Creativity & Vision

mandala_music.gif (17020 bytes) MANDALA MUSIC - Tamas Lab.
Dive into the fascinating world of fractal mandala music and discover so many different spaces and moods. Refreshed and transformed you are carried to the surface. Nr.CD CD024


doubling_scenario.jpg (18044 bytes) DOUBLING SCENARIO - Tamas Lab.
Featuring Matthias Graf playing keyboards to complex fractal sequences. A journey through Chaos and Order. A bridge between Science and Art. Nr.CD CD022


requiem.gif (16282 bytes) REQUIEM - Tamas Lab.
This composition creates an environment of near death experience. It is based on a biophysical measurement of the light emitted from dying yeast cells done by Prof. Dr. Janusz Slawinski; "The Death Flash". Nr.CD CD020


phantasie_reisen.gif (18409 bytes) PHANTASIE-REISEN - Tamas Lab.
German spoken! Nr.CD CD003