoe
Glastonbury, England: an ancient spiritual centre, where the echoes of deeper mysteries are still heard, where Ancient Hearts wait silently, reminding us that it is our vision which creates the future. Nr.CD CD001


visions1.gif (15260 bytes) VISIONS I - David Eastoe, Nomen Prey
7 Music &Light Programmes: 1.Enjoy and Relax, 2.Concentrate, 3.Inner Visions, 4.Energize, 5.Deep Insights, 6. Open your Mind, 7.Dreams. - Order Nr. CD002


children_of_the_universe.jpg (15696 bytes) CHILDREN OF THE UNIVERSE - Tamas Lab.
These are some of the most elaborate and complex compositions from Tamas Lab. You really need strong nerves for this extraordinary experience! For experienced AudioStrobe users. Nr.CD CD021